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Introducing Jawoonyoung Company & Products

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Introducing Jawoonyoung Company & Products - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introducing Jawoonyoung Company & Products. 2010.05. Jawoonyoung Co. Chunui-Technopark 201-1112, Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do, Korea. / / Introducing Jawoonyoung Co.

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introducing jawoonyoung company products

IntroducingJawoonyoung Company& Products


Jawoonyoung Co.

Chunui-Technopark 201-1112, Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do, Korea. / /

introducing jawoonyoung co
Introducing Jawoonyoung Co.
  • Jawoonyoung[dƷa-un-jəŋ] is the korean term for milk vetch or astragalus.
  • It is known that Jawoonyoung’s flower gives bees honey, roots and stems of which turn into natural fertilizer to soil.
  • Like the plant, Jawoonyoung Co. places itself to serve women and babies with pro-natural and healthy lifestyle goods.
  • Jawoonyoung Co. has been dedicated to research, develop and produce goods for women and infants since it was founded in 2005.
  • Jawoonyoung Co. is known as the first commercial producer of cotton diapers in Korea which boomed in the western societies a decade ago, and has the most of the related patents in Korea.
  • Products of Jawoonyoung Co. have been leading korean domestic market with its quality, design and convenience in using ever since.
products of jawoonyoung co
Products of Jawoonyoung Co.

Sanitary pads for women

Diapers for babies

Tee-tree oiled Soaps

Goods for women and babies made with organic cotton and natural-dyed cotton.

After-parturition diapers Natural-dyed Panty liners Nursing pads Stylish panty liners Bidet towels

originality of jawoonyoung co s products
Originality of Jawoonyoung Co.’s products

Natural-dyed cotton goods; Application of Korean traditional medicine.

Korean Mugwort is known as a curative herb for female illnesses

like menstrual irregularity, pains and leukorrhea. (Ssuk in korean)

Korean Red clay or loess is known as having far-infrared radiation effect for human body, which clarifies blood and warms cells. (Hwangto in korean)

certificates patents of jawoonyoung co
Certificates & Patents of Jawoonyoung Co.

6 patents related to sanitary bands and diapers

US FDA registered brands; Jawoonyoung, Epousee, Baby安

KFDA certificates for manufacturing and for each items, etc.

how to use jawoonyoung epousee
How to use Jawoonyoung & Epousee
  • Jawoonyoung Style
  • Folding holder
  • wings backward.
  • Fastening holder
  • wings with snap
  • buttons.

After use, you can fold them like above and keep them in a pouch.

(any water-resistant one will do)

  • Epousee Style
  • Panty+Pads Set.
  • Attaching pads
  • with the embeded
  • snap buttons
  • on the panty.

Snap buttons on the backside to be locked.

what s different with baby diapers
What’s different with Baby安diapers?


More security and convenience

in maintaining sanitary works.

Baby安 Shirring DiaperTMhas a unique design and functionality.

As shown in the picture, it’s more secure from excrements’ leaking due to the shirred area in the middle.

It makes babies more comfortable while wearing it and moms won’t worry about accidental laundries.

More absorption, Faster drying.

Baby安 Double-slim DiaperTMabsorbs more and dries faster.

Its thinner layer on top and main layer on bottom can be parted in the middle. Absorption works together, drying proceeds apart.

Before Baby安came to market, peanut-shaped diapers designed by Jawoonyoung Co. had been widely used in Korea because of their convenience in wearing, washing and drying.

And a new era begins with JawoonyougBaby安, too.

jawoonyoung promises for the better life
Jawoonyoung; Promises for the better life

Thanks for your attention!

Please visit our websites for more informations.



Jawoonyoung Co.

Chunui-Technopark 201-1112, Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do, Korea.