what is rigor beyond the classroom l.
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What is Rigor Beyond the Classroom?

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What is Rigor Beyond the Classroom? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Scope. What is Rigor Beyond the Classroom?. “Beyond The Classroom” activities include: Internships Research Service Learning Clubs and Other Extracurricular Activities Study Abroad Projects leading to a product such as a tour, service, ad campaign, or brochure

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what is rigor beyond the classroom


What is Rigor Beyond the Classroom?

“Beyond The Classroom” activities include:InternshipsResearch Service Learning

Clubs and Other Extracurricular Activities

Study AbroadProjects leading to a product such as a tour, service, ad campaign, or brochure

Academic/Residential Partnership Programs

advantages of beyond the classroom activities


Advantages of Beyond the Classroom Activities
  • Authentic activities are essential to development of rigor, relevance, reflection, high self expectations, citizenship, and commitment to lifelong learning
  • Interaction among individuals of diverse backgrounds is often intrinsic to these activities
  • Extends the learning environment so that growth and intellectual development are immersive
    • Considered like an extra class at some universities
    • Citizenship
  • Mentoring is Intrinsic to Beyond the Classroom Activities
    • Project Direction and Professional Development of Student
    • Modeling and Lifestyle Choices
writing and reflection are often integral to beyond the classroom activities


Writing and Reflection Are Often Integral to Beyond the Classroom Activities
  • Writing promotes development of critical thinking most effectively when it is juxtaposed with scholarly materials of the discipline
  • Writing, Multimedia Projects, and Writing Groups all promote scholarship, engagement, and innovation
  • Research: Lab Notebooks, Manuscripts, Theses
  • Service Learning: Journals, Papers
  • Projects: Products
  • Study Abroad: Journals, Research/Study Papers
develop and maintain lists catalogs


Develop and Maintain Lists/Catalogs
  • What are the courses?
  • What is the extent of faculty and student participation?
  • Promote Student Access
  • Share expertise among faculty


  • Develop unique course type descriptors for the mainframe to promote assessment of undergraduate research, service learning, project based courses, etc.
maintain rigor in beyond the classroom activities


Maintain Rigor In Beyond the Classroom Activities
  • Quality may be uneven
  • Must ensure attendance/active participation
  • Faculty should develop guidelines, standards, and mechanisms to enhance quality
  • Heads, Deans, Directors should exercise oversight, provide guidance, and encourage development of rigorous programs
promote involvement of faculty and students


Promote Involvement of Faculty and Students
  • Provide information, support, guidance for faculty in development and management of programs
  • Develop rewards for directing students in research, service learning, internship, and class projects
  • Opportunities and expectations of faculty and students must be clear
residential based programs extend learning beyond the classroom


Residential Based Programs Extend Learning Beyond the Classroom
  • Language Residence Halls
  • Honors Dorm
  • Franklin Residential College
  • Freshman College Summer Experience
  • Learning Communities
  • Maintain and Expand these residential based academic programs
promote engagement in extracurricular activities lectures and cultural events


Promote Engagement in Extracurricular Activities, Lectures, and Cultural Events
  • Emphasize personal growth
  • Link to journal/writing assignments
  • Link to course grading
    • Use question on quiz/test
    • Extra credit points
    • Replace low quiz grade
irb clearance hinders engagement with human subjects


IRB Clearance Hinders Engagement With Human Subjects
  • Class project based research cannot be shared or available for publication if not approved by IRB
  • Approval mechanism too slow for projects arising during semester
  • The university applies federal standards for the protection of all subjects involved in university research regardless of whether that research is federally funded
  • University should consider whether other mechanisms of regulatory oversight would provide a sufficient level of protection of human subjects involved in student based research in a timely manner
beyond the classroom team
Beyond the Classroom Team

Luke Naeher Joe Crim

Parker Middleton Linda Grant

Tom Eaton Melissa Freeman

Gary Green George Velllidis

Gayle Andrews Tom Lauth

Marcus Fechheimer