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Empowering Users with Self-Service March 7, 2005 PowerPoint Presentation
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Empowering Users with Self-Service March 7, 2005

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Empowering Users with Self-Service March 7, 2005 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Empowering Users with Self-Service March 7, 2005

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  1. Empowering Users with Self-ServiceMarch 7, 2005

  2. Today’s Agenda • iExpenses • iSupplier • iAssets • iReceivables

  3. iExpense Overview

  4. Oracle Internet Expenses:Overview • T & E expense management solution • Submit and approve using a standard Web browser, mobile device or disconnected • Using proxy and credit card download • Expense reports automatically routed for management approval and AP processing via a configurable Workflow • Partnership with 170 Systems for barcoding

  5. Create Online (Use Browser) Create Invoice Pay Invoice Create Online (Mobile) Expense Report APApproval Electronic Payment Create Disconnected (Use Spreadsheet) Employees Business Flow Workflow-based Approval Process Mgmt Approval

  6. Oracle Internet Expenses: Benefits • Reduced costs and time for expense report processing with improved business process • Improved accuracy of information • Increased employee productivity

  7. Hudson’s Bay Co. Results with OIE Results 80% Transaction Savings Per Expense Report 80% Quicker employee reimb. $200K Annual Savings Based on a study by Shack & Tullock

  8. Reduced Cost of Expense Reporting Oracleusing OIE Industry Avg. * $ 36.46 $ 2.50 Expense Report Processing Transaction Cost 22 5 Days to Process Potential savings of over 90% per transaction * American Express T&E Management Process Study

  9. Mobile Wireless Access • Access expense reports either from a mobile device or from your computer! • Create, edit, and submit expense reports using a Web-enabled mobile device • Approve or reject expense reports • Review expense reports history • View status and details of submitted expense reports

  10. Mobile Device Interface Business Process Improvements

  11. iExpenses - Additional Details

  12. iSupplier Overview

  13. Oracle iSupplier PortalEnables You To… • Provide Closed-Loop Purchase Order Collaboration • Simplify Receiving and Payment Processes • Optimize Planning and Inventory • Efficiently Ramp and Maintain Suppliers • Provide Closed-Loop Purchase Order Collaboration • Simplify Receiving and Payment Processes • Optimize Planning and Inventory • Efficiently Ramp and Maintain Suppliers

  14. Provide Closed-Loop PO CollaborationInstantly View and Process Purchase Orders Blanket Agreements Suppliers YourCompany Planned Releases V.1 Standard Orders Acknowledgments Change Requests Revisions V.2

  15. Supplier Order ManagementComplete Purchase Order & Agreements View • Supplier Agreements / Contracts • Track agreements & associated releases • See price breaks & payment terms • View attachments • View Procurement Contracts structured terms & conditions • Link to Oracle Sourcing RFQs/Auctions • Purchase Orders • View all types of goods/services orders, including outside processing orders • See header, line and shipment detail • View attachments (designs, specs, etc.) • Acknowledge orders • Audit Trail • Compare current PO vs. previous and original PO • Download PDF copy

  16. Intuitive “Zero Training” User Interface Drive Supplier Adoption Supplier Access to Extended P2P Cycle Finger Tip Access to Relevant Orders

  17. Supplier Change RequestsAutomate Order Exceptions • Changes routed to buyer for approval • Supplier enters structured change requests • Price • Quantity • Delivery Date • Supplier Part Number • Supplier Order Number • Additional Changes • Supplier requests split shipments

  18. Oracle iSupplier PortalEnables You To… • Provide Closed-Loop Purchase Order Collaboration • Simplify Receiving and Payment Processes • Optimize Planning and Inventory • Efficiently Ramp and Maintain Suppliers

  19. Simplified Receiving & Payment ProcessesCommunicate Proactively with Suppliers Ship Notices Suppliers YourCompany Receipts Returns On-Time Performance Invoices Payments

  20. Automated ASNs & Performance Loop Increase Shipment Efficiency Your Company Supplier Shipment Notice + iSupplier Portal w/attachments -- or -- Bulk XLS upload Benefits: • Shipment Visibility • Inspection Status • On-Time Delivery Performance • Continuous Feedback • Benefits: • Expedited Shipping and Receiving • Streamlined Payment Processing • Instant Visibility Shipment Receipt • Capabilities: • Ship Notice Creation with Optional Billing Information • Include Lot, Serial and License Plate # • Invoice Creation • Trigger Payment through Evaluated Receipt Settlement

  21. + Include Attachments • Avoid Invoice Holds • Shrink Cycle Times Supplier Online InvoicingLower Accounts Payables Cost Match Invoice to PO Input Freight, Miscellaneous and Tax Charges

  22. Drop Shipment Customer DeliveriesEliminate intermediate warehousing Sales Order Key info automatically… Purchase Order …copied onto PO BuyingCompany YourCustomer Your Supplier Shipment Notice Invoice to buyer Supplier ships direct to customer • Purchase Order details extracted from Sales Order and sent to supplier • Supplier ASN routed to buyer • Supplier ships goods directly to end-customer, invoice routed to buyer • Simplified logistics, elimination of redundant warehousing activities

  23. Receipt and Payment Status ViewsDecrease Supplier Phone Calls Receiving • View expected and overdue deliveries • Monitor return and inspection results • Monitor on-time delivery performance Invoicing and Payment • View current and past invoices • View payment status • Check on-hold status and reason code

  24. Oracle iSupplier PortalEnables You To… • Provide Closed-Loop Purchase Order Collaboration • Simplify Receiving and Payment Processes • Optimize Planning and Inventory • Efficiently Ramp and Maintain Suppliers

