preparing for careers in business it cis major and it minor l.
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Preparing for Careers in Business-IT: CIS Major and IT Minor PowerPoint Presentation
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Preparing for Careers in Business-IT: CIS Major and IT Minor

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Preparing for Careers in Business-IT: CIS Major and IT Minor - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Preparing for Careers in Business-IT: CIS Major and IT Minor. CIS Presents Prof. Jennifer Xu November 6, 2007. Myths about IT Jobs. IT professionals work alone

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Preparing for Careers in Business-IT: CIS Major and IT Minor

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preparing for careers in business it cis major and it minor

Preparing for Careers in Business-IT: CIS Major and IT Minor

CIS Presents

Prof. Jennifer Xu

November 6, 2007

myths about it jobs
Myths about IT Jobs
  • IT professionals work alone
    • They do not – a major part of an information system specialist’s job is to understand what others do in business and how information systems can help them do their jobs better
    • Most IT work is teamwork these days – even programming
  • IT professionals only talk to computers
    • Good communication skills are a critically important requirement for IT professionals
  • All IT jobs are moving overseas
    • Only the most boring and repetitive tasks are systematically being moved to lower-cost locations – you wouldn’t want these jobs, anyway
myths about it jobs3
Myths about IT Jobs
  • I’m interested in business – why should I care about technology
    • Information technology is the engine of every modern business
  • There will be others who understand technology and will take care of it – I don’t need to
    • IT decisions are too critical to be entirely delegated to technology experts – as a business leader, you need to understand what you want to achieve with technology
  • IT is boring
    • As an IT professional, you solve critically important business problems – do you really think this is boring?
ten best jobs in america
Ten Best Jobs in America
  • Software Engineer
  • College Professor
  • Financial Adviser
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Physician Assistant
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Computer IT Analyst
  • Real Estate Appraiser
  • Pharmacist
  • Psychologist

Source: Money Magazine and

software engineer
Software Engineer
  • “Why it's great: Software engineers are needed in virtually every part of the economy, making this one of the fastest-growing job titles in the U.S.”
  • 10-year growth: 46%
  • Average annual new job openings: 44,800

Source: Money Magazine and

computer it analyst
Computer IT Analyst
  • “Why it's great: Seems like the entire world is at the mercy of information technology folks, thanks to the rapid spread of computers and swell of the Internet. And all of these jobs pay well, from desktop support technician to Webmaster to database wonk.”
  • 10-year growth: 36%
  • Average annual new job openings: 67,300

Source: Money Magazine and

an interesting fact
An Interesting Fact
  • 7 out of 10 fastest growing professions in 2004-14 (according to the U.S. Department of Labor) are in IT
bentley fact
Bentley Fact
  • In 2006, the CIS major had the second highest average starting salary: $51,500
  • What about 2007?
business it programs at bentley
Business-IT Programs at Bentley
  • CIS Major
    • This major prepares you for a successful business career as a technology expert
    • Allows you to provide immediate value for your employer by integrating business and technology into business solutions
    • Focuses on application development, IT infrastructure, data management, and modeling with the intent to create high-value adding business solutions
business it programs at bentley13
Business-IT Programs at Bentley
  • CIS Major
    • Jobs: Business analyst, systems analyst, information architect, application architect, software developer, IT consultant, IT risk analyst
    • Forms an excellent foundation for a versatile long-term business career
start the cis major with these
Start the CIS Major With These
  • CS150 Introduction to Data and Information Management
  • CS180 Programming Fundamentals
  • CS240 Business Processing and Communications Infrastructure
  • Take these as early as possible – CS150 and one of the others can be used toward the minor if you decide not to continue the major
  • The entire major consists of eight courses
two additional required courses in the cis major
Two Additional Required Courses in the CIS Major
  • Data management: CS350
  • Systems analysis & design: CS360
electives for cis majors select three
Electives for CIS Majors: Select Three
  • Object-oriented systems development: CS280
  • Software development for the Web: CS380
  • IT infrastructure: CS440
  • Software project management: CS460
  • Infrastructure management/Linux: CS420
  • Internship: CS421
business it programs at bentley18
Business-IT Programs at Bentley
  • IT Minor
    • An excellent combination with any major
    • Strengthens your value for prospective employers in any profession
    • Improves your skills in data and systems analysis and business problem solving
    • Helps you understand how technology can be used in your area(s) of expertise
the minor has these courses
The Minor Has These Courses
  • CS150 Introduction to Data and Information Management
  • CS213 World Wide Web
  • CS359 Business Information Systems Analysis & Design
  • CS476 E-Business Infrastructure and Policy
it minor
IT Minor


Intro to Data and

Information Mgmt



E-business Infrastructure

and Policy


World Wide Web




Bus Info Systems

Analysis & Design


another excellent business it opportunity
Another Excellent Business-IT Opportunity
  • Our graduate MSIT program as a five-year program
  • Combine depth in IT with any major and earn a Master’s in a year after your undergraduate degree

As a CIS professional, you can work anywhere

  • in the world for any kind of an organization.
  • You can choose from a variety of fields, such as:
    • Consulting
    • Public accounting
    • Information technology
    • Aerospace
    • Insurance
    • Energy
    • Security
    • Finance

Graduates build successful careers as:

  • Consultants
  • Business analysts
  • Financial analysts
  • Systems analysts
  • I/S analysts
  • Technology and risk assurance auditors
  • Network administrator
  • Software quality assurance engineer
to sign up for cis
To Sign Up for CIS
  • For the major or minor
    • See Prof. Doug Robertson in SMI 415 (
  • Visit to sign up via the web
  • Unofficially – Enroll in a course, see how you like it
welcome to cis
Welcome to CIS!
  • It builds a great foundation for a long-term business career
  • It will help you understand the core of modern business
  • It’s fun, interesting, and exciting!
  • The jobs pay well