Generational diversity marketing across the spectrum
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Generational Diversity Marketing Across the Spectrum - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Generational Diversity Marketing Across the Spectrum. Presenter: Julie Gillespie Ottawa Area Intermediate School District. Goals for the Session Be Able to Identify and Appreciate Generational Differences

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Generational DiversityMarketing Across the Spectrum

Presenter: Julie Gillespie

Ottawa Area Intermediate School District

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  • Goals for the Session

  • Be Able to Identify and Appreciate Generational Differences

  • Have a Greater Understanding of the Communication Challenges Associated with Generational Diversity

  • Be Able to Develop Strategies and Tactics That Reflect a Deeper Understanding of Generational Diversity

  • Have Fun!

Generational diversity one of many changing human dimensions l.jpg
Generational Diversity…One of Many Changing Human Dimensions

Aging Population

  • 77 Million Baby Boomers Will Retire in Ten Year Period from 2002 – 2012

  • Life Expectancy has Increased (78.9 Yrs Projected Average for Women in 2015)

  • By 2025, the United States will be as “gray” as Florida

  • By 2030, one in five Americans will be age 65 and older

    Cultural Diversity

  • Hispanic Group is the Fastest Growing Segment

  • By 2042, minorities (currently one-third of population) will become the majority

    - A little early to be concerned, but the wave is coming

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  • Generations…

  • Generations are among the most powerful forces in history

  • Tracking them through time lends order – and even a measure of predictability – to long term trends

  • Each of us carries deeply felt associations with various events in our lives (Great Depression, D-Day, JFK Assassination, 9/11)

  • The sum total of these events has in many ways made us whowe are….a Generation

  • Harvard Business Review

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  • Generations…

  • As each generation ages into the next phase – it’s attitudes and behaviors mature, producing new currents in the public mood (ex: 40-year-old today versus in the 1950s)

  • Generations follow observable historical patterns– a powerful tool for predicting future trends (handout from Harvard Business Review)

  • Generational designation is more of a psychographic then a demographic…people do not belong to their age brackets

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Generational Diversity: Generation Gap on Steroids

  • Five Generations Live Together for the First Time

  • (19 Generations Total Since the Puritans)

  • Matures/Silent Generation

  • Baby Boomers

  • Generation X

  • Generation Y/Gen Next/Millennials

  • Generation Z/Gen Media/Gen V

  • This makes for unusual contradictions in the Marketplace - need for larger typeface and pod-casts

Silent generation l.jpg
Silent Generation

  • Born 1920 – 1945

  • Loyalty is All-Important

  • Worked Same Job “Cradle to Grave”

  • Believe Long Service Should be Rewarded

  • Respectful of Hierarchy

  • Resistant to New Ways of Doing Things

  • Grew Up on “Little Rascals”

  • The “Good Kids”

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Baby Boomers

  • Born 1945 – 1964

  • Approximately 78 Million

  • Raised in the Aftermath of World War II

  • Recession Made Them Rethink Loyalty

  • Confrontational, Megaphone Toting

  • Launched a Consciousness Revolution

  • Workaholics

  • Not Ready for Retirement (Financial or Otherwise)

  • Dominate culture, religion and values (resource: AARP)

Generation x l.jpg
Generation X

  • Born 1965 – 1976

  • Approximately 48 Million

  • Saw Their Parents Burnout Trying to Balance Work and Life

  • Children of Divorce, Latchkeys, and Ad Hoc Day Care

  • Value Their Own Lives

  • Less Ideological Than Their Parents

  • Brought a New Pragmatism to Education

  • Respect Productivity Over the Long Haul

  • Loyal to People Rather than Companies

  • Approach Work as Independent Contractors

  • Need Open Communication

Generation y gen next millennials l.jpg
Generation Y/Gen Next/Millennials

  • Born 1977 – 1994 (sons and daughters of the Boomers)

  • 80 Million Strong (surpassing the Boomers)

