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Nu Flow Protects Resort Hotel with Retrofitted Storm Line - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Where life interacts with infrastructure.

Nu Flow Protects Resort Hotel with Retrofitted Storm Line

With a breathtaking view of the Diamond Head and Koko Head craters, Kahala Hotel & Resort appeared to be

picture perfect, but beneath the surface of the renowned hotel was a failing pipe system causing regular disruption

to the resort’s operations.

Project: Clean and line the underground storm line using Nu Flow’s trenchless, cured-in-place structural drain liner.

Customer: The Kahala Hotel & Resort, located in

the Kahala district of Honolulu, Hawaii. The hotel is

known as one of Hawaii’s most luxurious and secluded

beachfront resorts, with 338 rooms and suites, five

stylish restaurants and a world-class spa.

System: 180 feet of 8” clay and PVC storm drain pipe

running from the hotel to a manhole and directly to the


Situation: Roots had intruded the storm line causing

backups and leaks into the restaurant when it rained.

Compounding the problem, portions of the drain pipe

were below the high-tide water level, which lead to sea

water exfiltration from the pipe into the surrounding

grounds of an area that hosted up to six weddings a day.

Solution: While the tide was out, Nu Flow first cleaned the

storm line to remove buildup and roots that had intruded

through the pipe. Once complete, Nu Flow inserted a

Pull-in-Place structural liner in the existing pipe using

the patented Nu Flow process. Nu Flow lined from the

building, underneath the wedding ceremony area and to

the manhole, sealing all leaks and preventing roots from

reentering the sewer. Nu Flow completed the retrofit

without the need to dig a trench to access the pipe,

preserving the picture-perfect landscape and hardscape.

Using trenchless technology, Nu Flow

cleaned the storm drain pipe system and

installed a structural liner to seal all leaks

and prevent root intrusion.

Root intrusion is common in storm and sewer lines. Whether you are experiencing problems now or are interested

in preventing the inevitable failure of your plumbing system, Nu Flow is available to restore your peace of mind.

North America: 1-800-834-9597 | International: 1-905-433-5510

info@nuflowtech.com | www.nuflowtech.com

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