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Stomach Cancer Treatment & Surgery In Delhi By Dr Pradeep Jain

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Stomach Cancer Treatment & Surgery In Delhi By Dr Pradeep Jain - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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\nStomach Cancer Surgery By Dr Pradeep Jain - Stomach Cancer Treatment In Delhi By Dr Pradeep Jain at Action Cancer Hospital,Best Cancer Hospital In Delhi.Appointment No 09810076517

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Stomach Cancer Treatment by Dr. Pradeep Jain , Delhi

Stomach Cancer Treatment By Dr. Pradeep Jain In Delhi - Chief of Department of GI at Action Cancer Hospital

& Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute. Dr. Pradeep Jain is well renowned Gastroenterology surgeon In India

with wide experience in advanced treatment for stomach cancer.

The word "cancer" is a generic term for almost 150 different tumor

types affecting various organs in the body, the myeloid tissue ( or bone

marrow) that manufactures blood cells and the lymphatic system.

Dr. Pradeep Jain, explains that Early detection is vitally important in

stomach cancers, as cure rates are extremely high when these cancers are

caught early – but drop dramatically when the cancer is at an advanced

stage when found. Stomach cancer, unfortunately, is most frequently

not found until it has advanced considerably.

The stomach cancer, also called gastric cancer, strikes the stomach, an organ which is located in the upper

abdomen, immediately under the ribs. The stomach is part of the digestive system: it produces acids and

enzymes that break down food before they are routed to the small intestine. Cancer can develop in any part

of the stomach to propagate upward, reaching the esophagus, or down, invading the small intestine.

Many stomach cancers are probably caused by lifestyle factors like smoking, drinking alcohol heavily, and

consuming a diet low in fiber and high in salt (including salt- or nitrate-preserved foods such as smoked meats or

other foods high in salt). H. pylori bacteria, the bacteria often blamed for ulcers, is a known risk factor for

stomach cancer. Finally, exposure in the workplace to certain agents like asbestos can greatly increase a

person's stomach cancer risk.



Dr Pradeep Jain Stomach Cancer Treatment Options :

• Surgery To Remove The Cancer

• Chemotherapy

• Radiation Therapy


Stomach Cancer Prevention Guidelines By Dr Pradeep Jain :-

Eating Habits helps to significantly reduce the risk of developing certain cancers ,

including that of the stomach :

• Lower consumption of meat, including sausages,

• Reduced salt consumption,

• Unless smoked foods (fish or meat)

• It is recommended to eat every day at least 5 fruits and vegetables (fresh, frozen or canned ) .

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