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College Night 2009

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College Night 2009 Presented by Yorkville High School Counselors Ron Vlasz Sarah Pottinger Jeannine Pacetti Objectives To gain understanding on the application process to state schools in Illinois To learn up to date college entrance requirements

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college night 2009

College Night 2009

Presented by Yorkville High School Counselors

Ron Vlasz

Sarah Pottinger

Jeannine Pacetti

  • To gain understanding on the application process to state schools in Illinois
  • To learn up to date college entrance requirements
  • To learn how to receive help for college preparation and what services are available for all YHS students and their parents
  • On-line applications are encouraged
  • It is a good idea to have a counselor look over your application before you send it
  • Know your deadlines
  • We encourage you to have all State applications in by November 15, 2009
    • Priority Deadlines
      • University of Illinois- November 1st
      • Illinois State University – November 15th
      • Northern Illinois University – November 15th
all state universities have non refundable application fees

All state universities have non-refundable application fees

Cost averages from $30-40 per application

  • Always include a transcript of your high school record with your completed application
  • Transcripts are available in the counselor’s office (request a form from Mrs. Wallin)
  • Some applications ask that you send the transcript directly from our office. Be sure to read over the application directions carefully
  • Application and acceptance does not make you obligated to go to that school
  • Ideal: The ability to choose between 2-3 schools. KEEP YOUR OPTIONS OPEN
  • We recommend applying to 3-5 schools. Keep in mind requirements and application fees
  • Ultimately thechoice is yours!
where can i get applications
Where can I get applications?
  • On-line
  • College and Career Center at YHS
  • Contacting the admission’s office of the college of choice
    • Phone
    • On-line
i need help
I need help!
  • Work with your counselor
  • If you need to see a counselor during the school day you can get a pass from the counselor’s office and use your ACCESS time
  • Talk with College Reps and visit schools
  • Don’t Panic! Planning and early preparation is key
  • Now is the time to start filling out these applications, getting them completed and sending them in
general information for private and out of state schools
General Information for Private and Out of State schools
  • If any questions be sure to see your counselor, we will do our best to help you
  • Target application date of November 10th
  • Some private schools do not have application deadlines
    • Some programs, however, may close early (ie. nursing and physical therapy)
    • Good idea to send before holiday break
    • Review admission requirements and look for a school that fits you and your needs
    • Application fee typical
    • On-line or mail application accepted
the best procedure

The best procedure:

Check with the school of choice for their deadlines and preferred application process

what test scores do i need
What test scores do I need?
  • All schools require an ACT score
  • SAT- primarily for east and west coast schools
  • Writing test- if you took the PSAE, you took the writing test
    • Some schools require this score
    • Northwestern, Purdue, University of Illinois- Urbana, Champaign & University of Wisconsin –Madison

Double check all admission requirements

course requirements
Course requirements
  • Research up to date changes for public and private school’s course requirements
    • Schools do look at the courses you have taken
    • Double check your academic history
    • You can be denied entrance after acceptance if “slacking”
letters of recommendation
Letters of Recommendation
  • Most colleges are wanting teacher or counselor letters of recommendation
  • Be sure to fill out a “brag sheet”, available in the counselor’s office
  • Be sure to mention activities involved in and out of school
  • Do not wait until the last minute, a good letter takes time, please allow a week to process
admissions 3 basic criteria
Admissions: 3 Basic Criteria
  • Class Rank & Grade Point Average
  • ACT composite scores
  • High School subject patterns
high school percentage rank
High School percentage rank
  • This is a cumulative rank of all classes taken during high school
  • See your counselor for your specific rank, or
  • Check your report card at the end of each term
  • Your class rank can change with every report card
  • Some colleges are starting to look only at cumulative grade point averages, not class rank
act composite scores
ACT composite scores
  • ACT test can be taken more than once

(The highest score is always used)

  • Take this test seriously- increasing important to admission process
high school subject patterns
High school subject patterns
  • Make sure you have met all requirements to graduate located in your student handbook
  • Make sure you double check the admission requirements of your school of choice
  • We can make changes in your current schedule if we catch deficits soon enough
  • Admission criteria is included in the application packet
financial aid 3 forms
Financial Aid – 3 Forms

1. Need Only

2. From colleges and universities

  • Academic success
  • ACT scores
  • Proficiency in a certain area ( athletics, music)

3. Scholarships offered by local, state, regional and national organizations

facts about financial aid
Facts about Financial Aid
  • Financial aid and scholarship forms do not come in until January
  • Can be a time consuming process
  • Check the YHS website and bulletin board outside of the counselor’s office for up to date scholarship availability
  • Be sure to work with admissions counselor’s at the school you are interested in for financial and scholarship assistance programs
  • FAFSA, the form requesting financial assistance will be available approximately December 1st in the counselor’s office. Cost is free and it is required
final decisions
Final Decisions
  • Do your research, find out as much as you can about your school before you decide
  • Make use of your counselor and internet
  • Talk to the college representatives who visit YHS
  • Go to Waubonsee Community College’s College Fair
  • Visit the schools you are considering to get a feel for the school: follow the YHS handbook for the rules under College Visits
  • Include your parents
  • Your counselor is always available
  • Use Career Cruising
chicago state university
Chicago State University

