7 tips to create your very own home spa n.
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7 tips to create your very own home spa! PowerPoint Presentation
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7 tips to create your very own home spa!

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7 tips to create your very own home spa! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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This PPT speaks about some simple hacks to create a modern bathroom design. Without any major renovation you can easily have a spa right in your home.

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Be smart with lighting - Transform the ambience of your bathroom with simple alterations to lighting. To soften the lighting, install a dimmer or use candles along the perimeter of the bathroom. To bring life to the space, add some hanging plants or even a small aquarium, if possible for creating a modern bathroom design.


Stock up on indulgence supplies - Be prepared for a day of pampering by having your favorite spa supplies handy. Stock up your bathroom with, bath salts, body scrubs, loofahs, hair masks and more. Make sure that all supplies are stored visibly on open shelves or in transparent containers so that they not only look decorative but also remind you to spend some time in indulging yourself.


Make it spacious - The trick to a great modern bathroom design is to create the illusion of space. Use light colors, draping curtains and lots and lots of mirrors to make the room calm and inviting.


Bring in texture - Nothing says luxury like a warm bath robe and fuzzy slippers. Get cozy towels and soft floor mats in shades that complement your bathroom’s palette. This will definitely add a touch of class to your modern bathroom design.


Get chic shower accessories - Thefocal point of a modern bathroom design is the shower, make it as extravagant as possible. Splurge on interesting shower accessories such as knobs, shower heads, shower controls. If you have a bath tub, go all out and make it as decadent as possible. Install a tub tray and decorate it with beautiful soaps, bath salts, bubble baths, lotions, aroma oils.


Create an earthy palette for your walls - Earth tones like green, brown, grey can give your organic sense and create a calming effect. However, if your bathroom is too tiny, opt for lighter, neutral colors like beige, light gray so that it creates a sense of space as well as soothes you. The color palette is an important element of modern bathroom design.


Install Faux Wood Tiles for a warm feeling – While wooden flooring creates an ambience of warmth and peace, its not an ideal material for damp areas. A great alternative to this is faux wood tiles. These tiles are made of ceramic or porcelain but imitate the natural texture of wood. These tiles are available in a wide range of colors and textures and are water resistant making them ideal for your modern bathroom design.