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Smoking in Greece PowerPoint Presentation
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Smoking in Greece

Smoking in Greece

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Smoking in Greece

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  1. Smoking in Greece Panagiotis K Behrakis, MD, PhD(McGill), FCCP University of Athens Harvard School of Public Health

  2. Percentage of the population 15+ that are daily smokers


  4. Hellenic Air Monitoring Study: Wave 1 STUDY IDENTITY: Estimation of exposure to SHS in 150 hospitality venues in 5 cities (Athens - Thessalonica-Larissa-Heraklion-Serres). VENUES: Café’s, bars, clubs, restaurants, betting parlours DURATION: April - May 2010 METHOD: A TSI SidePak AM510 Personal Aerosol Monitor was used to sample and record the levels of fine particles in the air. The SidePak uses a built-in sampling pump to draw air through the device and the particulate matter in the air scatters the light from a laser to assess the real-time concentration of particles less than 2.5 μm in micrograms per cubic meter, or PM2.5. Calibration methods are then applied.

  5. STUDY IDENTITY: Acute effect of exposure to passive smoking in Fractional exhaled Nitric Oxide (FeNO) and the Respiratory resistance in 15 healthy non- smoker adults. Behrakis et al 2010. METHODS: FeNO measurement with chemiluminescence analyzer and estimation of central and peripheral respiratoryresistance by Impulse Oscillation Technique (IOS) before and immediately, after 30 min of exposure to experimentally controlled conditions of passive smoking. Central respiratory resistance[kPa/( L/s)] before (0,18 ± 0,03) and after (0,22 ± 0,03 smoking. p=0,047 Peripheral respiratory resistance[[kPa/( L/s)] before (0,21 ± 0,04) and after (0,29 ± 0,06) smoking..p=0,038 FeNO [ppb](15,34 ± 1,38 ) and after (11,15 ± 1,21) smoking. p<0,001 CONCLUSION: Short-term exposure to passive smoking conditions is sufficient to affect Respiratory System Defence and Mechanics.

  6. Duration: 3 years, 2010-2013 Participants: Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity of Greece Ministry of Education Life long learning and Religious Affairs of Greece Harvard School of Public Health Hellenic Cancer Society Principal Investigators: G Connolly – P Behrakis Funding: George D Behrakis Foundation, Boston HEART HEllenic Action for Research against Tobacco

  7. HEART Hellenic Action for Research against Tobacco A: Capacity Building and Training • Health professional and academic training workshops • Media and company employee training workshops • Behrakis Fellowship in Tobacco Control at HSPH B: Developing a National Science Base in Tobacco Control • Medical research on the effects of active and passive smoking • Smoking attributable morbidity, mortality and economic costs • Indoor air quality and second-hand smoke exposure • Measurement of second-hand smoke exposure of adults and children • Smoking prevalence in Greece • Children’s exposure to cigarette advertising • Impact of smoking bans on attitudes, beliefs, and behavior • Evaluation of legislation prohibiting sales of tobacco products to minors • Designing the ideal anti-tobacco educational media messages for youth • Tobacco Economics and Greece: Taxation, Smoking Attributable Costs • National Loss of Wealth to Foreign Countries C: Developing the Comprehensive Plan for Tobacco Control in Greece. D: Health Communication Campaign, Public Information, and Mass Media E: Monitoring of the Implementation of Tobacco Control Legislation F: Capacity Building and Sustainability