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MGT 5000
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MGT 5000

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  1. MGT 5000 Seminar in Management

  2. Objective • This seminar is designed to provide: • An overview of the MGT 6500 MBA capstone course requirements • Describe MBA Thesis Option • Describe Strategic Planning Course Option

  3. Overview of the MGT 6500 • MGT 6500 is the culminating course in MBA program • Three years ago, this course required a directed thesis • Now, the course offers a choice: • A Thesis Option • A Strategic Planning Course Option

  4. Overview of the MGT 6500 • In both option, students enroll in MGT 6500 after completing all MBA course work • However, for the thesis option, they are strongly encouraged to explore possible thesis topic early on • This course is intended to provide that encouragement and information

  5. Overview of the MGT 6500 • Course Option • Complete required course work • Enroll in MGT 6500 • Get briefed on strategic planning problem • Work within a group to build comprehensive Strategic plan • Final presentation • Submit solution to individual cases Thesis Option • Complete required course work • Submit a thesis proposal • Organize a 3 faculty committee • Select an advisor • Work with your committee members • Submit your final draft • Defend your thesis

  6. The Thesis Option • Allows you to focus on a particular research question of your choice and become an expert on the topic • Allows you to work independently with flexible work hours • Allows you to read broadly and become a analytical researcher and thinker

  7. The Thesis Option • Allows you to write your findings in a coherent, formal style • Allows you to take advantage of a committee of advisors in shaping and providing feedback to your work • It’s common to write joint paper for professional or scholarly journals based on your research findings

  8. The Thesis Option • Allows you to research on topic of passion, public policy, business strategy • Allows you to employ research techniques including synthesis, survey, interview, data collection and interpretation

  9. The Thesis Option • The final outcome of the thesis option is to produce a secondary research • A synthesis of ideas, information and theories to provide insight on a focused topic • Based upon research and understanding of numerous primary and secondary researches • Presented in a standard method and writing style

  10. MBA Research Paper Your Originality • Selection of the topic • Selection of information • Evaluation and synthesis • Conclusion and recommendation

  11. MBA Research Paper Resources: • Existing primary research • Well documented and widely accepted body of knowledge • Authoritative seminal books and papers • Census data, GDP data, unemployment data • Sales data, profit and revenue, market share • Existing secondary research • Newspaper report and editorial • Internet resources

  12. Primary Research Knowledge based upon first hand observation and investigation Examples: • Controlled experiments • Results based upon Surveys and Opinions • Original historical documents • Literary and creative writings • Analysis statistical data and findings

  13. Secondary Research Researches that uses primary research to gain a particular insight Examples: • Books • Academic Scholarly Journals • Policy Papers • Political and Business Articles

  14. Creative Elements Creative elements in secondary research: • Selection of Quality sources: • Primary • Secondary • Synthesis: • Organization of materials • Presentation of ideas • Logical persuasion: deductive and inductive reasoning • Arguments based on Evidence • Recommendations based on arguments

  15. Area of Research • Health • Crime • Education • Environment • Religion • Art and Culture • Corporate Justice • Corporate social Responsibility • Executive Pay International business Regulations Risk Management New Business Economics Politics Profitability Strategy Rivalry Market Efficiency gains Production Organizational structure Distribution Cost and Benefit Impact Study

  16. Content • Title of the research paper title page.pdf • Signature page signature page.pdf • Abstract abstract.pdf • Overview overview.pdf • Problem statement problem statement.pdf • Sub-problems subproblem.pdf

  17. Content 6. Conclusion and Recommendationconclusion.pdf • Appendices appendix.pdf • Bibliography bibliography.pdf

  18. Topic Selection • Important Ingredients • You must like it (actually love it) • Help achieve your career goals • Personal experience, engagement and attachment • Manageable • Too broad or universal: too much information • Too narrow or localized: too little information

  19. Example • Too Broad Topic • The International Business Environment • Too Narrow Topic • Steps to Cross US-Canada Border • Appropriate • The Impact of NAFTA on US-Canada Bilateral Trade Volume

  20. Topic Selection Characteristics of a Good Topic: • Focused and Appropriately narrow • Available of Primary and Secondary research • Topical and Timely • Valuable to a Larger Audience • If possible, Arguments are Supported by Evidence (Data) • Achievable within the Timeframe

  21. Topic Selection Suggestions from an MBA Coordinator • Choose a topic you love • Pick something your advisor finds interesting and is knowledgeable about • Pick a topic that will be helpful in your career path • Find a topic that establishes your niche in your field • Choose research that is unique • Pick a topic that you already have some expertise about • Pick a manageable topic

  22. Topic Selection Three Steps: 1. Exploration of Idea, Concept or information Financial crisis, Recession, Executive compensation 2. Key Research Question Does compensation policy encourage increased risk taking? 3. Thesis statements Impact of corporate compensation structure on risk taking behavior of executives

  23. Topic Selection Steps: 1. Exploration of Idea, Concept and Interest Parental involvement in school activities, School performance, Student learning 2. Formation of Key Research Question Does parental involvement improve a child's learning? 3. Thesis Statements Parental involvement in elementary school can help students reach academic success

  24. Topic Selection Steps: 1. Exploration of Idea, Concept and Interest Sports, Violence, Compensation, Fame, Lifestyle 2. Formation of Key Research Question Are professional athletes more violent than the average male? • Thesis Statements Factors that contribute to a higher than average rate of violence among professional athletes.

  25. Group Exercise

  26. Exercise 1:Formation of Research Question Formulate two Key Research Questions from each of the following broad topics: • Corporate crime • Government regulation • Credit crunch • Financial bailout • Federal stimulus • High Unemployment • Healthcare reform • Auto bailout • US federal deficit • Gender in business • Don’t ask don’t tell policy • Corporate tax rate

  27. Exercise 2Thesis Statement Construct ONE Thesis Statement from Each Area • The International Business Environment • Human Resource Management • Ethics in Management • Organizational Behavior • Production and Operations Management • Marketing, Political and Legal Environment • Legal Environment in Business

  28. Exercise 3Critic Provide two critics of each • Research Question and • Thesis Statement of other Group • How can you modify or improve

  29. Keywords Think of 5 keywords you might use to look for information on each. • How does air quality effect our health? • What are the barriers to trade in the US? • Should government limit corporate compensation? • How can welfare reform help poor children? • Why is the healthcare reform necessary? • How to help small business?

  30. Assignment for Next Week • Develop a three page synopsis of a research paper that you may write in fulfillment of the MGT 6600. Include the Following: • Title • Abstract • Problem Statement (state briefly) • Sub-Problem (state briefly) • Contributions you expect to make to the existing knowledge • Literature Review (Possible reading lists)