  25. Share Plans and RequirementsOptimize Planning and Inventory Supplier Capacity Suppliers YourCompany Lead Times Order Modifiers Quality Shipment / Forecasts On-Hand / VMI / Consigned

  26. Supplier Updates: Capacity & tolerance Lead time Order quantity Supplier Maintained Item AttributesLower Inventory Requirements iSupplierPortal YourCompany (Warehouse) Supplier Supplier Views: • On-hand inventory • Plans & schedules Warehouse Stock Update: • Inventory levels YourCompany (Buyer) Approved Supplier List Plans &schedules • Supplier-authorized updates to the ASL help generate an optimized plan • Improved plan visibility helps supplier evaluate current and future commitments • Better visibility and plan helps prevent stock-outs and minimize excess inventory

  27. Supplier Initiated ReplenishmentsEnable Vendor Managed Inventory • Provide Inventory Visibility • Share on-hand and safety stock levels with suppliers • Transfer Replenishment Responsibility to Suppliers • Improve fulfillment cycle time • Automate replenishment process YourCompany Supplier VMI Agreement • VMI Agreement • Establish inventory policy Check Inventory Status Receive items Ship items Pay on receipt

  28. Supplier Owned InventoryEnable Management of Consigned Inventory • Goods Retain Supplier Ownership Until Consumed by Buyer • Supplier Views into Consigned Inventory • On Hand Inventory • Shipments • Invoices / Advice • Receipts • Works With or Without VMI Your Company Supplier Consigned Inventory Agreement Consigned Inventory Agreement Planning Receive order PO / Release Ship items Receive to CI whs Check inventory Goods consumed / transferred Receive Consumption Advice Pay on use Receive payment

  29. Oracle iSupplier PortalEnables You To… • Provide Closed-Loop Purchase Order Collaboration • Simplify Receiving and Payment Processes • Optimize Planning and Inventory • Efficiently Ramp and Maintain Suppliers

  30. Supplier Self-ServiceDrive Down Costs of Supplier Management Vendor Self Registration Suppliers YourCompany Supplier User Registration Supplier Profile Details Address/Contact Info Banking Details Business Classifications

  31. BuyingCompany + + Vendor RegistrationGather Potential Vendors Registration page Buyer Admins Receive notification & review request Buyer Admin sets up additional user accounts Approved vendor given access to Profile Management Prospective vendor registers

  32. + Supplier Profile Management Improve Accuracy of Supplier Master Attachments Supplier Locations Contact Details Buyer admin reviews and promotes to Purchasing and Payables systems Banking Info Business Classifications + Product & Service Details OUx OUy OUz Supplier updates profile details Updates applied to multiple Operating Units

  33. Business and Commodity Classifications Improve Reporting and Sourcing Processes • Expose configurable list of classifications to supplier • Diversity information • Other business profile data • Products & services • Gather info from supplier and approve • Updates routed to buyer for approval

  34. Banking DetailsEnsure Prompt Remittance Bank Branch OUx Buyer Admin… London Account OUy Supplier… OUz Paris new …approves account details to Payables …selects from existing or adds new to create bank accounts Assigns account to locations and flags primary Provide Company Account Details Changes Routed to Buyer for Review

  35. Extend Your Supply CollaborationSingle Access Point for Plan, Negotiate and Procure P L A N • Procure - iSupplier Portal • Involve suppliers in your procurement to pay processes • Plan - Collaborative Planning • Involve suppliers in your sophisticated planning processes • Negotiate – Sourcing • Involve suppliers in the electronic tendering processes • Seamless integration • Single view of products, suppliers, order modifiers, ASLs, sourcing rules, registration process • Forecasts • Capacity • Exceptions • Pegging • Waterfall Analysis • Vendor Managed Inventory • RFI & RFQs • Auctions • Bidding • Design Proposal N E G O T I A T E S U P P L I E R S • Vendor Managed Inventory • Orders • ASNs • Receipts • Invoice • Payments P R O C U R E

  36. Oracle iSupplier Portal Solution Provide Closed-Loop PO Collaboration Self-service PO views, acknowledgments, change requests Simplify Receiving and Payment Processes Self-service ASN and invoice creation and inquiries Optimize Planning and Inventory Supplier maintained item attributes, VMI and Consigned Inventory Efficiently Ramp and Maintain Suppliers Portal, XML & EDI communication, supplier self-services

  37. iAssets Overview

  38. Major Features • Advanced Asset Search • Self-Service Asset Transfer • Cost Center Manager Based Approval • Management Hierarchy Based Approval • Security features • Notifications

  39. iAssets - Additional Details

  40. Advanced Asset Search - A powerful search page to find assets by using configurable search criteria. Query logic – ‘starts with’, ‘contains’, ‘ends with’ etc 27 Additional Criteria

  41. Self-Service Asset Transfer • A Step by Step Self-Service transfer of assets between Locations, Employees and Expense Accounts. • Integrated with Oracle Approvals Management and Oracle Workflow for approvals and notifications. • How to set up this feature: • Setup Rules • Setup Profile Option • IA: iAssets Rule Name • Setup Employees in HR • Assign employees to FND Users

  42. Setup Rules

  43. Self-Service Asset Transfer Roles

  44. Self-Service Asset Transfer Step 1 -Request Details

  45. Step 2 - Releasing Details

  46. Step 3 – Receiving Details

  47. Step 4 - Review and Submit Submit

  48. Post Transfers to Oracle Assets Login as Oracle iAssets Manager and run the seeded concurrent program Run Post Asset Transfer Requests

  49. Self-Service Asset Transfer Dependencies and Interactions • Oracle Assets • Oracle Approvals Manager • Oracle Human Resources • Oracle Workflow

  50. iReceivables Overview