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B2C Marketing Automation Report: India, 2017- Get your Copy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Research NXT - B2C Marketing Automation Report: India, 2017 Participate in the survey & register for Free Copy of the report and a chance to win iPad Mini.

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B2c marketing automation report india 2017


2017 – An Introduction

?Customer is king?– no matter how clichéd this sounds but it is a reality that every marketer lives

with. Today, personalized treatment is the key to maintain a customer’s interest. With the evolution

of technology the consumer has a far louder voice, which has opened up two-way communication

between them and the brand.

Today a marketer has an option to choose from wide range of channels like Email, SMS, Voice, Chat,

Website, Mobile App, Social Media, etc to reach out to potential customers – many channels means

more interaction, more interactions lead to a huge amount of data creation and this data helps him

to target and nurture his customers.

It is very difficult to manually manage multiple marketing channels, and the sheer volume of

personalized interactions and customer data that gets generated. And this is where marketing

automation plays a big role. Marketing Automation Solutions (MAS) make the job of a marketer

Much easier by automating marketing and sales

much easier by automating marketing and sales activities, enabling him to focus on driving revenue

and taking data-driven decisions instead.

The Need: An Unbiased Report on Marketing Automation for Indian B2C Marketers

Since its incorporation, Research NXT has been actively involved in the process of understanding the

need of technology in business through market research.

During a panel discussions at NASSCOM MarTECH 2016, Research NXT’s CEO & Lead Analyst Santosh

Abraham conducted a quick poll to understand the composition of the audience in the room.

What we observed was that the current scenario of marketing job profiles in India was the exact

reflection of the stats we pulled from Linkedin & other sources as well – out of the 25,000

marketing professionals who talk about MarTech on Twitter & Linkedin, around 50% mention

?digital marketing? in their profile. This showcases that role of a marketer is still evolving in India,

cross-functional activities are being carried out by the same individuals and the implementation of

technology in marketing is still a shared responsibility. Most of the new-age marketing channels

processes and tech are clubbed under the ?Digital Marketing? umbrella as of now. This raised an

important question:

Do Indian marketers have the right source of information to understand which MAS is the best fit

for their needs?

While going through the reports which are available on MarTech (India), we realised that more focus

is given on broader topics like digital marketing and there is a lack of information on the adoption of

Marketing Automation Solutions (MAS) in India.

To get more insight we did some pre-work and conducted interviews with 20+ eminent marketing

leaders from the B2C industry to get their take on the need for a research report on MAS for the B2C

industry in India. Following are our observations from the initial research:

More than 80% of the marketing leaders interviewed, expressed the need for a detailed report /

buyers’ guide for MAS.

Most of the organizations interviewed have invested heavily to develop in-house solutions to cater

to their MAS needs and are willing to evaluate the right vendors who can deliver solutions that

would cater to their specific needs.

Awareness of available MAS / pricing / benefits in the Indian market is low and an unbiased report

on MAS adoption can bridge the gap.

If this report can summarize the entire report into a 90 day action plan for Marketing Automation

then it will be something which everybody will appreciate. – Varun Kaushik, VP & Head of Marketing,

Landmark Insurance (PolicyBoss.com)

Methodology & Expectations: What will this Report cover?

Our interviews with marketing leaders from the B2C industry in India helped us validate the need for

an unbiased and in-depth report.

Research nxt has an innovative approach towards

Research NXT has an innovative approach towards market research and we believe that a market

research project is a journey and that participants should get the opportunity to be a part of this

journey to share their perspective and gain insight into the best practices of industry leaders while

the research is being conducted instead of waiting till the report is published.

Our quest to provide an unbiased and comprehensive perspective on the Indian MAS industry

interested one of the MarTech product leaders from the country, ?Netcore’ to join us as the

exclusive report sponsor.

In today’s digital India, marketers have to differentiate on customer experience by mapping

customers’ journey and influencing their decisions with personalised, omni-channel and real-time

data-driven marketing – all made possible with marketing automation solutions. – Kalpit Jain, CEO,

Netcore Solutions

This report should give good insights on the real impact of B2C Marketing Automation on Consumer

Purchase / Buying Behaviour. – Dr. Karthik Anantharaman, CMO, BPL Medical Technologies

This research will be conducted over 14 weeks and we will be connecting with marketing leaders and

industry stalwarts to discuss their views on MAS adoption in B2C sector in the Indian market. We will

be publishing insights from Interviews, Panel Discussions and Surveys that would be conducted for

this research every week and the same would be shared with all subscribers of Research NXT. If you

have not already subscribed to Research NXT then this is your opportunity to stay tuned into

Unbiased & In-depth Research on Trending Enterprise Technology, Subscribe Now.

From this report I’d like to know what the global MAS trends are and at India level, what are the new

automation tools being used.


Read more info: https://www.researchnxt.com/martech/b2c-mas-report-india-2017/article/b2c-