what is continental drift l.
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What is Continental Drift?

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What is Continental Drift? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What is Continental Drift?. The drifting of Pangaea. Continental Drift is a hypothesis presented by Alfred Wegner. He thought the continents moved to their present position on earth. Wegner believed all continents were once connected into one large land mass called Pangaea.

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what is continental drift

What is Continental Drift?

The drifting of Pangaea.

Continental Drift is a hypothesis presented by Alfred Wegner. He thought the continents moved to their present position on earth.
fossil clues
Fossil Clues
  • Meosaurus (in South America and Africa)
  • Glossopteris ( in Africa, Australia, India, South America, and Antarctica.)
climate clues
Climate Clues
  • Glacial deposits and groove bedrock were found in South America, Africa, India, and Australia.
  • Fossils of warm weather plants were found on the island of Spitzbergen (in Arctic)
rock clues
Rock Clues
  • Similar rock structures in the Appalachian Mountains, Greenland, Western Europe, South America, and Western Africa.
wegner s hypothesis rejected
Wegner’s Hypothesis Rejected
  • Although Wegner had evidence, he couldn’t explain how, when, or why.
  • Years later (after Wegner’s death), his theory was accepted.
what did you learn
What did you learn?
  • What is Pangaea?
  • Why weren’t Wegner’s ideas supported?
  • How did Wegner use climate clues to support his hypothesis?
  • What would Wegner need to help prove his ideas were correct?
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