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The Career Family Classification System Project Facilities Users Group Briefing March 2005 PowerPoint Presentation
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The Career Family Classification System Project Facilities Users Group Briefing March 2005

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The Career Family Classification System Project Facilities Users Group Briefing March 2005 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Career Family Classification System Project Facilities Users Group Briefing March 2005. Presenter Phil Smith, Senior Director HR Strategy & Planning. Principles and Operational Context of the CFC System. A Consistent and Simple to Understand System

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Presentation Transcript

The Career Family Classification System Project

Facilities Users Group Briefing

March 2005


Phil Smith, Senior Director

HR Strategy & Planning


Principles and Operational

Context of the CFC System

  • A Consistent and Simple to Understand System
  • Enhance Our Ability to Attract and Recruit
  • Encourages Development of Competencies
  • Provides a Basis for Defining Career Paths
  • Market Referenced Measuring Competitiveness
  • Maintain Legal Compliance and Reporting

Utilizing a high degree of autonomy, leadership in the schools & colleges, research, health system, and business units will be responsible for compensation and classification decisions in their area(s).

The creation of new market job titles is accomplished within the strategic partnership of units and the central Compensation Team.


A View of the End in Mind

  • Job Framework (Stage 1)
  • Career Families and Career Bands
  • Job Roles and Market Job Titles
  • Working Titles
  • People Framework (Stage 2 & 3)
    • Contribution Levels
    • Competency Expectations by Job Role
  • An Integrated Framework
  • Market-based by Career Family/Band/Job Role
  • Market Referenced Pay Philosophy

Toolkit for Decentralized Implementation (Field Tested)

U of M Classifications Mapped to the Framework

Career Family  Career Band  Job Role  Market Title Working Title


Career Family

A meaningful grouping of jobs commonly clustered within a career emphasis.


Career Bands

A sub-set of jobs commonly found in the market with a recognized specialty,

grouped within the larger context of a Career Family.


Job Roles

Categorizes classifications based on the primary purpose of a job and the relationship jobs have to one another.




  • Professional Job Role categorizes UM Market Job Titles spanning the provision of:
  • operational support and services requiring training gained through on-the-job experience, vocational training, or job-related college courses such as those found in an Associate’s Degree
  • ~ to ~
  • professional services by applying individual expertise requiring an understanding and ability to apply theoretical and/or scientific principles in carrying out projects and completing work.
  • Work can be of a specialist nature, applying deep knowledge of the principles, concepts and methods of a professional or technical field
  • ~ or ~
  • a generalist who applies broader knowledge of the principles and concepts of a number of related professional fields.
  • Managerial Job Role categorizes UM Market Job Titles responsible for providing leadership and professional expertise or services through leveraging the knowledge and skills of others. Job scope can range from:
  • oversight for daily operations of a small unit
  • ~ to ~
  • recommending the strategic direction and providing leadership in the operations of a large department
  • ~ to ~
  • contributing to the overall strategy, direction and vision for several functional areas.
  • Responsibilities include demonstrating measurable impacts on operational effectiveness, attainment of school, college, department, research, health system and/or business unit goals and objectives, and activities related to hiring, promotion, salary changes, performance coaching, training, application of policies, policies, disciplinary actions, etc.
  • Executive Job Role categorizes UM Market Job Titles responsible for:
  • conferring with senior and executive officers in the identification of strategic goals;
  • leading the development of an organization’s long-term needs, strategy and direction;
  • steering an organization with strategic visioning and definition;
  • leveraging the knowledge and skills of leadership;
  • determining and assigning responsibilities for attaining objectives;
  • evaluating leadership performance and contributions;
  • planning, developing, and establishing policies;
  • reviewing activity reports and financial statements to determine progress and status in attaining objectives and revising in
  • accordance with current conditions, etc.

Market Job Title & Working Title Linked to the Framework

UM Market Job Title replaces the current University of Michigan Job Code and Job Title (Classification)

Working Title is a customized title that provides greater understanding of the responsibilities and scope of the Market Job Title.

Working Title

Market Job Title

No Pay Grade Structure




Career Family

Career Band

Categorized within…

Job Role



  • Trainings delivered January through February 2005:
  • Writing a Position Description
  •  Writing a Position Description – Train the Trainer
  • Art & Science of Market Referencing (Strategic)
  • Art & Science of Market Referencing (Tactical)
    • Fair Labor Standards Act & the University of Michigan
    • Developing a Total Reward Philosophy
    • Training delivered from April 2003 through present:
    •  Fundamentals of Compensation

Change Management Programs

  • Unit & Core Readiness Programs
  • Checklists/Guides/Action Items
  • Practical “Just in Time” information
  • Connection/collaboration across units
  • Business process/practice revisions
  • Communication Program
  • “Meeting in a Box”
  • UM-wide key messages
  • Communication Templates
  • Local communication assistance
  • HR Consulting Expertise
  • Framework Application
  • Unit readiness checklist
  • Local communication
  • Implementation Planning
deliverables timeline change management approach
Deliverables, Timeline, Change Management Approach

Project Deliverables- Classification Framework & Career Family Descriptions - Market Job Titles and Salary Data- Desktop Mapping Tools- Policy & Defined Business Processes- Post Audit Review

Change Management Programs- Core HR & Unit Readiness- Unit Related Skills Development- Employee Communication- Organizational Communication

Unit & HR Mapping of Jobs

Data Maintenance


Calibration & Development of Slotted Jobs Data Maintenance


“Policy to Practice” Task Team


Unit Readiness


Core HR & Central Office Readiness

[Oct – June]

Training/Skill Development


Convert Data






  • Stabilization
  • Decentralized Decisions
  • New Classification Approach
  • Revised Business Processes
  • Employee Concerns Addressed



Human Resource Programs

A Staged Implementation

Technical/Functional Competencies & Contribution Level

Stage 3

Total Rewards Philosophy, Career Communities and Performance Management

Stage 2

Career Family, Career Band, Job Role, Market Job Title, Working Title, and Organizational Competencies

Stage 1


Online Resources

Your Questions?

  • Classification System Project Web Site -
        • News  Project Background
        • Progress Reports Frequently Asked Questions
        • Library of Articles & Updates

HRAA Compensation/Classification Web Site

Questions About the Project?Send e-mail to: