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pilgrims plymouth and the puritans n.
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Pilgrims, Plymouth and the Puritans PowerPoint Presentation
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Pilgrims, Plymouth and the Puritans

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Pilgrims, Plymouth and the Puritans
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Pilgrims, Plymouth and the Puritans

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  1. Pilgrims, Plymouth and the Puritans

  2. The Pilgrims • Unlike the settlers from Jamestown, the Pilgrims came for religious reasons. • They wanted religious freedom.

  3. The Pilgrims • They left England and fled to the Netherlands. • They found religious freedom but they didn’t like the Dutch.

  4. The Pilgrims • They made an arrangement with the Virginia Company and were to settle near Jamestown. • However, they were blown off course by wind and landed in present day Cape Cod in December of 1620.

  5. The Pilgrims • As soon as they landed, they realized they were outside of the Virginia Company’s lands and laws. • So they wrote their own called the Mayflower Compact.

  6. The Pilgrims • The Mayflower Compact was a promise that everyone would act in favor of the community and obey the laws set by the community.

  7. The Pilgrims • During the first winter, many Pilgrims died of disease, starvation and the cold. • In the Spring, some Native Americans came to help the Pilgrims.

  8. Help from Squanto and the Native Americans • Squanto and Samoset befriended the Pilgrims and helped teach them to survive. • They grew corn, beans, pumpkins and learned to hunt and fish.

  9. Help from Squanto and the Native Americans • They also helped the Pilgrims make a treaty with the Native American tribe in the area.

  10. The First Thanksgiving • In the fall of 1621, the Pilgrims invited the Native Americans to celebrate the peace between them. • This feast was the first Thanksgiving.

  11. The Puritans • In 1625, Charles I became king of England. • He objected to the Puritans called to reform the church.

  12. The Puritans • So in 1629, the Puritans established the Massachusetts Bay Company, received a Charter to start a colony and sailed to North America.

  13. The Puritans • John Winthrop agreed to be the governor of the colony and they settled in a place called Boston. • During the 1630’s more than 15,000 more Puritans would travel to Boston.

  14. Government • John Winthrop helped establish the colony’s laws. • In 1634 settlers would become members of an elected General Court.

  15. Government • Only male members of the church were allowed to vote for the colony governor. • And in later years, voters were required to own property as well.

  16. Government • While the Puritans came to North America so they could practice their religion, they did not tolerate other religions.

  17. Government • They persecuted those who believed differently than they did. • This would help drive the founding of new colonies.