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Multi-Generational Marketing Plan PowerPoint Presentation
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Multi-Generational Marketing Plan

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Multi-Generational Marketing Plan
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Multi-Generational Marketing Plan

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  1. Multi-Generational Marketing Plan

  2. Seller Expectations The days of putting a sign in the yard and placing your property on the multiple listing service to get it sold are long gone. Today, agents need to design specific marketing plans that will maximize the odds of your property being seen by that one special buyer. Yesterday’s Marketing Plan • A sign in the yard • List Property • Place an Ad in the weekend newspaper …and wait Yesterday’s News - It doesn’t work anymore “It’s nice to see a photo of your home in the newspaper; nice if you’re the seller. Unfortunately as the seller you’d be the only one looking there. Today’s buyers use the Internet to search for their next home. We post your home where the buyer will see it!”

  3. Where is Your Buyer? Matures - Born 1925-1941 Primary Information Sources • Daily Newspaper • Network News • Children • Internet Boomers - Born 1942-1965 Primary Information Sources • Internet • Cable News • Magazines Generation X- Born 1965-1980 Primary Information Sources • Internet • E-mail • Cable • Texting Millenials - Born 1981-2001 Primary Information Sources • Internet • Texting • Word of Mouth • Wikipedia • DIY Shows • Social Networking - Facebook - Twitter

  4. Profile of Buyer Searches Where Buyer First Learned About Home Purchased Historically Today • Real Estate Agent 38% 33% • Internet 15% 32% • Yard Sign 16% 15% • Friend/Neighbor/Relative 7% 7% • Home Builder 7% 7% • Newspaper Advertisement 5% 3% • Knew the seller 5% 2% • Home Book or Magazine 2% 1% Courtesy of the National Association of Realtors®

  5. Buyer Information Newspapers have dropped significantly as a valuable source of information for Homebuyers since 2002. Most Popular Sources in 2002 1. Driving Around Neighborhoods 2. Newspapers 3. The Internet 4. Friends/Colleagues 5. Yard Signs Rank Most Popular Sources Today 1. The Internet 2. Real Estate Agent 3. Yard Signs 4. Open Houses 5. Home Book/Magazines Rank Courtesy of the National Association of Realtors®

  6. Champion Newspaper Advertising Newspapers are shrinking. Most buyers find their new home on the Internet. We only use newspaper advertising to direct buyers to all our listings on the Internet. Champion, a leader in implementing new marketing strategies, has taken a forward look at newspaper advertising. Newspaper property advertising doesn’t work because today’s buyer isn’t looking there. Champion does limited advertising in newspapers to drive buyers to the Internet. Times have changed and newspaper ads for real estate really are “yesterday’s news”. Property display ads are called “seller appeasement ads.” The seller is happy to see a photo of the property in the paper, but the buyer is looking on the internet.

  7. Newspapers are reinventing National news has shifted to the Internet, but for local news, local newspapers still are the best media. Newspapers have identified that consumers want immediate access and the internet provides that access Their solution is to go online to drop printing costs. The Capital/Gazette organization is one of the early adopters to deliver news online and we are there with them. 100% of Champion Realty's listings are advertised in The Capital's online news vehicle, -- a claim most companies can't make. We use strategically placed and animated banner ads to skim traffic off and bring it home to our website. Local news has moved online and Champion is there with The Capital/Gazette organization.

  8. Yard Signs Our distinctive signature Champion sign represents our commitment to excellence in everything we do. 410-975-3000 • Highly visible post signs • Advertises your property 24-7 • Champion is a strong signature brand • Synonymous with exceptional service • Second best way to attract buyer attention to your listing (after the internet) • Generate more awareness • More showings of your home

  9. M dot M dot. The Smart Phone version of a Brochure Box on the sign. When your listing is fighting for attention amongst all the other properties for sale, we put your information right at the point of sale - your front yard - with our Mobile website. Our smart phone application - - allows anyone with a Blackberry, iPhone, Treo, Palm or similar device access to a special version of the Champion Website optimized for speed and functionality on smart phones. Buyers driving by can get full marketing information on your property instantly and easily. Anywhere with cell phone service (and isn't that everywhere) buyers can access the full MLS through our We deliver buyers all the information they need for a buying decision right at your curb. M dot.

  10. 9 out of 10 consumers use the number one source of current information for buyers, the Internet, to find properties. is the website of choice for consumers • Easily searchable database of all active listings in real time in our market area • No required registration to access the search engine • Quick, basic and advanced searches make it easy for internet home buyers to find your listing • Showing Time allows Buyers to schedule an appointment on your listing online • Global exposure and easy access through our relocation portal • Buyers are instantly notified when your property’s price and features are matched with our “Buyer’s Wish List” database through Home Alert.

  11. A picture is worth a thousand…buyers The photos of your property tell a story and we make sure the right story is being told. According to the National Association of Realtors® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, photos and detailed property information were listed as the most useful features by buyers who used the Internet for their initial home searches. Let the World Tour Your Property Online • Multiple room and exterior photos of your property, posted to your listing on the Internet • Highlights all the outstanding features of your property • Differentiates your property from those marketed with a single photo

  12. Champion’s Internet Marketing Through List Hub, Homeservices and Leading RE we maximize your property’s exposure Locally, Nationally & Worldwide. We push your complete listing to over 250,000 websites around the world.

