what is more important character or personality n.
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What is more Important_ Character or Personality PowerPoint Presentation
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What is more Important_ Character or Personality

What is more Important_ Character or Personality

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What is more Important_ Character or Personality

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  2. Character • Character refers to the sums of individual qualities that a person has which differentiates him/her from others. • Character is simply a unique set of mental and moral qualities. • Character is something which comes from within and is often long lived. • A character takes far longer to figure out. It incorporates attributes that uncover themselves just in explicit—and regularly phenomenal—conditions, characteristics like genuineness, excellence, and generosity.

  3. Unexpectedly, research has demonstrated that character qualities are resolved to a great extent by heredity and are generally changeless. • The seemingly increasingly significant qualities of character, then again, are progressively changing—however, not without great effort. • Character attributes, instead of character qualities, depend on convictions (e.g., that trustworthiness and treating others well is significant—or not), and however convictions can be changed, it’s far more difficult than most figure it out.

  4. Personality • Personality is the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive persona. • Personality is easier to read through, and we’re all specialists at it. We judge individuals as interesting, outgoing, vivacious, hopeful, certain—just as excessively genuine, sluggish, negative, and timid—if not at that instance but after some point of time. • However, we may require more than one communication to affirm the nearness of these sorts of traits, when we conclude they are, truth be told, present we’ve ordinarily done enough information to legitimize our decisions.

  5. Personality Character • Collection of cognitive abilities, behaviours, beliefs, ideologies, attitudes etc. • Easy to identify a person’s personality traits by observing the physical conduct. • Especially refers to the outward behaviours and the impression created on others. • Significant in defining the type of person he/she is • Moral attributes or qualities. • To identify one’s character, we have to observe him/her for some time • Especially refers to the moral and ethical conduct of an individual. • Important in the overall behavioural patterns in a person.

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