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Personal Safety

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Personal Safety
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  1. Personal Safety Schools Involvement Unit Youth Crime Reduction Office

  2. Looking after yourself Avoiding trouble Planning for danger What is Personal Safety ?

  3. Out alone (especially at night) Home alone / Baby sitting On public transport Social evenings out Going abroad When might I be in danger? What affects your thinking? • Drink or drugs affect judgement • Meeting people from internet chat rooms

  4. If someone calls - Don’t say you are alone. Don’t open door to strangers, talk through window or door. Have your parents check out people who want you to work for them. Home Alone/Baby sitting

  5. On the bus/tube/train - sit near driver or family groups. Be discrete with mobile phones etc. Try to travel with people you know. Use a pre booked minicab or licensed cab. Going Places

  6. MARK IT! RECORD SERIAL No. BE DISCRETE IN PUBLIC Figures show that the majority of theft on school age children are for mobile phones Keep yours safe *#06# *#06# *#06#

  7. Plan your route Walk where it’s safe (near people) If you are followed, find someone you can trust(shop, family house, mixed group of people ) Walk briskly Look confident Walking home

  8. Walk against the flow of traffic Keep away from car doors If you are followed go where people are Keep out of unlit alleys and streets If someone tries to force you into a car, do everythingyou can to prevent this. Car following you?

  9. Man in court over 1968 murder Monday, 26 February, 2001 65-year-old Brian Field was jailed for life at the Old Bailey after he admitted strangling to death schoolboy Roy Tutill in 1968. The body of the Kingston Grammar School pupil was found three days after he disappeared on 23 April, 1968, while hitch-hiking home from school. It was discovered in woods in Surrey. "When you take into account his previous criminal history, it leaves you in no doubt what a danger he poses to society and in particular, to young boys." Field, a loner with previous convictions for attacking boys, is believed by detectives to have been one of Britain's most dangerous paedophiles. He was trapped only after a tiny speck of DNA was matched to him when he was stopped by police for drink-driving in the Midlands.

  10. Dress down. See what other people wear! Stay with friends Tell people what your plans are Take the best advice before you go anywhere you’re not sure about Going Abroad

  11. P is for Prepare L is for Look confident and Let someone know where you are. A is for Avoid risks and be Aware of what’s going on around you. N is for Never assume it’s safe and for Not losing control of the situation P.L.A.N. Gone with… Be back at 8 Phone No.

  12. Safe Surfing Schools Involvement Unit Youth Crime Reduction Office

  13. General Computer Use • Only use Computers for agreed purposes • Keep to School agreements. • Keep your passwords secret. • Keep your messages civil.

  14. e-mails • E-mails are stored by service • providers. • They can be traced. • If racist or threatening… • there may be Offences. • Service providers have a duty to • help police. I think you are a…

  15. NEVER EVER give:- Your last name Address Phone number or School details… … on line. Safe Surfing

  16. NEVER EVER:- Meet someone offline. You don’t know who they are! a Child or an Adult ? Tell someone if you don’t like anything online. Safe Surfing

  17. Jail terms for paedophiles convicted of the "grooming" of children will be a maximum of ten years - after MPs agreed a radical shake-up of sex crime laws which date back to Victorian times. Ministers have decided to increase the maximum sentence from seven years to ten years, after a series of high profile cases Web 'grooming' sentences upped. BBC News 04/11/2003

  18. Child expert admits abusing girl Friday, 1 April, 2005 A former child psychiatrist has been jailed for four years for sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl after grooming her on the internet. The court heard Morrell posed as a 15-year-old boy to meet the girl in an internet chatroom.They exchanged several e-mails during the following month Then Morrell drove from his home in London to a campsite in Snowdonia. He told the girl he was 32 before sexually assaulting her.The following month the married father-of-two again drove to the campsite and sexually assaulted the girl once more, before immediately collapsing the tent and driving home. He was struck off by the General Medical Council in April for looking at child pornography on the internet “You are a sexual predator of young girls, with a significant level of obsessive behaviour which you have been unable or unwilling to control.” Judge Merfyn Hughes QC

  19. Keep Safe

  20. Never give your last name, address, phone number or school details online. Tell someone if you don’t like anything online. Never meet someone offline. You don’t know who they are! Safe Surfing

  21. Always guard your drink. Don’t return and have an unattended drink Know your own drink tolerance level. If your drink seems strange throw it. Look out for your friends Clubbing and Pubbing • Never trust someone you have only recently met Stranger Danger ! G.H.B

  22. If you start to feel really drunk when you shouldn’t, turn to a trusted friend. Statistics show Drug rape is most often committed by people you have recently met. These people gain your trust first! Consider carefully whether you should leave with someone you have just met. Clubbing and Pubbing

  23. Recap Do’s & Don’t ‘s • Unsafe on bus –Do go to driver –move away from danger- Don’t get off earlier. • Do Travel or walk with friends. • Do go straight to or from destination- Don’t take short cuts. • Do know safe places you can go for help –Shops or friend’s house etc. • Do have a small amount of money for phone / bus. • Don’t talk to people you’re not sure about – Walk quickly away. • Do Tell an adult you trust any problems.

  24. Recap on Home Alone • DO • Let someone know you are home • Check at the door to see if all is OK • Lock up when inside • Have a list of useful telephone numbers • Say Mum etc unable to come to phone. • DON’T • Give your name or phone number • Say you are on your own • Answer the door • THINK SAFE - STAY SAFE

  25. DRUG RAPE can happen to men as well as women! Remember when someone is drugged they are not in control DRUG RAPE TRUST Clubbing and Pubbing