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Personal Safety Advice

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Personal Safety Advice
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Personal Safety Advice

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  1. Not Protectively Marked Personal Safety Advice Compiled by DC Jeremy House States of Jersey Police Last Updated 03/02/2011

  2. Not Protectively Marked Personal Safety Advice Personal safety means looking after yourself. There are no set rules, just guidelines. The fear of crime is far greater than the actual threat and the chances of suffering an attack are small. It’s important to have a safety plan, by thinking ahead you can reduce some of the risk. Be aware of your surroundings, use your instincts, if you feel you are in danger leave the situation as quickly as possible.

  3. Not Protectively Marked • When on Foot • Walk quickly with a confident, purposeful stride. • Stay in the centre of the footpath, facing oncoming traffic and look straight ahead. • Be aware of the location - if you sense danger then act quickly. • Avoid eye contact and cross the road to avoid getting into a confrontational position. • Don’t walk around with your mp3 on – it limits your hearing. • Don’t flash money, be careful with your cell phone, don’t wear jewellery. • Be aware at cash machines – look behind you before taking your money out. • Watch your bags – carry them close to your body. • Don’t label keys with your name, address, vehicle registration or make of vehicle. • Security Marking – Burglary Packs available at the Police Station • Three elements to a crime Motivated offender • Opportunity • Victim Personal Safety Advice

  4. Not Protectively Marked • Cars • Keep valuables out of sight. • Make sure your car is in a fit state for your journey with sufficient petrol. • Know where you are going, plan route to reduce risk of being lost in dodgy areas. • Do not keep driving documents in the car. Personal Safety Advice

  5. Not Protectively Marked • Car parks • Reverse in so you can drive straight out when you return). If car park is staffed, park as close as you can to the attendant • Make anote of where you parked so you can return directly to your car. • Park close to lights / well lit areas. Think how the area will look at night - would you want to return to your car in the dark? • Return to car in pairs / groups. • Have keys ready as you approach the vehicle. • Check back seat before opening the door. • Get in, lock doors and drive away promptly. Personal Safety Advice

  6. Not Protectively Marked In General • Keep your phone on and charged. • Keep some 'emergency' money. • Spread valuables around body. Avoid keeping everything in one place / bag - what happens if it is stolen / lost? • If you are attacked, hand over items. Make lots of noise and move to a busy area ASAP. Call 612612 or 999 with description ASAP. • If you decide to fight back (not advised) you may use 'reasonable force' to defend yourself and your property. Personal Safety Advice

  7. Not Protectively Marked Summary If someone is becoming agitated or aggressive, don’t crowd them. Invading someone’s personal space will only make them more uptight and defensive and therefore more likely to become violent. If you see someone else being attacked, it is not always the best idea to rush over to help as this could escalate the problem and you too could end up being attacked. It may be better to stand back at a safe distance and call loudly for help and use your mobile to phone the police. Seeing what you are doing should stop the attacker, whilst leaving you safe. Report any incident as soon as possible. You may save someone else. Never assume it won’t happen to you. Nobody is invincible. Even though the risks are slight, they are there – so think about your personal safety and don’t become another victim. Personal Safety Advice

  8. Not Protectively Marked Personal Safety Advice Thank You If you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me:- DC 300 Jeremy House Crime Reduction Officer States of Jersey Police PO Box 789 Rouge Bouillon, St Helier Jersey JE4 8ZD Tel 01534 612345 Fax 01534 612756