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Oracle Trade Management PowerPoint Presentation
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Oracle Trade Management

Oracle Trade Management

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Oracle Trade Management

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  1. Oracle Trade Management

  2. Agenda • Oracle Trade Management Overview • Customer Success • Roadmap

  3. Oracle Trade Management Overview

  4. The Business of Trade Management Establishing Quotas Allocating Budgets Understanding The Impact Resolving Customer Issues Account Planning Manage Indirect Sales Channel Promotion Planning Compliance Monitoring Plan Execution

  5. Oracle Trade ManagementFunctionality Key Account Management Integrated Promotion Execution Claims & Deductions Settlement Indirect Sales Processing Collaboration - Integration - Visibility Enterprise Integration • Advanced Pricing • Inventory • Supply Chain • Marketing • Financials • TCA

  6. Key Account ManagementProcess • Budget • Allocate sales volume by account/product • Fund budgets for targeted use • Execute • Communicate plans to accounts • Create & approve offer • Apply to order management Plan Execute Monitor Budget Measure & Improve Sales Performance • Plan • Set & allocate sales budget • Create account plan • Forecast volume and ROI • Monitor • Monitor actual sales vs quota / target • Monitor actual ROI • Capture retail & competitive pricing • Monitor retail performance

  7. Need Flexible process to create and manage budgets and track liabilities Solution Fixed/Fully Accrued Budgets Fund Allocation and Budgeting based on Eligibility Adjustments – Automatic/Manual Results Target trade funds to specific products, regions, channels, geographies, & customers through Budget Eligibility Minimize financial risks through continuous tracking of fund balances Budget Management

  8. Need Sales force automation tool that provides account planning, monitoring, & analysis Solution Account planner Promotion evaluations Promotion forecasting Sales & order tracking Retail monitoring Results 360o view of customer Proactively manage expectations Increased sales efficiency and effectiveness Account Manager Dashboard

  9. Account plan

  10. Account Manager Dashboard Current Order Status Quota and Budget Allocation Sales Performance Analysis Evaluation of Offers Retail Monitoring Budget by Product, Brand, Customer, Territory Fixed Budgets Fully Accrued Budgets with Accrue to Customer or Sales Threshold to Monitor Usage Checkbook Views Drilldown to Orders from Checkbook View of Current and Potential Liabilities Promotional Accrual/Rebate Tracking General Ledger (GL) Integration for Accrual/Rebate Option to Post Off-Invoice Discounts to GL Account Generator Workflow Key Account ManagementFeatures

  11. Integrated Promotion ExecutionProcess • Create • Accruals & Off Invoice • Volume offers • Scan data • Execute • Validate eligibility • Price sales orders • Calculate accruals & discounts • Financials • Full accounting • GL integration Create Approve Execute Track Financials Align, Automate, Analyze All Business Areas. • Approve • Approval routing • Budget controls • Track • Track orders • Monitor liabilities • Manage expenditures

  12. Need Ability for account managers to create effective and flexible promotions and track performance and ROI Solution Comprehensive Offer and Discounts Types Promotion Forecasting and Versioning Record and Track Customer Performance Commitments Checkbook Views of Promotional Spend Results Improve account and promotion profitability Minimize deductions and invoice errors Track liabilities in real-time Trade Promotions

  13. Promotion Execution Budgets Accounting General Ledger Order Management

  14. Offer Evaluator Offer Worksheet ROI Calculator Forecasting Oracle Integration Oracle Advanced Pricing Oracle Order Management Oracle General Ledger Oracle Receivables Oracle Payables Oracle Inventory Oracle Partner Relationship Management Oracle Marketing Historical Evaluation of Offers Budget Validation Volume Based Performance Validation Comprehensive Support for Promotion Types Off-Invoice Discount Volume Accrual/Rebate Lump Sum Payments Buy-One-Get-One-Free Net Sales Accrual Terms Upgrade Order Value Discount Integrated Promotion Execution Features

  15. Indirect Sales ManagementProcess • Import • XML Gateway • WebADI for flat files • Validate & Compute • Chargeback • Special Pricing • 3rd Party Accrual • Price Difference • Advanced WAC & Inventory Validations • Monitor • Generate outbound XML messages for disputes • Allow re-submissions and corrections • Monitor indirect inventory Cleanse Data Validate & Compute Import Pay Monitor Align POS Management with Other Enterprise Processes. • Cleanse Data • Check data completeness • Map & convert distributor data to internal data structure • DQM integration • Pay • Associate or create accruals • Pay by check or credit

