Iec apprenticeship meeting tomorrow s needs today
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IEC Apprenticeship: Meeting Tomorrow's Needs Today - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IEC Apprenticeship: Meeting Tomorrow's Needs Today. Jerry Thomas, Executive Director Stan Flippin, Director of Education Independent Electrical Contractors-Dallas. Introduction .

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Iec apprenticeship meeting tomorrow s needs today l.jpg

IEC Apprenticeship: Meeting Tomorrow's Needs Today

Jerry Thomas, Executive Director

Stan Flippin, Director of Education

Independent Electrical Contractors-Dallas

Introduction l.jpg

  • If you have an interest in working with your hands and mind to build and create projects, then Electrical Apprenticeship may be for you

  • It’s Challenging work…

  • Building skills and increasing knowledge

Introduction3 l.jpg

  • U. S. Department of Labor estimates a shortage of 23% of total electricians needed by the year 2012.

  • The average age of a Journey level electrician is 48 years…

  • Veterans-we welcome all our returning vets to apply for a career in the electrical construction industry.

Agenda where do we go from here l.jpg
Agenda –Where do we go from here?

  • What is IEC electrical apprenticeship?

  • How do YOU qualify to enter IEC Apprenticeship training?

  • What are the benefits of attending IEC?

Where to start l.jpg
Where to start?

  • Come to IEC to complete application

  • Bring documents such as school transcript, drivers license, ss card, letter of reference.

  • Veterans - bring your DD214

  • Complete a math evaluation

  • Be assigned an interview date

  • Once interviewed and accepted, pass a hair test drug analysis exam.

Vocabulary l.jpg

  • “Registered” Apprentice – registration with Office of Apprenticeship, U.S. Department of Labor

  • Apprenticeship Committee

  • Indenture Date – official date of entry

  • Indentured to Committee – performs oversight

  • OJT hours – all hours worked on the job

  • Apprentice Wage Scale – wage progression

  • VA- veteran approved program

Definitions l.jpg

  • Registered Apprentice – each IEC Dallas student is registered with U. S. Department of Labor, Office of Apprenticeship

  • Apprenticeship Committee – this committee is comprised of IEC member electricians/contractors who oversee the program.

Definitions8 l.jpg

  • OJT hours – you must accumulate 8,000 hours of on the job training as a graduation requirement. You will work full time while attending class one evening per week during the four year course.

  • Graduation ceremony – all grads will take part in official cap/gown graduation ceremony.

Definitions9 l.jpg

  • Apprentice Wage scale – all apprentices are under the IEC Wage scale where they earn a certain level of pay according to their status in “on the job training” hours that have accumulated.

Definitions10 l.jpg

  • School curriculum – professionally written, the curriculum is designed to teach the student to become a well-rounded electrician.

Defintions l.jpg

  • Indenture date – this is the date you are officially enrolled in school and “on the job” hours begin to accumulate.

  • Indentured to Committee – the committee is responsible for your overall well-being while enrolled in school.

Requirements for enrollment l.jpg
Requirements for Enrollment

  • Current Drivers License

  • Current Social Security Card

  • Have your own transportation

  • High School diploma/GED/transcript of grades

  • DD 214 if you served in Military

  • Letter of reference from someone you’ve worked for in the past

Requirements for enrollment13 l.jpg
Requirements for enrollment

  • Pay $25 application fee

  • Complete Application at IEC office (anytime Monday-Thursday, 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.)

  • Must obtain an Apprentice Electrician license from the state of Texas.

  • Must pass hair test drug screen and background check

On the job training l.jpg
On the Job Training

  • You work full time for an IEC contractor member

  • You’ll learn “hands on” during your work experience

  • You are supervised by a licensed Journey level electrician

On the job training15 l.jpg
On the job training

  • Your quarterly field reports indicate to IEC how you are progressing “on the job”

  • Your pay reflects the wage on the IEC scale according to the number of hours accumulated while “learning on the job”.

On the job training16 l.jpg
On the job training

  • Increases in pay are guaranteed as long as you have passing grades and are doing a good job where you work.

On the job training17 l.jpg
On the job training

  • Company will review your work progress to determine if you should receive pay increase.

Classroom instruction l.jpg
Classroom Instruction

  • You will attend class one evening per week- September thru May - of each year

  • The nationally sponsored curriculum is written by professionals with input from the electrical contractor. It’s updated annually to reflect changes in the national electrical code and technology.

Classroom instruction19 l.jpg
Classroom instruction

  • You earn as much as 37 college credit hours

  • Labs are professionally designed and equipment furnished by IEC Dallas Industry Partners

  • IEC Dallas instructors are master electricians with teaching experience (half are IEC grads)

Classroom instruction20 l.jpg
Classroom instruction….

  • Focus is on teaching one to be a professional electrician

  • Designed to teach electrical theory and national electrical code as it applies to electrical installations and construction

  • Professionally written by electrical personnel and updated annually

Classroom instruction21 l.jpg
Classroom instruction….

