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My Unit Plan

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My Unit Plan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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My Unit Plan By Ann Henry Analyze Learners Five and Six year old children Grade level is Kindergarten Some students will have graduated from pre-school All others will be starting school for the first time WV Content Standards

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My Unit Plan

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my unit plan

My Unit Plan

By Ann Henry

analyze learners
Analyze Learners
  • Five and Six year old children
  • Grade level is Kindergarten
  • Some students will have graduated from pre-school
  • All others will be starting school for the first time
wv content standards
WV Content Standards
  • SS.K.4.4-name the four seasons and describe the characteristics of each season.
  • SS.K.4.5-name types of weather, describe the characteristics of each type, and describe what people wear in different types of weather.
  • SS.K.1.3-identify the need for rules and the consequences for breaking rules and how to resolve disagreements peacefully. 
more wv content and standards
More WV Content and Standards
  • SS.K.2.1-explain why rules are important and participate in developing rules. 
  • SS.K.4.2-demonstrate knowledge of left/right, up/down, near/far and above/under using locations on a map or picture.
  • SS.K.4.3-identify community symbols (e.g., traffic signs, traffic lights, street and highway markers) and map symbols (e.g., legend references to land, water, roads and cities). 
material and media


     Construction paper


     Heavy coat


     Light jacket


     Pictures of street signs

      Paints-red, blue, green, yellow, purple

      Paint smocks

      Paint brushes

      Pictures of animals

Material and Media
day one
Day One
  • Discuss the term, Geography.
  • Introduce the summer season and discuss different ways to dress in this time of year.
  • Students will tell their favorite thing about summer and color a picture to post around the room.

Day Two

  • Start lesson with a leaf hunt. 
  • Discuss ways we know when fall is approaching.
  • Students will draw a picture about this season and make a leaf to hang around the room.
day three
Day Three
  • The students will be learning about winter and the different characteristics of this season.
  • We will get online to build a virtual snowman.
  • The students will make their own snowflakes to hang from the ceiling in our room.

Day Four

  • The season discussed today is spring. 
  • We will talk about all of the new animals being born in the spring. 
  • The students will paint flowers that bloom in spring.
  • We will hang pictures of flowers the students will make throughout the room, with the other seasons the students have created, so they can see and understand that there are differences throughout the year. 
day five
Day Five
  • I will introduce street signs and what they mean.
  • The students will look at pictures of different street signs.
  • The class will play a game of red light, green light. 

Day Six

  • We will discuss rules and why we should follow them.
  • The class will analyze the consequences that we face when we do not follow the rules in our environment.
  • A police officer will come and talk to the students about the importance of following rules in and out of school.
day seven
Day Seven
  • Instead of rules of the environment, I am going to introduce the rules of a map to the students.
  • The students will log onto a website that they can look at together that has a kid-friendly map that they can understand.
  • I will give them different things to look for on this map so they can learn the concept of reading a map.
  • The students will draw their own map and make up a story to go along with it.
evaluate and revise
Evaluate and Revise
  • The students will be evaluated on the participation that they show in class. 
  • There will be points awarded for smiling faces, meaning a good attitude, and for doing all assignments and turning them in on time. 
  • There will be points given for neatness when doing crafts and drawing activities.