  16. Need Import & validate high volumes of complex indirect sales data Solution Import by XML or flatfile DQM integration Support of various processes Charge-backs Special pricing Third party accrual Price difference Results Reduced time & resources More accurate payments Providing solid data foundation for further analysis Superior support of the distribution channel Indirect Sales Management DIRECT SALES INDIRECT SALES Manufacturer Distributor Retailer

  17. Need Track inventory of customer / distributor to support business processes or analysis Solution Automated tracking of inventory in and inventory out Tracking by customer, product and time Flexible adjustments Results Reduced time & resources in tracking data Validate partner claims Providing solid data foundation for further analysis Indirect Inventory Tracking

  18. Need Import & validate high volume of complex chargeback transaction data in managing distributors / wholesalers Solution Configurable price list to capture end customer agreements Buying group support WAC validation Inventory validation Results Reduced time & resources Validated calculations More accurate payments 3. Distributor Charges back $40 ($100-$60) Manufacturer Manufacturer-Retailer Agreement- $60 1. 1. Manufacturer-Distributor Agreement $100 2. Retailer buys at $60 Distributor Retailer Chargeback Processing

  19. Third Party Accruals Manufacturer 2. Manufacturer-Customer Promotion Distributor sells to Customer 1. Distributor Customer

  20. POS Data Management Chargeback Submission Third Party (End Customer) Accrual Customer/Partner Inventory Tracking by Product and Time Price List Validations Customer and Product Eligibilities Effective Dates of Agreement Customer Invoices Acquisition Cost Customer Inventory Level Special Pricing (Ship & Debit) Validation Tolerance Threshold by Customer Duplicate Submission Checking Payment by Check or Credit Outbound Dispute Report Data Quality Management EDI and XML Data Support Indirect Sales ManagementFeatures

  21. Claim & Deduction SettlementProcess • Create • AR integration for deduction / overpayment • Claim / debit claim in TM • Convert customer reason • Research • Promotional accrual search • Duplicates & Splits • Task template / notes / attachments • 360 deg view of customer • Resolve • Settle by check, credit, debit, charge-back, write-off • Adjust receipts & invoices • Post to GL for promotional claims Create Assign Research Approve Resolve Monitor Days Outstanding, Analyze Root Causes. • Assign • Assign owner and team member by Territory – customer, geography, claim type / reason • By API • Approve • Configurable approval rules

  22. Need Minimize claims processing costs and increase customer satisfaction Solution Claim Types/Reasons Task Management Research Claim Aging Claim Splits Claims Settlement/Auto-resolution AR integration Results Best of breed auto-resolution Minimize the cost/ time required to clear deductions Identify invalid claims Reduce days outstanding Efficiently process promotional payments and deductions Claims and Deduction Management

  23. Support for All Claims – Claim, Deduction, Debit Claim, Overpayment Full Deduction Management Payment of Promotional Claim and Deduction by Check or Credit Buying Group Accrual/Rebate View Deduction Settlement by Credit, Write-Off, Chargeback Automatic Write-Off Threshold by Customer Lockbox Integration Handling Subsequent Receipt for Invoices Autopay Netting of Overpayments and Deductions Customer Reason Code Mapping Mass Claim Settlement Pay over Earnings by Thresholds Promotional Payment/Customer Balance Summary View Related Customer Support Claim & Deduction SettlementFeatures

  24. Oracle Trade Management Account Manager Dashboard Indirect Sales Management Claims & Deduction Settlement Sales Quota Management Budget Management Oracle E-Business Suite

  25. Oracle Trade Management Customer Success

  26. TM Customers in All But 2 Continents!

  27. Total Customers: 61 By Industry 23 in Consumer Goods 15 in High Tech 14 in Industrial Mfg 5 in Life Sciences 2 in Automotive 2 in Utilities Oracle Trade Management Customers Automotive Utilities Life Sciences 3% 3% 8% Consumer High Tech Goods 25% 38% Industrial Manufacturing 23%

  28. Oracle Trade Management CustomersHigh Tech Industry

  29. Oracle Trade Management CustomersIndustrial Manufacturing Industry

  30. Key Takeaways • True Sales Force Automation for iterative selling process • Solution is more than just TPM • Spans departments and user roles including marketing, sales, partner management, claim & deduction management, indirect sales management • Winning competitive deals vs. ‘best of breed’ and suite players

  31. Oracle Trade Management