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Your Character and Personality PowerPoint Presentation
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Your Character and Personality

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Your Character and Personality - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Your Character and Personality
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  1. Your Character and Personality Ms. MacLean FAM621 February 2012

  2. Character • Character: the personal qualities and features that guide our decisions, tell of the kind of person we are, and keep us steady in a life of uncertainty. • If your friends, family, and teachers were to describe you, what would they say?

  3. Your Personality • Personality: is the sum of all characteristics that make a person unique. • The word “personality” is derived from the Greek word “persona,” which means mask. • Personality is seen by others as a total impression of who a person is.

  4. Personality Traits • Extroverts: like to be around people and communicate with them. • Introverts: find satisfaction in being alone. They do not require as much interaction as extroverts do. • Most people are a blend of extroversion and introversion.

  5. Personality Traits • Are you an introvert or an extrovert? • Do you have certain personality traits depending on the situation or event? • Under what circumstances are you an extrovert? An introvert?

  6. Personality vs. Character • What is the difference between a personality and a character? • Challenge: Look at yourself and try to identify 5 character traits and 5 personality traits.

  7. The Mask The Mask - Transformation

  8. The Mask I Wear By: Anonymous

  9. The Mask I Wear • Read “The Mask I Wear” • The word “personality” is derived from the Greek word “persona,” which means mask. • Assignment • On the outside of the paper plate, create your outer persona (the one which you show to others). • On the inside of the paper plate, display your inner self (the one which people do not see).

  10. The Mask I Wear • You must include a 1 page written description of your mask. • Use these as guiding questions: • How does your mask correspond with the personality assessments we did in class? • How is your mask an accurate (or inaccurate) reflection of your personality and character. • Discuss social emotional learning (Triple S – Double R) in relation to your personality and character. • Have you learned anything, thus far in FAM621? • What are you trying to show on your mask?