chapter 6 l.
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Software and Multimedia

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Software and Multimedia - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chapter 6. Software and Multimedia. Programs Used in Multimedia. Developing a multimedia production requires an array of software to create, edit, and combine text, sounds, and images. Elements of Multimedia.

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programs used in multimedia
Programs Used in Multimedia
  • Developing a multimedia production requires an array of software to create, edit, and combine text, sounds, and images.
elements of multimedia
Elements of Multimedia
  • Different software is used to create the various elements of multimedia. These elements are:
    • Text
    • Graphics and animation
    • Sound or audio
    • Video
programs for managing text
Programs for Managing Text
  • Text can be created with many programs.
    • Multimedia developers use word processing software to include text in their projects and to create documents about their projects.
    • Full-featured word processors have text formatting capabilities which set the appearance of the text.
desktop publishing programs
Desktop Publishing Programs
  • Desktop publishing programs are sometimes called page layout programs.
  • They are better at handling the placement of graphics and processing very large documents.
programs for graphics
Programs for Graphics
  • Graphics software is used for creating, editing, manipulating, and storing graphics.
    • Graphics software is also known as image management software.
    • It works with still and animated drawings, as well as photographs.
programs for sound or video
Programs for Sound or Video
  • Most operating systems have the capability of playing sound or video files.
    • Audio or sound software is used to create or edit music or sound files.
    • Video software is used to edit video files.
creating a multimedia production
Creating a Multimedia Production
  • Different kinds of software are used to combine the elements to create a multimedia production.

Embedded sound file

Imported graphic file

web design software
Web Design Software
  • Web pages are written in a markup language such as HTML or XML.
    • Web design programs allow you to create Web pages without learning markup languages.
    • Many current word processing and desktop publishing programs let you convert their files to HTML for use in Web pages.
    • Web browsers are needed to view and use the Web pages on the Internet.
multimedia presentations
Multimedia Presentations
  • Presentations are sequences of slides that usually incorporate text, sound, graphics, and animation.
multimedia authoring software
Multimedia Authoring Software
  • Authoring programs link graphics, text, and other objects. They are used to create:
    • Interactive tutorials
    • Simulations
    • Games
planning and managing projects
Planning and Managing Projects
  • There is also software for planning and managing multimedia projects.
    • Spreadsheet software is used to develop cost estimates, budgets, and reports.
    • Database software is used to control and retrieve information used in projects.
    • Project management software is used to coordinate the work of people and tasks to ensure that projects are completed on time.
multimedia software suites
Multimedia Software Suites
  • A software suite is a group of programs from the same company sold in a single package.
utility software for multimedia
Utility Software for Multimedia
  • Multimedia developers often need software for specific tasks. These tasks might include:
    • Screen captures
    • File compression
    • File conversion
    • Virus protection
    • Optical character recognition (OCR)