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Tibet: Freedom in Exile

Tibet: Freedom in Exile. Tashi Delek!

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Tibet: Freedom in Exile

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  1. Tibet: Freedom in Exile Tashi Delek! Congratulations for selecting this presentation. This is produced with the help, guidance, prayers and blessings from the Friends of Tibet[http://www.friendsoftibet.org/] and of the Tibetan Government in Exile[http://www.tibet.net/]. By clicking on the icons on the left hand side you could easily log on to these sites. Join the friends of Tibet to join hands with the Tibetans in their struggle for their homeland. Appu John @ Creative Images. Vu3apu@yahoo.com Tibetan National Flag

  2. Freedom in Exile • The Tale of Tibet and its Ever Lasting Quest for Independence. • The Tale of a Human Race who are Resisting People’s Republic Of China. • The Tale of a Great Soul, who has given his Life to the Freedom of His Motherland. • The Tale of Freedom in Exile Tibet: The Mountain Kingdom

  3. A Land of Lamas, Lakes and Landscapes Tibet is one of the oldest civilisations that exist in the world. Perched in the bosom of the Himalayas it is the one and only place in the World ‘Buddhism’ as a religion was practiced properly. It is also the seat of the ‘Dalai Lama’ or the Ocean of Wisdom, the spiritual father of Buddhists all over the world. Once one of the most happiest lands in the world, but at present under the imperial rule of China. The Potala Palace: The seat of the Dalai Lama

  4. The Chinese Province The People’s Republic of China started its claim on Tibet from the very days of Chairman Mao Tsetung. In 1950, the People’s Liberation Army invaded Tibet and proclaimed the ‘Liberation of Tibet’. Till 1959 they made several hideous ideas to the rest of the world to hide their real motives. This became so intense in 1959 that many of the holy sites in Tibet were destroyed. It was during this time that the ‘Dalai Lama’ got political asylum in India. At the same time Peking issued a ‘cultural revolution’ to destroy the Tibetan culture. In 1965 Peking proclaims the creation of ‘Tibet Autonomous Region’, another set of lies claiming that Tibet was a prosperous land under them. What has started by Mao is continuing still to the regime of Jiang Zemin. Tourists on MIG fighter which was used to bomb the Lahasa city

  5. The Dalai Lama The word ‘Dalai Lama’ means ‘Ocean of Wisdom’. This name was given to the greatest of the Tibetan Lamas by a Mongolian King way back in the BCs. A Dalai Lama is believed to be the re- incarnation of his predecessors. Including the present one there had been all together 14 Dalai Lamas. Unlike the rest 13 Dalai Lamas it was the 14th one who gained much acceptance in the Global scene. He was awarded by many nations in respect of his efforts to keep peace and the upliftment of Tibetan culture. The greatest price in recognition to his efforts was the Nobel Peace Prize of 1989. The Dalai Lama has authored a number of books among them Freedom in Exile, stands different. It is his life history as well as the history of Tibet. If Tibet is ever free the Dalai Lama plans to make it a demilitarized, arms free, peace loving bio sphere. For more info click on to http://www.tibet.net/ or on the icon on top. His Holiness Tenzin Gyatso, XIVth Dalai Lama of Tibet

  6. Tibet on Communism Communism is one of the greatest ideologies all over the world. The sharing of wealth is a great theme. But unfortunately the reality is bitter always; the ideology always ends up as a dream-even in Communist China. The sickle and the hammer signifying the working class and the red colour signifying the blood of the martyrs………seeing these elite ideas of communism even HH the Dalai Lama too once wanted to join the Communist Party. HH says in his biography, Freedom in Exile. “I remain at a loss to explain how it happened, how the noble ideals of so many good men and women became transformed into senseless barbarity. Nor can I understand what motivated those people within the Chinese leadership who actively counselled the total destruction of the Tibetan race. It seems that China is a country which has lost its faith, as result of which the Chinese people have themselves, endured unspeakable misery --- all in the name of Communism.” This was what happened when people moved away from the true communist ideals and spirit. Instead they turned to the ways of the old emperors. Now Liberators=Emperors; all in the name of communism. For further information log on to http:\\www.friendsoftibet.org\ or on the icon on the left hand corner. Official Flag of the Communist Party all over the World

  7. The Chinese Effect on Tibet Tibet is the Buddhist world prior to the Chinese aggression. Once Tibet was a solemn state; without bothering any other nation. Tibet is now just a game reserve or an amusement park made by the Chinese. Many of the ancient monasteries and relics were bombarded by the PLA. Now the wild life and the pristine virgin forest too is at the verge of destruction. Tibet has now become the site for disposing Chinese nuclear waste. The people are made to practice un-conventional ways of agriculture causing the destruction of the arable land and causing famines. More over Rice/Wheat has taken over Barley, the staple food of Tibetans. For further information click on to the icon on the left hand side of the slide or on http:\\www.friendsoftibet.org\ Lahasa City

  8. Tibetan Government in Exile Unlike other forms of Governments, Tibet’s governmental structure is a three tire one. All governmental posts used to have a monk and a civilian head. The first and for most of them is the ‘Kashag’, similar to the cabinet or a body of seven elders/monks. The head of the Kashag is called Kalon Tripa. The two other bodies that come after the Kashag are ‘The Tibetan Supreme Justice Commission’ and ‘The Assembly of the Tibetan People's Deputies’. The aim of all these groups is to keep the Tibetan cause alive. The present head quarters of the Tibetan Government in Exile is at Dharmashala in India. For more information log on to the icon on the left hand side or to http://www.tibet.net/ The Kashang in Session with HH the Dalai Lama

  9. Why Should We Protest? Tibet is one of the issues most of the world’s powers have carefully ignored. So unlike the Palestine and Kashmir issues the Tibetan issue is not an ‘issue’ for most of us. Not to get the super power China’s displeasure most of our respective nations tend to say nothing on this respect. Many of the low cost Chinese articles that come to our markets are made at Tibetan labor camps or at Chinese Gulags/ maximum security prisons. This actually is not a good think because whenever we are keeping quiet the Tibetans are made to dwindle into a minority. So it is our turn to inform our respective nations t be with Tibet. Now China has crossed all sorts of limits and this should stop and it is now the duty of the whole humanity to provide Tibet a place in the societies. Why the Big Question

  10. Friends of Tibet Friends of Tibet (INDIA) is an effort by individuals from all over the world to help, preserve and spread awareness about the unique cultural and religious identity of the Tibetan people. Friends of Tibet (INDIA) believe that all the issues raised above are of a global nature — not only in terms of the principles involved but also in terms of their impact. We, therefore, call upon freedom-loving people everywhere to join hands with the Tibetan people. With your help ‘Tibet Can and Tibet Will Be Free’. For further info please log on to http://www.friendsoftibet.org/. or on the icon on top. Friends of Tibet National Committee with His Holiness the Dalai Lama

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