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Multimedia Language Lab Software For Teachers And Students PowerPoint Presentation
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Multimedia Language Lab Software For Teachers And Students

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Multimedia Language Lab Software For Teachers And Students - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Many students are opting to learn languages of their choice. For this purpose, they need to go to language labs with properly networked language lab software. In these class rooms, there are teachers and students, interacting through computers. When the multimedia language lab software is installed in each terminal, there are lots of advantages. Student doubts can be properly clarified, while the students can immediately get their queries answered. When the requirement of class-room software control is properly established, there can be many advantages of learning languages in such ways.

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the basic idea behind the setting

The basic idea behind the setting up of the language lab is to have the right tricks for imparting the nuances of a particular language to the students. There is computer based learning sessions in these labs. To make it interesting and feasible for the students, language lab software has to be integrated in the system. With this kind of software, student teacher interaction can be improved to a great extent. Students can use the multimedia language lab software to get written and voice assistance for learning different aspects of the language. In this way, there is a smooth experience for the students, where the variety in training sessions also keep them interested. For the teachers also, the class-room software control system is of benefit as they can keep watch and follow the learning of all the candidates.

utilising the class room software control network

Utilising the class-room software control network for monitoring the progress

  • When the students in a language lab are going for the learning, they can use the multimedia language lab software on their computers. This will allow them to access different features as per their convenience, thereby making the learning process simpler as well as quicker. Many students are getting attracted by the setting up of such labs, where the languagelab software is utilised as an integrated system.
  • Since the teachers are able to monitor the progress of learning through class-room software control network, they can provide inputs as necessary. Clarification of doubts can also be quite simpler when such software tools are integrated into the terminals. These features have added to the fun element in the learning of different languages.