careers in textile chemistry l.
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Careers in Textile Chemistry

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Careers in Textile Chemistry - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Careers in Textile Chemistry. Kevin Tomasko. What is Textile Chemistry?. Textile Chemistry applies the principles of basic chemical fields to the understanding of textile materials and their modification into useful and desirable items.

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what is textile chemistry
What is Textile Chemistry?
  • Textile Chemistry applies the principles of basic chemical fields to the understanding of textile materials and their modification into useful and desirable items.
  • Textile materials are used in clothing, carpet, tire yarn, sewing thread, upholstery, airbags, etc.
what does a textile chemist do
What Does a Textile Chemist Do?
  • A textile chemists spend their entire career working with textile materials.
  • This involves the dyeing, printing, and finishing of textiles using chemicals such as dyes, surfactants, fire retardants, fluorochemicals, detergents, fiber fabric lubricants, etc.
where can a textile chemist find a job
Where can a Textile Chemist find a Job?
  • Textile chemists must be ready to move overseas because chemists are employed globally by chemical companies that manufacture the basic polymer from which synthetic fibers are made.
  • In the 1980’s many major US textile companies moved overseas in search of cheap labor.
  • Today, many textiles of the world come from countries like Turkey, China, India, and Pakistan
personal characteristics of a textile chemist
Personal Characteristics of a Textile Chemist.
  • Textile Chemists are generally people interested in the intersection between chemistry and the kind of engineering that goes into textile marketing.
  • They enjoy the modification and improvement of basic polymers and like using their knowledge of materials to solve problems.
the future in textile chemistry
The future in Textile Chemistry
  • The job outlook is much more promising internationally than it is in the US, although significant positions for bright students still exist today.
  • Jobs at dye companies are harder to find - although most have moved overseas, there are still a few US-basses companies.
what it takes to be a textile chemist
What it takes to be a Textile Chemist.
  • Although a number of schools specialize in textile chemistry, a textile degree is not a prerequisite for a job in the field. Many chemists in the field have been trained as polymer chemists.
  • Important courses of study include organic, analytical, and colloid chemistry
  • Textile chemistry is a highly competitive field, and an M.S. or Ph.D. degree is very valuable as a potential employee.
additional information and references
Additional Information and References.
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