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    Slide 2:OUTLINE Motivation Concept indexing with WordNet synsets Concept indexing in ATC Experiments set-up Summary of results & discussion Updated results Conclusions & current work

    Slide 3:MOTIVATION Most popular & effective model for thematic ATC IR-like text representation ML feature selection, learning classifiers

    Slide 4:MOTIVATION Bag of Words Binary TF TF*IDF Stoplist Stemming Feature Selection

    Slide 5:MOTIVATION Text representation requirements in thematic ATC Semantic characterization of text content Words convey an important part of the meaning But we must deal with polysemy and synonymy Must allow effective learning Thousands to tens of thousands attributes ? noise (effectiveness) & lack of efficiency

    Slide 6:CONCEPT INDEXING WITH WORDNET SYNSETS Using vectors of synsets instead of word stems Ambiguous words mapped to correct senses Synonyms mapped to same synsets

    Slide 7:CONCEPT INDEXING WITH WORDNET SYNSETS Considerable controversy in IR Assumed potential for improving text representation Mixed experimental results, ranging from Very good [Gonzalo et al. 98] to bad [Voorhees 98] Recent review in [Stokoe et al. 03] A problem of state-of-the-art WSD effectiveness But ATC is different!!!

    Slide 8:CONCEPT INDEXING IN ATC Apart of the potential... We have much more information about ATC categories than IR queries WSD lack of effectiveness can be less hurting because of term (feature) selection But we have new problems!!! Data sparseness & noise Most terms are rare (Zipfs Law) ? bad estimates Categories with few documents ? bad estimates, lack of information

    Slide 9:CONCEPT INDEXING IN ATC Concept indexing helps to solve IR & new ATC problems Text ambiguity in IR & ATC Data sparseness & noise in ATC Less indexing units of higher quality (selection) ? probably better estimates Categories with few documents ? why not enriching representation with WordNet semantic relations? Hyperonymy, meronymy, etc.

    Slide 10:CONCEPT INDEXING IN ATC Literature review As in IR, mixed results, ranging from Good [Fukumoto & Suzuki, 01] to bad [Scott, 98] Notably, researchers use words in synsets instead of the synset codes themselves Still lacking

    Slide 11:EXPERIMENTS SETUP Primary goal Comparing terms vs. correct synsets as indexing units Requires perfect disambiguated collection (SemCor) Secondary goals Comparing perfect WSD with simple methods More scalability, less accuracy Comparing terms with/out stemming, stop-listing Nature of SemCor (genre + topic classification)

    Slide 12:EXPERIMENTS SETUP Overview of parameters Binary classifiers vs. multi-class classifiers Three concept indexing representations Correct WSD (CD) WSD by POS Tagger (CF) WSD by corpus frequency (CA)

    Slide 13:EXPERIMENTS SETUP Overview of parameters Four term indexing representations No Stemming, No StopList (BNN) No Stemming, with Stoplist (BNS) With Stemming, without Stoplist (BSN) With Stemming and Stoplist (BSS)

    Slide 14:EXPERIMENTS SETUP Levels of selection with IG No selection (NOS) top 1% (S01) top 10% (S10) IG>0 (S00)

    Slide 15:EXPERIMENTS SETUP Learning algorithms Nave Bayes kNN C4.5 PART SVMs Adaboost+Nave Bayes Adaboost+C4.5

    Slide 16:EXPERIMENTS SETUP Evaluation metrics F1 (average of recall precission) Macroaverage Microaverage K-fold cross validation (k=10 in our experiments)

    Slide 17:SUMMARY OF RESULTS & DISCUSSION Overview of results

    Slide 18:SUMMARY OF RESULTS & DISCUSSION CD > C* weakly supports that accurate WSD is required BNN > B* does not support that stemming & stop-listing are NOT required Genre/topic orientation Most importantly CD > B* does not support that synsets are better indexing units than words (stemmed & stop-listed or not)

    Slide 19:UPDATED RESULTS Recent results combining synsets & words (no stemming, no stop-listing, binary problem) NB ? S00, C4.5 ? S00, S01, S10 SVM ? S01, ABNB ? S00, S00, S10

    Slide 20:CONCLUSSIONS & CURRENT WORK Synsets are NOT a better representation, but IMPROVE the bag-of-words representation We are testing semantic relations (hyperonymy) on SemCor It is required more work on Reuters-21578 We will have to address WSD, initially with the approaches described in this work

    Slide 21:THANK YOU !