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World Music

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World Music. The Javanese Gamelan. Four Instruments of the Javanese Gamelan (percussion orchestra). Gender Kendang Gong Ageng Bonang. The Gender. The gender is an Indonesian instrument similar to the xylophone and uses a row of tuned bronze bars.

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world music

World Music


Javanese Gamelan

four instruments of the javanese gamelan percussion orchestra
Four Instruments of the Javanese Gamelan (percussion orchestra)
  • Gender
  • Kendang
  • Gong Ageng
  • Bonang
the gender
The Gender
  • The gender is an Indonesian instrument similar to the xylophone and uses a row of tuned bronze bars.
  • It is used to decorate the tune in gamelan music.
  • The bronze bars are played with two mallets and the sound is stopped by pressing the little finger or heel of the hand on the bars.
the kendang
The Kendang
  • The Kendang is a double headed barrel drum from Indonesia.
  • The Kendang player is the director of the Gamelan.
  • Gamelan music often changes speed, so the Kendang player signals the tempo, style and starting and finishing points of the different sections of music to the rest of the orchestra.
the gong ageng
The Gong Ageng
  • There are three different gongs in the Gamelan.
  • The Suwakan, the Kempul and the Gong Ageng
  • They are suspended from a decorated, carved wooden frame.
  • The deepest sounding gong is called the Gong Ageng
the bonang
The Bonang
  • The Bonangs, or gong chimes, are important instruments of the traditional Gamelan.
  • The Bonang is played with two wooden beaters.
  • The Bonang does not usually play the main tune; instead it plays patterns of quick notes that decorate the melody.