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Resolution SpaceScape SpaceScape Space Agency Organogram Space Advisory Committee Space Agency Board Space Affairs Council Regulatory Space Agency Executive Functional Programmes Thematic Programmes Enabling Technologies, Mission Development, Space Mission, Applications

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space agency organogram
Space Agency Organogram

Space Advisory Committee

Space Agency Board

Space Affairs



Space Agency


Functional Programmes

Thematic Programmes

Enabling Technologies, Mission Development, Space Mission, Applications

Earth Observation, Space Science & Exploration, Communication, Navigation


Space Agency Environment







Space Agency

Long Term Structure

Build space System

Mission Definition

System procurement

Contract management

Research & Development



Prime Contractor

Technical management


Quality standard


Techno development

Institutions + Industry


Space Program




Space Segment

TT & C


Maintenance & Warranty


Ground Segment

budget benchmarking annual
Budget Benchmarking(annual)
  • NASA $16 billion
  • ESA $3.8 billion
  • CNES (French space agency) $2.2 billion
  • JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) $2.0 billion
  • RKA (Russian Federal Space Agency) $1.3 billion
  • DLR (German Aerospace Center) $1.0 billion
  • ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) $815 million
  • CNSA (Chinese National Space Administration) $500 million
  • BNSC (British National Space Centre) $400 million
  • Belgian science policy and space policy $230 million
  • CDTI (Spanish space agency $175 million
  • KARI (Korea Aerospace Research Institute) $150 million
  • AEB (Brazilian Space Agency) $100 million
  • South Africa current est. $15m-$75m
budget analysis
Budget Analysis

Current spend is estimated between R120m to R600m, mainly on applications

budget analysis8
Budget Analysis

License Cost (SAC Only)

purpose of the bill
Purpose Of The Bill
  • The Bill provides for:
    • the establishment of the South African National Space Agency as a public entity that will:
      • co-ordinate and integrate national space science and technology programmes; and
      • conduct long-term planning for and implementation of space related activities in South Africa for the benefit of all citizens
    • the appointment of the Board, the Chief Executive Officer and employees of the South African National Space Agency and
  • Setting out the objects, powers and duties of the Agency
objects of the bill
Objects Of The Bill
  • Promote peaceful use of space;
  • Support the creation of an environment conducive to industrial development in space technology;
  • Foster research in astronomy, earth observation, communications, navigation and space physics;
  • Advance scientific, engineering and technological competencies and capabilities through human capital development and outreach programmes; and
  • Foster international co-operation in space related activities.
functions of the agency
Functions Of The Agency
  • implement any space programme in line with the policy determined in terms of the Space Affairs Act;
  • advise the Minister on the development of national space science and technology strategies and programmes;
  • implement any national space science and technology strategy; and
  • acquire, assimilate and disseminate space satellite data for any organ of state
space agency board
Space Agency Board
  • The Board of the Agency will be established, and is responsible for the management and control of the Agency
  • The Board shall consist of:
    • a chairperson appointed by the Minister;
    • not less than 10 and not more than 15 members; and
    • the Chief Executive Officer, as an ex offıcio member.
term of office remuneration
Term Of Office & Remuneration
  • Four-year period and are eligible for re-appointment
  • Remunerations and allowances will be determined by the Minister, with the concurrence of the Minister of Finance
chief executive officer
Chief Executive Officer
  • Appointed by Board
  • Responsible for the day-to-day management of the affairs of the Agency
  • Five year office term and may not serve more than two consecutive terms.
funding of agency
Funding Of Agency
  • money appropriated by Parliament;
  • revenue, including interest derived from investments;
  • money raised or borrowed by the Agency and obtained from other sources
  • donations and contributions
  • The Minister may make regulations with regard to any matter that may or must be prescribed in terms of this Act; or
  • Any ancillary or incidental administrative or procedural matter necessary for the proper implementation or administration of this Act
short title and commencement
Short Title And Commencement
  • The Act will be called the South African National Space Agency Act, 2008
  • Date to be fixed by President by proclamation in the Gazette
facilities to be migrated to agency
Facilities To Be Migrated To Agency
  • Houwteq assembly, integration and testing facility
  • Satellite Application Centre
process to date
Process To Date
  • Cabinet approved establishment of Space Agency
  • Business case developed and submitted to NT and DPSA
  • Draft NSA Bill was published in Government Gazette No. 30220 of 31 August 2007
  • Public consultations undertaken
  • Draft Bill revised and certified by the Office of the Chief State Law Adviser
  • Bill approved by Portfolio Committee and National Assembly
public consultation
Public Consultation
  • One-on-one discussions with key role-players within the national system of innovation
  • Participation in local and international meetings, seminars, conferences and group discussions
  • High-level presentations to DG clusters, intergovernmental committee and public forums
  • Public invitations for submitting comments to the draft legislation
public consultation cont
Public Consultation Cont.

Comments to the draft legislation received from:

  • Space Council
  • Science Councils & Research Institutions
  • Higher Education Institutions
  • Government Departments
  • State Owned Enterprises
  • Private sector
  • S&T Networking and Collaboration forums
comments from public consultation
Comments From Public Consultation
  • Overall positive feedback
  • Relationship between Agency and Council
  • Integration of Houwteq and Satellite Application Centre
  • Involvement of private sector