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Education Wing

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Education Wing . Sri Sathya Sai Baba Centre of Calgary Our humble offering and salutations to our Lord Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Curriculum. Balvikas - EHV - Educare

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Education Wing

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Education Wing

Sri Sathya Sai Baba Centre of Calgary

Our humble offering and salutations to our Lord

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

  • Balvikas - EHV - Educare
  • Educare is to understand that there is an inherent holistic inter-relationship among all human values, elements of creation, all domains of human capability and all aspects of Nature.
  • Sri Sathya Sai Baba said on Sept 25, 2000:
  • “Education has two aspects; the first is related to external and worldly education, which is nothing but acquiring bookish knowledge. In modern world, we find many well versed and highly qualified in this aspect. The second aspect known as Educare is related to human values. The word Educare means to bring out that is within.
  • Human Values are latent in every human being; one cannot acquire them from outside. They have to be elicited from within. Educare means to bring out human values. ‘To bring out’ means to translate them into action”
  • What is to be brought out?
    • Every form of knowledge and capacity that is latent
    • The physical, mental, spiritual and ethical potentials within
    • The Divinity within
  • Earth - Smell, Taste, Form, Touch and Sound
  • Water - Taste, Form, Touch and Sound
  • Fire - Form, Touch and Sound
  • Air - Touch and Sound
  • Space - Sound
  • God - transcends all the attributes
  • Balance in Human Life
  • Balance in Nature
    • Both are equally important
    • Balance the 5 elements through the practice of human values
    • When this balance is established, there will be global peace & happiness.
  • Sai Baba said on May 20, 2000:
    • “Creation contains five elements. However, man has a sixth element in him, which is Supreme Love”
  • Sai Baba also said on January 13, 1992:
    • “Life starts with Love. The sweetness of love coming out of life is the great and unique principle that is the source everything. Love that is present in everyone is verily the Divine Energy inherent in all. The undercurrent that flows through Truth, Right Conduct, Peace and Non-Violence, is LOVE only”



- Practice Human Values












Love fills thought, word and action…


  • Information received from external world get stored in mind (HEAD)- gives rise to Thoughts.
  • Thoughts should be routed through our conscience (HEART). The spiritual heart is the seat of values.
  • If the thought is good, the Heart will approve it; it can be acted upon by (HANDS).
  • The re-routing of thoughts through Heart is TRANSFORMATION.
  • The conscience acts as the guiding force in our life.
you are the light
You are the Light

Sri Sathya Sai Baba Said:

“My life is my message”to

“Your life is my message”to

“You and I are one”.

teaching techniques employed
Teaching Techniques Employed

Silent Sitting Peace

Group Singing Love

Story Telling Non - Violence

Dynamic Thinking Truth

Group Activities Right Conduct

educare program
Educare Program
  • Spiritual Diaries
  • Class Start Time - 2:15 pm
  • Dress Code
    • No Jeans
    • No Shorts
    • White Dress Shirt and Dress Pants
    • Girls can wear a simple suite
upcoming events
Upcoming Events
  • Multi Faith Service - Last Sunday of Each Month
  • Retreat - February 19 and 20
    • Theme “Vedantha and Vedic Chanting”
    • Guest Speakers

Dr. G. Lakshman and Mrs. Kumudhini Lakshman

ceiling on desires project
Ceiling on Desires Project

Boy’s letter to Swami

Dear Bhagavan:

You have given so much to me and to every one here. You have provided free education for me and all my brothers and now I hear that you are constructing a BIG Hospital what will provide the most modern health care facilities to every section of society totally free of cost.

Bhagavan! I also want to be a part of your glorious mission but I am just a small boy and I don't know how I can contribute. Bhagavan, my parents are extremely poor but in spite of that they send me a little extra pocket money every month. I know it's due to their love and concern for me.

Bhagavan! For the last three months I have not given my clothes to the dhoby. While all the other boys were sleeping in the night I washed my clothes and thus I managed to save a little money. Bhagavan! I have also resisted the temptations of toffees, chocolates and all the other things and thus managed to save a little money.

Bhagavan! I offer this 100 rupee note to you. I feel ashamed and small to give you so little but even if this money can be used to buy a small brick for the new hospital, I will be the happiest child in the world.

Your Loving Son

ceiling on desires project21
Ceiling on Desires Project
  • Adopt a Poor School
    • Africa\
    • Support them with supplies
      • Pens, books, sports equipment etc.
ceiling on desires project22
Ceiling on Desires Project
  • Track all the things you have given up this month
    • Coffee, movie, sweets
    • Collect that money once a month in jar
ceiling on desires project23
Ceiling on Desires Project

Name: Srikanth Venugopal

Date COD Amount

Jan 22 Coffee $1.00

Jan 25 Movie rental $2.00

Jan 30 Hang dry Cloths $1.00

Total $4.00

ceiling on desires project24
Ceiling on Desires Project
  • The economics:
  • 30 students $2.00/month in COD
  • 30 parents $2.00/month in COD
  • 10 youth $2.00/month in COD
  • Total $140/month
  • In 10 months we can save $1,400
ceiling on desires project25
Ceiling on Desires Project
  • Water pump
  • Water purification device
  • Text books
  • Pencils, Pens
  • Medicine


Thank you for your Support!

Thank you Swami!