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    James DiIanni Director Oracle Certification Program Oracle Corporation Oracle Certified Professional Program - Value, Overview, Learning

    Slide 4:Agenda

    Value and Benefits of the Oracle Certified Professional Credential Oracle Certification Program Overview Oracle Certified Master Practicum Learning and preparation References Questions and answers Next steps

    Value and Benefits

    Slide 6:Value of the Oracle Certification Credential

    Competitive edge, differentiation & credibility = Job Opportunities Improved Efficiencies Certified professionals handle more support calls Companies advocating certification report less downtime Employer ROI Payback in only nine months because of savings due to increased internal effectiveness IDC Quicker adoption of technology Improved customer service - Harte Hanks, December 2002

    Slide 7:What OCPs Have Said

    Three out of four OCPs feel their certification gives them greater confidence. Three out of five OCPs feel they have a competitive edge over their non-certified counterparts. 70% feel the OCP process has helped them maintain skills. Two thirds of OCPs working as consultants have benefited through: New contracts Client retention Greater access to new opportunities Harte Hanks, December 2002

    Slide 8:Benefits of the Oracle Certification Credential

    Use of OCA, OCP, and OCM logos for endorsement of your career by leveraging Oracles established brand equity OTN Support Network, Oracle Press Discounts Special event access Ability to join the certification member community with more than 197,000 from around the globe List of OCP Benefits: OCP Members Only Site ( Special access OOW (OCP Lounge) OCP Certificate OCP Logo usageList of OCP Benefits: OCP Members Only Site ( Special access OOW (OCP Lounge) OCP Certificate OCP Logo usage

    OCP Program Overview

    Slide 10:Oracle Certification Program

    OCA Oracle Certified Associate OCP Oracle Certified Professional OCM Oracle Certified Master Answers the Demand for more Oracle Professionals Learn Online Test Online Get a Job Online Hiring Manager Approved Industry Benchmark Get Certified, Establish Credibility, Increase Opportunities Achieved by the Top Oracle Professionals

    Slide 11:Why Three Certification Tiers?

    Provides a tool for IT managers to use in making hiring decisions More closely aligned with job roles and skill levels OCA can be used as the first step in a professional career and development path OCP demonstrates professional commitment OCM provides a performance based benchmark for hiring experts

    Slide 12:Oracle Certification Paths

    OCA: Oracle9i DBA Certified Associate Oracle9iAS Web Administrator Certified Associate Oracle9i PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate OCP: Oracle8i DBA Certified Professional Oracle9i DBA Certified Professional Oracle6i Internet Application Developer Certified Professional Oracle9i Forms Developer Certified Professional OCM: Oracle9i Database Administrator Certified Master

    Slide 13:Upgrading Your Certification

    OCP: Developer Upgrade from Developer 6/6i Oracle9i Forms Developer Upgrade Exam OCP: Database Administrator 7.3 9i: One upgrade exam (For 7.3 and 8.0 DBA OCPs) 8i 9i: One upgrade exam (For 8i DBA OCPs) 10g Certification Plans OCA Level OCP Level Streamlined upgrade paths from 7.3, 8.0, 8i, and 9i

    Oracle Certified Master Credential

    Slide 15:What is the Oracle9i DBA Certified Master?

    Two day, live application performance test Proctored exam environment Candidates are scored on their ability to complete complete complex scenarios and resolve technical problems Strict time frames are enforced for each scenario Although the OCM is conducted in an Oracle classroom it is a certification exam and not a course Pass rate is 60% for first time takers

    Slide 16:OCM Candidate Prerequisites

    Must have Oracle9i DBA Certified Professional credential Must have Attended at least two instructor-led advanced courses from approved list Minimum of 3 4 years of practical experience as an Oracle DBA Knowledge of Oracle9i database technology and features

    Slide 17:Oracle9i DBA Certified Master Content Areas

    Database Configuration Oracle Network Configuration Oracle Enterprise Manager Data Management Database Management Performance Management Database Availability Standby Database and Data Guard

    Slide 18:Minimum Required OCM Participant Skills

    Working knowledge of Linux: Formatting and executing basic OS commands Creating and navigating through directory structures File management using copy, move, and remove Linux environment text editors (Line Mode or GUI) Setting environment variables

    Slide 19:Minimum Required OCM Participant Skills

    Ability to locate and launch Oracle9i executables: Database Creation Assistant Listener Utility Oracle Net Manager Oracle Net Configuration Assistant OEM OMS Oracle Password Utility RMAN Utility SQLPLUS

    Slide 20:Minimum Required OCM Participant Skills

    Proficient with working in a command line environment Proficient with using Oracle Enterprise Manager Advanced knowledge and use of Oracle9i ( features and functionality Familiarity with navigating through non-searchable Oracle documentation Familiarity with navigating through and the functions of Konqueror browser software Ability to employ BEST PRACTICES when working in an Oracle9i database environment to solve complex technical problems

    Slide 21:Who Does the Best on the OCM?

    People who have practiced in an Oracle9i database environment People who have completed tasks relevant to each of the objectives within each functional area on the practicum People who have practiced in a Linux environment People who have practiced in a Konqueror environment People who study!!!!!

    Slide 22:Tech Tips for OCM Preparation

    Use BEST PRACTICES for: Database performance Database backup, restores, and recovery Study the areas you are the most familiar with, allowing you to complete the most activities within stated time frames Familiarize yourself with using Oracle9i tools in a Linux environment Practice recovery from different failure scenarios

    Slide 23:1. Visit the Oracle Certification Program Website Review the Link for First Steps 2. Decide on the track that best fits your career path Should you not have a path chosen, consult with an Oracle University Representative to get you started 3. Figure out your preparation level with STS practice exams and test content checklists on the OCP website Find where you have skill gaps and address them before testing

    Six Steps to Get Started With Oracle Certification

    Slide 24:4. Consult with OU for Preparation Assistance and Guidance 5. Take your first exam online! * 9i DBA and Developer Tracks Only) 6. Register for additionally required exams with Prometric at

    Six Steps to Get Started With Oracle Certification

    Slide 25:Learning and Preparation from Oracle University

    Certified OU instructors are the best in the industry Curriculum maps directly to job roles and exams Emphasis on applying knowledge and skill vs. memorization Hands-on practice and labs on real software installations provide REAL skill Various training methods (classroom and online) Self Test Software practice tests help you Identify skill gaps and areas where you need more prep

    Slide 26:Valuable References

    Oracle Certification Programs Global Site Oracle University Global Site Oracle Online Learning Oracle Technology Network


    Slide 28:Next Steps.

    Recommended demos/locations OCP Lounge Oracle Test Center DBA Hot Seat Visit the DEMOgrounds for a review of available online OCP prep content Visit the Self Test Software booth in the exhibition hall

    Reminder please complete the OracleWorld online session survey Thank you.