suresafe alarms address 40 the looms wirral ch64 n.
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Telecare Providers

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Telecare providers provides monitored alarm service that aims to help ageing Britons remain in their own homes, safer and for longer.

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Telecare Providers

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suresafe alarms address 40 the looms wirral ch64

SureSafe Alarms

Address: 40 The Looms, Wirral CH64 6RF

Main Phone: 0800 112 3201

an overview of telecare services

An Overview Of Telecare Services

When it comes to providing care for the elderly, very few companies are able to produce products and provide quality services which are suitable for the use and care of the elderly. The elderly have very unique problems and these problems are usually bothering on awareness, motion and sometimes they have aches and pain in different joints of their body.

Quality Product For Care Service

Suresafe as a company is committed towards providing quality care service which clients can be proud of. To begin with, the customer care unit of the company has people who are skilled in handling any kind of complaint and they work hard to make sure that clients are satisfied with the quality of work being done. When people have problems with installation or malfunctioning of equipment, the customer care staff are always on hand to courteously help out with all such problems and proffer solutions to all such problems.

telecare systems

Telecare Systems

Telecare is monitored alarm system service that aims to help ageing Britons remain in their own homes, safer and for longer.

telecare provider with quality care

Telecare Provider With Quality Care

There is also the family and friend alarm system. This system works to be able to alert either family members or friends in the event of an emergency. This system has been so designed such that when there is a problem there are people at least up to three who will get text messages to that effect and so can act as help in times of emergency. All these have been made possible by the Telecare provider called suresafe.

The meaning of the term Telecare is providing remote care of elderly and physically less able people. This helps in offering them the care they require and sets our mind at rest which is absolutely required for us in such cases. Read more.

suresafe alarms add 40 the looms wirral ch64

SureSafe Alarms

Add : 40 The Looms, Wirral, CH64 6RF

Phone: 0800 112 3201

Web :