  13. Widgets, Blogging, Social Networking Widgets, Blogging and Social Networking. The Future is Now. The Internet is changing the way we communicate by allowing us to deliver more timely and targeted information than ever before. Widgets are interactive virtual tools that allow us to display little bits of changing information on a webpage. Think of a thermometer on your listing page showing the current temp. Blogging, (derived from Web Log) is sort of an online diary of thoughts of current relevance on a topic. We went one step further with the video blog site. It's a weekly update of the latest trends in real estate. Our agents watch it, and we invite our clients to view too as they proceed through the home selling process. Social Networking is the next frontier for selling real estate. It's a delicate balance to network without overt commercial promotion, but Champion is on the leading edge of this new media. No matter where the future takes us, Champion will be on the leading edge of appropriate technology.

  14. Trulia Ads The National Goliath and the Local David Just Partnered to Market Your Home on the Internet is the 800 pound Gorilla in the national real estate search engine space. They are the Yahoo® or Google® of Real Estate and truly a national Goliath. Champion Realty is the local David. Smart, fast, agile. We know our market. Combined, Champion and Trulia make a great marketing team. Trulia aims to be a delightfully smart partner for buyers when they are looking to buy a home. The smart part should help them find their dream home (or at least the dream home within their budget) and arm buyers with data and information about local real estate (without too much work). The delightful part keeps them coming back for more. Trulia's competitive difference over other national real estate websites is in understanding real estate trends at the local level. One look at their website and you will know what we mean. Champion has purchased screen real estate on Trulia's 'Search Results' page. No matter what a buyer is searching for, when the results come back there is a widget imbedded on the center-right that features Champion's listing inventory – A scrolling slide show of our available inventory in that zip code. When hundreds of listings are clamoring for a buyer's attention, your property will be right under their nose.

  15. ChampionRealty.TV & YouTube Viral Marketing - YouTube and ChampionRealty.TV 'Everybody' is watching YouTube today. All the 'eyeballs' are there, your property should be there too. We use a production company to write the script, narrate with professional voice-over talent, and produce a dynamic, but brief, YouTube video. All our listings are on ChampionRealty.TV and on itself. We have three web-based TV channels, designed around price breaks set at the different financing thresholds available for today's buyers: FHA/VA, Conventional and Jumbo. By forwarding a simple link, your YouTube video can be sent to anybody who has access to e-mail. We sell homes to the X and Y generations by marketing your property right where they are looking

  16. Your Champion Worldwide Relocation Team We take your listing worldwide! We offer you all the services you need to move across town or around the world. Our experienced relocation teams are available to provide the insight and information needed to provide out-of-area as well as local exposure. Champion is a proud member of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World™ so your listing is shared with inbound clients from 650 firms, 5,500 offices, and 160,000 sales associates. Coverage throughout the United States and in over 25 other countries through Paired with our powerful local marketing, this expanded exposure means more potential buyers will see your home in the critical early stage of the home search process. The largest network of Leading independent residential real estate firms, across the nation and around the world.

  17. Quality Print Marketing Program Sell Sheets • We produce professionally designed and printed brochures • On average a buyer looks at 30 properties in their home search • A quality marketing piece keeps your home top-of-mind Direct Mail Program • Over 100,000 first class mailings per month • Targeted demographic mailings to increase your property’s exposure • “Just Listed” mailings attract potential buyers for your home

  18. Centralized Showing System Champion gets more showings, more feedback and more efficiency using CSS, the nation’s number one showing appointment service, that schedules more than 15 million showings each year. • Easy to manage showings and feedback. Agents can schedule a showing by either dialing an 800 number, or on the web at • Accessible. CSS call center is open 33% longer than standard real estate offices and the web is open 24-7 for appointment scheduling. • Sellers are kept better informed about showings and feedback on their home. • Informative. Sellers receive phone calls, e-mail, or text messaging notifications of showing appointments. Easy-to-read feedback reports and comprehensive showing histories are available 24-7 online. • Efficient. Professional & courteous customer service representatives are dedicated to each appointment scheduling call. • Results. CSS properties are easier to show, resulting in increased exposure to more buyers and potentially a faster sale. Champion Has Simplified the Showing Process and made it Easier

  19. Marketing Reports Marketing without reports is like driving in the dark with no headlights. In a rapidly changing world, we need feedback from the market to know if we are on track. Through ListHub, we can track where are listings are being viewed, how frequently, and while not by specific individual, we can characterize the type of buyer looking at your listing. This tells us how Internet marketing is working. From our own website we are able to generate reports on Showing Time appointment requests and also monitor traffic viewing your property listing. Through CSS we are able to get feedback from agents who have shown your property to get detailed market intelligence about property condition and the list price. With good market research we are able to adapt the marketing plan to current demands and get your property sold.