molecular electronics l.
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Molecular Electronics

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Molecular Electronics - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Molecular Electronics. Jason Chiesa May 3, 2006. Overview. What is Molecular Electronics? Advantages of Molecular Electronics Molecular Switch Issues. What is Molecular Electronics?. Sometimes called moletronics

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Molecular Electronics

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molecular electronics

Molecular Electronics

Jason Chiesa

May 3, 2006

  • What is Molecular Electronics?
  • Advantages of Molecular Electronics
  • Molecular Switch
  • Issues
what is molecular electronics
What is Molecular Electronics?
  • Sometimes called moletronics
  • Molecular electronics is a branch of applied physics which aims at using molecules as passive or active electronic components.
  • These molecules will perform the functions currently performed by semiconductors.
why use molecular electronics
Why use Molecular Electronics?
  • Size
  • Power
  • Speed
  • Low Manufacturing Cost
  • Easier to Manufacture
  • Molecular Electronics is a way to extend Moore’s Law past the limits of standard semiconductor Circuits.
  • 100X smaller than their counterparts
power speed
Power / Speed
  • Currently Transistors cannot be stacked, which makes them quite ineffecient!
  • Molecular technology will be able to add a 3rd dimension.
  • Femtoseconds switching times.
  • Most designs use either spin coating or Self-Assembly process.
  • Individual Molecules can be made exactly the same by the Billions.
  • Molecular assembly tends to occur at Room Temperature.
molecular switch
Molecular Switch
  • Semiconductor switches can be made on a very small scale.
  • Perform computational functions when placed in the right combination.
  • Molecular switch is orders of magnitude smaller.
molecular chiropticene switch
Molecular Chiropticene Switch
  • One molecule in size.
  • Switch has two distinct states
    • Spatial Mirror images of one another.
    • Electronically and Optically distinct
  • Distinct but Equal
    • Chiral property
symmetric amine molecule
Symmetric Amine Molecule

Rapid thermal oscillation between two forms of an Amine Molecule.

  • In practice, the switch is triggered by light and controlled with an electric field.
      • Both of these actions can change the direction of the molecule’s dipole by 180 degrees.
constructing the switch
Constructing the Switch
  • In order to have control of the crossed arrow dipole vector we must:
    • Long axis for reaction to occur
    • Dipole vector points along this axis
    • Transformation cannot occur at room temp.
switch properties
Switch Properties
  • Stability- Two equal but opposite energy states in these molecules affords stablility as well as reversibility.
  • Speed- Femtosecond switching speeds
problems facing moletronics
Problems facing Moletronics
  • Molecular electronics must still be integrated with Silicon.
  • Among the important issues is the determination of the resistance of a single molecule (both theoritical and experimental).
  • It is difficult to perform direct characterization since imaging at the molecular scale is often impossible in many experimental devices.