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grigsby chapel road smith road traffic operational study l.
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Grigsby Chapel Road / Smith Road Traffic Operational Study PowerPoint Presentation
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Grigsby Chapel Road / Smith Road Traffic Operational Study

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Grigsby Chapel Road / Smith Road Traffic Operational Study
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Grigsby Chapel Road / Smith Road Traffic Operational Study

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  1. Grigsby Chapel Road / Smith RoadTraffic Operational Study Farragut Municipal Planning Commission February 21, 2008

  2. Overview of Presentation • Study Process Description • Results of Analysis • Traffic Calming • Improvement Recommendations

  3. Outline of Study Process • Data Collection • Volume • Speed • Crash • Field Observations • Intersection Analyses • Improvement Recommendations

  4. Grigsby Chapel Road

  5. Smith Road

  6. Study Intersections Fretz Rd St. John Ct. • Study Intersections • Fretz Road • Woodchase Dr./ Weatherly Hills Blvd. • St. John Court • Smith Road

  7. Speed Assessment Fretz Rd EB: 43.5 mph WB: 44 mph EB: 45 mph WB: 44 mph St. John Ct.

  8. Crash Analysis Fretz Rd • Summary of Crash Analysis • The highest area for crashes along the study sections of roadway was the portion of Grigsby Chapel Road approaching Campbell Station Road. • Grigsby Chapel Road in the Fox Chase and St. John Court area, including the curve to the west, appears to possess an elevated crash history. • Traffic speeds do appear to be a factor in a significant portion of crashes along the study roadways. • Right-angle type crashes do not appear to be a major crash issue. St. John Ct. Crash data provided by Knox County Sheriff’s Dept. and Knox County Dept. of Engineering and Public Works.

  9. Signal Warrant Summary Fretz Rd St. John Ct.

  10. Capacity Analyses Summary Fretz Rd St. John Ct.

  11. Conclusions and Recommendations • Conclusions • Increasing traffic volumes are resulting in a gradual decline in the quality of traffic flow and are negatively impacting roadway safety. • Grigsby Chapel Road/Smith Road, Grigsby Chapel Road/St. John Court, and Grigsby Chapel Road/Fretz Road satisfy at least one traffic signal warrant as outlined in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. • Intersection capacity analyses indicate that Grigsby Chapel Road/St. John Court and Grigsby Chapel Road/Smith Road will be expected to have at least one hour that operates with poor levels-of-service under existing traffic control. The other two study intersections are expected to operate at LOS “C” or better. • Eighty-fifth percentile speeds were measured in the 43 to 45 mph range. Although such speeds are considered higher than desirable on this roadway, these values are not considered extreme to the point of constituting a major concern. • Crash data indicate that traffic speeds are a factor in a significant number of crashes, and right-angle type crashes do not appear to be a major issue.

  12. Conclusions and Recommendations • Recommendations • Narrow the through traffic lanes on Grigsby Chapel Road to 11 feet in width and install strategically placed raised median islands along the three-lane roadway sections. In addition to helping accomplish the primary project goals of reducing traffic speeds and discouraging cut-through traffic, the narrowed through lanes will yield a wider center turn lane. This wider lane will improve safety and ease of movement for vehicles turning left from side streets onto Grigsby Chapel Road. Also consider textured center lane pavement. • Signalization of any of the warranted study intersections should not be considered until the traffic calming measures are fully implemented and their full impact can be evaluated. • All-way stop traffic control would cause intolerable delay at the intersections of Grigsby Chapel Road with Fretz Road and St. John Court, and therefore are not a viable option at these locations. • The anticipated future installation of a traffic signal at the intersection of Kingston Pike and Everett Road might have an impact on study intersection traffic. Such impact should be ascertained prior to making major traffic control changes at any of the study intersections. • A roundabout intersection might be appropriate for the Grigsby Chapel Road and Smith Road intersection in the future, as opposed to a traffic signal. Such a design should be considered in the future if a traffic control change is being contemplated.

  13. Median Islands St. Pete Beach, Florida Short sections of raised medians located in continuous two-way left-turn lane.

  14. Median Islands / Pavement Texture Morristown, Tennessee Short sections of raised medians located in center lane. Stamped asphalt between islands creates a “visual” island but maintains access to adjacent properties.

  15. Grigsby Chapel Road Typical Section (8) Figure 8

  16. Smith Road at N. Fox Den Drive (9A) Figure 9A

  17. Grigsby Chapel Road (9B) Figure 9B

  18. Grigsby Chapel Road (9C) Figure 9C

  19. Grigsby Chapel Road (9D) Figure 9D

  20. Grigsby Chapel Road (9E) Figure 9E

  21. Grigsby Chapel Road (9F) Figure 9F

  22. QUESTIONS? Thank you for your attention!