Office of Admissions

ADM 200

9501 S. King Drive

Chicago, Illinois 60628


Enrollment: 5217

Requirements: ACT: 16

GPA: 2.75

Deadline: January 15, 2010

Tuition w/ R&B: $16,962

Financial aid: January 15, 2010

Of special interest: New Pharmacy and Information Technology program, 5% Increase in enrollment last year, Online application strongly encouraged

eastern illinois university
Eastern Illinois University

600 Lincoln Avenue

Charleston, Illinois 61920


Enrollment: 10,261

Requirements: ACT 22 GPA 3.22

Tuition w/R&B: $17, 194

Financial aid: March 1, 2010

Of special interest: Fee waiver needs to be in paper application, strongly encourage personal statement, EIU ranks 12 in the nation for study abroad program, Shadow program for interested students, 2 years of foreign language recommended

governors state university
Governors State University

Admissions and Student Recruitment Office

University Park, Illinois 60466


Enrollment: 2,874

*GSU only enrolls juniors and seniors

Requirements: Transfer applicants only, good academic standing in community college

Tuition: $5.636

Financial aid: May 1, 2010

Of special interest: Student body is diverse and commonly community college graduates, new Doctorate in nursing and physical therapy programs

illinois state university
Illinois State University

Admissions Office

Normal, Illinois 61790


Enrollment: 17,949

Requirements: rigor of classes, grade trends, GPA, ACT , personal statement*

Tuition w/R&B: $19,655

Financial aid: March 1, 2010 Limited ISU funding at this time, contact for more info

Of special interest: Record number of applications, personal statement is very important, average GPA is 3.5 and average ACT is 22-26.

Do not accept any course deficiencies, increase in retention rate to 85%, medium sized school with 19-1 ratio

northeastern illinois university
Northeastern Illinois University

Office of Enrollment Service

5500 North St. Louis Avenue

Chicago, Illinois 60625


Enrollment: 8,987

Requirements: rank in the top half of class, ACT minimum of 19

Tuition: $7,428

Financial aid: February 28, 2010 Scholarships are given automatically at acceptance

Of special interest: no athletics, most diverse student body in US, support service for latinos, commuter school. 10% increase in enrollment, Tuition Guarantee program, known for Education and Business programs

northern illinois university
Northern Illinois University

Office of Admissions

101 Williston Hall

DeKalb, Illinois 60115


Enrollment: 18,431

Requirements: ACT 23 GPA 3.28

Personal statement strongly recommended

Tuition w/R&B: $17,288

Financial aid: March 1, 2010 , Merit based February 1st

Of special interest: Increase in engineering, nursing and health sciences, writing component of Act not required and on-line applications encouraged

southern illinois university carbondale
Southern Illinois University-Carbondale

Undergraduate Admissions

Mail code 4710

Carbondale, Illinois 62901


Enrollment: 15,980

Requirements: Looking for the well-rounded student

Tuition w/R&B: $18,493

Financial aid: April 1, 2010

Of special interest: Personal statement and letters of recommendation are very important component of application and may determine acceptance, especially involvement in and out of the classroom. High school subject pattern requirements must be met, rigor of coursework is crucial, 92% of classes have less than 32 students

southern illinois university edwardsville
Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville

Campus Box 1600

Edwardsville, Illinois 62026


Enrollment: 10,977

Requirements: ACT average 22

High school percentile rank average of 78%

Consider coursework, GPA , ACT and class rank

Tuition w/ R&B: $15,797

Financial aid: March 1, 2010

Of special interest: Division I NCAA sports (probationary period)

Increased pharmacy and nursing programs, books included in fees, increase in retention rate

the university of illinois at chicago
The University of Illinois at Chicago

Office of Admissions

Box 5220

Chicago, Illinois 60680


Enrollment: 15,648 (will open 200 seats next fall)

Requirements: ACT average 24

High school percentile rank average to 20%

GPA 3.2

Tuition w/R&B: $21,000

Financial aid: March 1, 2010

Of special interest: Largest medical school in the country, Early applications encouraged, on-line applications and letters of recommendation are encouraged, strong emphasis on personal statement, separate Honors College with own application process, Integrity of coursework*, online verification of admission status

university of illinois at springfield
University of Illinois at Springfield

Office of Admissions

University Hall

One University Plaza, MS UHB 1080

Springfield, Illinois 62703


Enrollment: 2,889

Requirements: ACT 23 GPA 3.3

“holistic” approach to acceptance, personal statement can be deciding factor, factors in consideration: ACT, high school coursework, GPA

Tuition w/ R&B: $18,940

Financial aid: March 1, 2010, Merit awards given automatically at acceptance

Of special interest: New global studies program, NCAA II athletics, average class size 13, enroll 300 freshman every year

university of illinois at urbana champaign
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Office of admissions and Records

901 W. Illinois Street

Urbana, Illinois 61801


Enrollment: 31,173

Requirements: The best qualified are accepted as space permits! Look at specific requirements for each college, you are applying to a a particular college –not the university, average ACT 24-33 and top 10% of class typical

Tuition w/R& B: $23,458- 27,858

Financial aid: March 15, 2010

Of special interest: Robust web-site, you can log on to check status of your application, encourage on-line application, only acceptance letters will be mailed- check status online, new majors in Religion and Women’s Studies, Dual credit is given if coursework exceeds admission requirements, No Letters of Recommendation

western illinois university
Western Illinois University

115 Sherman Hall

1 University Circle

Macomb, Illinois 61455


Enrollment: 11,417

Requirements: ACT: 20

GPA: 2.5

*Can include a letter of appeal if needed

Tuition w/R&B: $16,599

Financial aid: February 1, 2010

Of special interest: Medium size school, tuition “lock-in” all 4 years, most students on 4 year graduation track, new majors in Anthropology Engineering and Nursing, 17-1 ratio

any questions
Any Questions?

Yorkville High School

797 Game farm Road