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William Boeing PowerPoint Presentation
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William Boeing

William Boeing

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William Boeing

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  1. William Boeing Aircraft Aficionado

  2. When was Mr. Boeing born? • William Boeing was born in Detroit, Michigan in the year 1881 on October 1st. • His father was Wilhelm Boing, a german mining engineer who also was a timber merchant.

  3. Where did Boeing get educated? • William went to college at Yale University, and Sheffield Scientific School. • This is how he knows how to build planes. He learned about aeronautics and science.

  4. So when did he get interested in planes???? • When he left college he bought timberlands around Grays Harbor. • As the president of Greenwood Logging Co. , who had experimented with boat design, Boeing travelled to Seattle, where, during the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition in 1909, he saw a manned flying machine for the first time and became fascinated with aircraft.

  5. What did he do? • William Boeing went into buisness with George Westervelt and started the Pacific Aero Products Company. Later on known as the Boeing Airplane Company.

  6. How did he affect the world back when he was alive? • William Boeing helped the United States Military by sending 50 planes to the US Navy during the first world war. • When the war ended, Boeing focused his attention on more civilized uses for planes, such as airmail and passenger transportation.

  7. When did William throw in the towel? • William Boeing retired in 1934 after being accused of monopolistic charges by the US Government. • Later that year, The Air Mail Act forced him to break his company into three separate parts; United Aircraft Corporation, Boeing Airplane Company, and United Air Lines.

  8. How does this affect the world now? • William Boeing nearly pioneered aircraft production. If it wasn’t for Mr. Boeing, We probably wouldn’t be nearly as advanced in aircraft production as we currently are.

  9. When did he perish? • On exactly Friday September 28th, 1956, Days before becoming 75, William Edward Boeing perished due to a heart attack on his yacht. We’ll Never Forget you, William Boeing!!!

  10. How does this impact me personally? • William Boeing’s expertise in building planes really helps me feel safe because I know that I am safe when I fly by plane anywhere. I always know that I am on plane that was built by one the greatest men of all time and that really reassures me.

  11. Bibliography: Where did I get all this information. • I had 3 main sources of information on this PowerPoint presentation: • First and foremost, The internet. I went onto and searched for William Boeing. • Second, World Book Encyclopedia 2007 Edition, Volume 2, Pages 435-436. • Third, A book William Boeing, Builder of Planes by Sharlene and Ted Nelson.

  12. Credentials • Power point created by: Nick Pidgeon • Project assigned by: Mrs.Schneider • Special Thanks To: • William E. Boeing for being so cool! • Microsoft for making PowerPoint. • Plumb elementary for providing the computer lab.