  • Continually Connected

  • Speak Their Own Language (ROTFLUTS)

  • Skeptical of Authority

  • Influenced by Peers (Social Networking – the 21st Century’s Front Porch)

  • Seek Recognition and Fame

  • Enjoy Absurdity and Odd Humor

  • Embrace a Variety of Subcultures (think avatars)

  • Skim Text and Information Quickly

  • Easily Bored

  • Expressive and Digitally Creative

  • Workplace Flight Risk (they can always go home)

  • Ambitious, Demanding and Question Everything


Video Clip

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Generation Z…Gen Media…Gen V

  • Born 1995 – 2009

  • First 21st Century Generation

  • Raised During the Green Awakening

  • Lifelong Use of Communications and Media Technologies – “digital natives”

  • Active Consumers

  • Raised in an Era of Equality

  • High Degree of Influence Over Parents’ Purchasing Decisions

  • Lives are Full of Structured Activities

  • May Turn Out to Be More Indulged and Anti-Social than Generation Y

  • Attracted to Video, Music and Real Time Interaction

Changing marketplace the power bookends l.jpg
Changing Marketplace – The Power Bookends

  • Generation Y – Market Savvy and Empowered

    • Highly Brand Conscious

    • More Racially Diverse Than Their Parents

    • Don’t Respond to Traditional Marketing Efforts

    • Rival the Boomers in Size and Eventually in Buying Power

  • Boomers – Healthier, Wealthier and Wiser Than Their Parents

  • Highly Value Conscious

  • Less Racially Diverse

  • Respond to Nostalgia and Tradition

  • Less Technically Savvy than Their Children

  • …Impact on Schools

  • Difficulty Communicating with and Influencing Gen Y’s

  • Gaining Senior Citizen Support can be Challenging

  • Loss of a Collective Public Education Identity

  • Approximately 70% Do Not Have Children in School

  • …Communications Solutions/Strategies

  • Creative Marketing Strategies for Gen Y’s – Get Them Where They “Live”

    • Social Networking, Blogs, Interest Websites

  • Target Boomers on a More Regular Basis – Not Just When We “Need” Them

    • Longest Term Relationship to Date

    • Most Likely to Value Tradition in Public Education

      • Recruiting and retaining skilled workers,

      • layoff potential, cost containment, prioritizing, union conflict/demands

  • Gen y gen z impact on communication media l.jpg
    Gen Y/Gen Z Impact on Communication/Media

    Technology/New Media

    • Dwindling Print Medium – particularly newspapers

    • Blogs are “Hot;” Gives People a “Voice”

    • MySpace, Facebook, Social Networking

    • Greater News Breadth; Less Depth

    • Media Saturation - Message Overwhelm

    • Decline of First-Hand Experience

    • Reality -Not as Boring as It Used to Be (Candid Camera vs. Survivor)

    • Potential for Distortion of Facts/Mitigation of Reality (think Second Life)

    • Growing Dichotomy Between Written and Spoken Language

    • Electronic Documents Are Perceived to Have More “Currency”

      …Impact on the Communication Function

  • Marketing Plans Must be More Complex and Varied

    • Fewer Print Projects/Forget Newsletters

  • Line Between Communications and Technology is Becoming Blurred

    • File Formats, Programming

  • Difficult to Get Key Messages Across to Customers – Power of the “Delete” button

  • Greater Demand for Consultative Services Related to New Media

    …Communications Solutions/Strategies

  • Greater Use of New Media to Communicate

  • Broader Use of Media for Communicating with Parents

  • Greater Focus On and Use of Web

  • Marketing across the spectrum l.jpg
    Marketing Across the Spectrum

    Intergenerational Marketing Will be Challenging…But Not Impossible


    Speak Everyone’s Language

    Consider Attention Spans

    Encourage Candid Conversations

    Remember that Public Education has Intergenerational Relevance and Importance

    It’s a Lot Like….