  • 1st year – basic electrical theory & code

  • 2nd year – advanced theory and code

  • 3rd year – motor controls and grounding

  • 4th year – blue print, advanced code, grounding, supervision

Classroom instruction22 l.jpg
Classroom instruction….

  • All classes are instructed using the Classroom Performance System.

  • This unique computer based program allows students to interact in the classroom discussion and be measured (assessed) on exams and quizzes by the instructor.

  • Computer lab designed to assist students in learning

Classroom performance system l.jpg
Classroom Performance System

  • Students use a handheld remote to record attendance and answer discussion, quiz and exam questions.

Curriculum l.jpg

  • This teaching method allows the instructor to measure what students learn.

  • Students who may have difficulty understanding material may be assisted in a study night with one on one attention.

Graduation l.jpg

  • After 4 years……

Graduation ceremonies l.jpg
Graduation Ceremonies

  • Outstanding Apprentice Awards – this award is presented to a student in each of the 4 year classes. It recognizes achievement in academics as well as ”on the job” performance.

  • Perfect Attendance Awards – presented to any student who has perfect attendance.

Graduation requirements l.jpg
Graduation Requirements

  • Must complete 576 hours of classroom instruction with a passing minimum grade of 70

  • Must complete 8,000 of on the job training


National wire off competition l.jpg
National Wire off competition

  • Compete on national level with top students from around the country

  • Sponsored by local Chapters of IEC, student will be a graduate of our program and have completed his/her entry form documents

National wire off competition33 l.jpg
National wire-off competition

  • Opportunity to earn great prizes and cash!

  • Travel to major cities – most national conventions sites are located in major cities throughout U. S..

  • Gain recognition from your employer and peers.

Benefits of attending iec l.jpg
Benefits of attending IEC

  • 1. Registered program with DOL

  • 2. We find you employment

  • 3. VA approved program for all vets

More benefits l.jpg
more benefits…………..

  • 4. Earn up to 37 hours of College Credit

  • 5. Program recognized nationally

  • 6. Qualified, competent electrical instructors

More benefits44 l.jpg
more benefits…..

  • 7. Classroom instruction with lab exercises

  • 8. Formal graduation ceremony with awards

  • 9. Excellent pay & benefits with regular increases

  • 10. Establish career path

What next l.jpg
What Next?

  • Come to IEC office in Irving to complete an application, math evaluation and review program with school staff (normally takes 1 ½ hours)

  • Veterans, be sure to bring your DD214

    Pay $25 application fee

And then l.jpg
And then….?

  • At a later date, be interviewed and accepted into the program

  • Pass a hair test drug screen

  • Obtain your apprentice license before placement with a contractor

You re on the road to success l.jpg
You’re on the road to success!

  • Once all the requirements are successfully completed, IEC Dallas will place you with an electrical contractor for full time employment.

Learn grow excel l.jpg
Learn, Grow, Excel….

  • School begins the first week of September and runs through the end of May each year….

Veterans benefits l.jpg
Veterans benefits…

  • Vets – we help process your paperwork for submission to the VA.

  • You’ll receive full monthly VA benefits while enrolled in IEC Dallas

Veterans l.jpg

  • In certain cases, you may be eligible, because of your military training, for consideration of testing thru a portion of our Apprenticeship school.

Veterans51 l.jpg

  • The following graduate programs are best designed for veterans:

  • Apprenticeship – 4 year program

  • Professional Electricians – 2 year program

Other educational programs from iec l.jpg
Other Educational Programs from IEC….

  • Continuing Education Courses to renew the state of Texas electrical license each year. All courses are 4 hours in length and approved by the state of Texas.

  • Classroom instruction

    • IEC facility or your own facility classroom

    • ONLINE CLASSES Available on our website at

Other educational programs l.jpg
Other Educational Programs

  • Journey-level and Master Prep classes to prepare one to take the state electrical license exam

  • Basic Electrical course – a 6 week course to introduce the electrical construction field to new entrants in the industry.

  • Estimating, Project Manager, Foreman training classes also available for upgrade and continuing education for electricians

Other programs l.jpg
Other programs…..

  • Tradesman Training – a 2 year program designed for those who have several years experience in the field but with no classroom instruction

  • Professional Electricians Program – a 2 year program for those with more than 4 years in the field but with no classroom instruction.

Need more information l.jpg
Need More Information?

  • Call 972/550-1133 or 1/800/211-0256

  • Write to 1931 Hereford Drive

  • Irving, Texas 75038

  • We’re on the web at:

More information l.jpg
More information

  • Also….

    • Contact IEC National at for programs available in other IEC Chapters throughout the country.

Your future begins one step at a time there are no shortcuts to any place worth going l.jpg
Your Future begins one step at a time… “There are no shortcuts to any place worth going”.

Good luck and best wishes l.jpg
Good luck and best wishes….

  • From the members and staff at IEC Dallas