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The importance of Astrology: How it can help in everyday life?

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The importance of Astrology: How it can help in everyday life? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'The importance of Astrology: How it can help in everyday life?' - NeerajSharma

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The importance of Astrology: How it can help in everyday life?

Rajat Nayar, famous Bollywood Astrologer explains that astrological knowledge is important for the

society. He believes that the field is logical, testable and research oriented.

Astrology is a word that’s derived from ‘aster,’ meaning star and ‘logos,’ meaning logic. Therefore, it is

‘star logic’ or the logic behind planetary positions and their impact on human life and behavior.

According to Bollywood Astrologer, Rajat Nayar, Astrology is important and helpful in everyday life.

Overall, astrology is a science because it is based on logic, can be tested and anybody can check its


Astrology can help in everyday life because,

It involves recognized, organized rules

Birth chart calculation involves a great deal of astronomy and all its interpretation has a set of rules. For

instance, some planets in a particular location or movement may reflect slowness in life, whereas others

may represent swift action. However, the responsibility of how those interpretations reflect and impact

your life lies in the hands of the astrologer. And that’s the reason why you should choose an astrologer

carefully. Because, while any astrologer can tell you things like ‘wanting to get married,’ but ‘not being

able to get married,’ only a good astrologer will offer you true remedies and solutions.


It can help in setting goals

Birth charts and horoscopes or Kundli is important because it tells you what the stars favor. At the same

time, these charts represent your potential. For instance, someone’s charts could mention that they can be

a businessman, a politician or a lecturer. In such a case, an astrologer can guide you. Meanwhile, the same

information can be used to decide what your interests are. Accordingly, you can aim and set goals in life.


Brings details in life

Quite often, people keep on working hard in life, but they fail to achieve their desired goals. In such

cases, astrology can help. Birth charts are quite well detailed and they tend to be very objective. So, by

asking an astrologer to help you, you can gather more information about what’s stopping you from

achieving your life’s goals. Accordingly, you can find the connections and solutions. These simple, but

crucial details can help you achieve more in life.

Learn your weaknesses

When you visit a good astrologer, they can tell you about your strength and weaknesses, what rules you

and what tries to bring you down. So, you don’t just learn your weakness, but you embrace it and use the

information to help shape your life.

You can bring astrology in your life and make a remarkable difference. Rajat Nayar, famous bollywood

Astrologer can help you with it. Visit his website, for more details.