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EME 2016 – Venice Italy PowerPoint Presentation
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EME 2016 – Venice Italy

EME 2016 – Venice Italy

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EME 2016 – Venice Italy

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  1. EME 2016 – VeniceItaly

  2. EME Conference 2016 – VeniceItaly Venice, one of the mostromantic and evocative cities in the world. A truegem, gentlylaid down on a beautiful lagoon on the northernadriaticsea. In the heart of the legendaryMost Serene Republic, or Serenissima, with itscharacteristicbridges, spanning on the canalsnavigatedby gondolas, itsmonuments, churches and architecture, youwillfind a treasure of history, arts, flavoursand warmpeople ready to greetyou. Veniceisalwaysworth a visit and offers a wide choice of interests and activities, any time of the year

  3. EME Conference 2016 – VeniceItaly Venice, capital of the Veneto regionlay on a group of 118 islandsseparated by canals and linked by bridges. Itissurrounded by a shallowlagoonconnected to the sea. The whole city, aswellasitslagoon are listedas World Heritage Site. Itisone of the mostimportanttouristdestinations in the world, with lots of attractions, major events, and aboveallitis a living museum. Ittakesonly a light strolltroughitsnarrowstreets and squares to feel strong the history, to spot incrediblebuildings and to have a goodbiteatone of the manylocal bistrots.

  4. EME Conference 2016 – VeniceItaly The OrganizingcommitteepresentsVeniceas a mostvaluable candidate for the next EME Conference in 2016. The conference location willmostlikely be the Laguna Palace, a 4 stars hotel in the mainland city center, butclose and easilyconnected to the historic city center on the lagoon. The hotel has 355 rooms with all the usualamenities, an excellentrestaurant and a conference center with a 750 seats auditorium, and plenty of spaces for display purposes, side meetings or technicalmeasurements. The conference site islocated in the proximity of the lagoon, a 10 minswalkaway from the high speedtrain station, a 10 mins drive from the International Marco Polo Airport, and 30 minsaway from the Treviso RegionalAirport (Ryan Air base). Not far from the hotel there are plenty of restaurants, for every budget, oriental, pizza houses, pubs and goodfishrestaurants.

  5. EME Conference 2016 – VeniceItaly The Organizingcommitteewill work in closetouch with the Florence 2008 EME Conference organizers, and the 2016 Conference would be conducted in a similar way. We are alreadyworking to ensure a pleasant stay, with a selection of activities for the attendants and theirYLs. The programwillspanthrough the conference days and a little more for thosewhowouldlike to stay for a whilelonger. The Veneto regionoffers so manyattractionsitwould be hard to describethemallherebut, as an appetizer, we are planning among the rest to do a sightseeing tour of Venice, a trip to Verona, the Romeo and Juliet City, a winetastingexperience, and possibly a shot to the mighty Dolomiti mountains.

  6. EME Conference 2016 – VeniceItaly So that’sit. Wehope to hostyou in Venice in 2016! ThankYou for your vote!