michigan osteopathic association the voice of the osteopathic profession l.
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Michigan Osteopathic Association “The voice of the osteopathic profession.” PowerPoint Presentation
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Michigan Osteopathic Association “The voice of the osteopathic profession.”

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Michigan Osteopathic Association “The voice of the osteopathic profession.” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Michigan Osteopathic Association “The voice of the osteopathic profession.”. One of the largest osteopathic state medical societies, representing the state’s 7,000 licensed D.O.s. Michigan’s voice on national level with American Osteopathic Association.

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michigan osteopathic association the voice of the osteopathic profession
Michigan Osteopathic


“The voice of the osteopathic profession.”



One of the largest osteopathic state medical societies, representing the state’s 7,000 licensed D.O.s.

Michigan’s voice on national level with American Osteopathic Association.

Advocate for positive health legislation in Lansing.

Osteopathic representative on major state health organizations and bureaus.

Provider of quality educational programs.

Educator of the public and media regarding osteopathic medicine.

What is the Michigan Osteopathic Association?



How does being an MOA member benefit you?

The MOA Provides:

  • Quality educational programs free to interns and residents.
  • Access to special discounts and services.
  • Networking with physician leaders and mentors, legislators, etc.
  • Leadership opportunities on the state and national level.
  • Opportunities to shape future of health care.
  • Free membership to all interns, residents and fellows.



Quality Educational Programs

  • MOA Annual Convention & Scientific Seminar featuring a variety of clinical and practice management programs.
  • NMOA conference on Mackinac Island.
  • MOA Fall Update in Grand Rapids.
  • Annual Intern/Resident program that offers personal and professional advice for life beyond residency.
  • The MOA Intern/Resident Committee is also exploring the development of other educational programs.



MOA Convention

Intern Resident Program-Quality CME

Scientific Research Exhibits


Social Activities-MOA Fun Run



Discounts & Services

  • As an MOA member, you receive access to a variety of discounts and services, including:
  • Office supplies from Staples & DBI Car Rentals
  • Epocrates mobile products & software Auto & Home Insurance
  • CME Programs Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance
  • American Physicians Medical Liability Insurance Dental & Vision Insurance

More information?

Call Devona Jameson, MOA Member Services Representative at 800-657-1556.




  • Osteopathic Circle:

Access to osteopathic movers and shakers.

  • Invitations to various MOA events, committees, etc.
  • Career guidance through MOA contacts and mentors.



Leadership Opportunities

  • Sit as delegates on the MOA House of Delegates. A select few are chosen.
  • Volunteer to serve on an MOA committee or to attend an MOA Board meeting.
  • Numerous opportunities for your professional growth with the American Osteopathic Association.
  • Participate in MOA’s legislative advocacy activities.
  • Showcase research in the MOA Scientific Research Competition. Cash prizes are awarded to the winning exhibits.



Influence Your Future

Decisions today affect health care tomorrow.

  • Your voice increases awareness of important health issues.
  • Each MOA member increases the strength of the association even if you don’t have time to be actively involved.


legislative action
Legislative Action

Through a strong membership, MOA is able to:

  • Educate the Michigan Legislature on important health care issues in Michigan such as:
    • Medical Malpractice Reform
    • Medicaid Reimbursement
    • Insurance Reform
    • Scope of Practice Issues
    • Physician Recruitment & Retention
    • Graduate Medical Education Funding



How does MOA accomplish all that it does?

Where can you find the opportunities to be actively involved in your profession?


moa advocacy
MOA Advocacy

IMPACT – Online legislative action and information

(easy registration from the MOA website)


moa house of delegates
MOA House of Delegates...
  • Meets once a year in May
  • Delegates are appointed from each component society around the entire state
  • Elects new officers for the association
  • Elects delegates to attend the annual American Osteopathic Association House of Delegates in Chicago
  • Receives reports and updates on the status of the association
  • Acts on resolutions and matters of policy for MOA & the AOA



The MOA House Floor...

Voting on Resolutions


New Leadership


moa board of trustees
MOA Board of Trustees
  • Comprised of eleven members from across the state
  • Members are elected at the MOA House of Delegates from regional associations
  • Meets six times a year
  • Each Board member oversees a department within the association
  • Oversee the activities and policies of the association
  • Any MOA member can attend a meeting; contact the MOA office for information if you would like to attend.



MOA is also comprised of...

  • More than 25 association committees.
  • MOA Service Corporation: Member benefits & services. Generates non-dues revenue for the association including publications and business partnerships.
  • Michigan Osteopathic Political Action Committee: Supports “health friendly” candidates.
  • Advocates for the Michigan Osteopathic Association: Support fromfamily members and friends of osteopathic physicians.



Metro Health Hospital

Tina Metropoulos, D.O., 2013

Joanna Wahl, D.O., OPH, 2011

Mount Clemens General Hospital

Adam Edelstein, D.O., R, 2011

Tyrone Miller, D.O., S, 2011

Munson Medical Center

Oakwood Southshore Medical Center

Paul Aanderud, D.O., D, 2013

Justin Grill, D.O., EM, 2011

POH Medical Center

Mable Chu, D.O., 2013

Rachel Mank, D.O., 2014

Providence Hospital & Medical Centers

Prashant Kelkar, D.O., NS, 2013


Barrett Anderson, D.O., S, 2014

Camille Henson, D.O., C-IM, 2011

Sparrow Hospital & Health System

Sarah Martin, D.O., EM, 2013

Reddog Sina, D.O., FM, 2012

Ryan Hart, D.O., FM, 2013

St. John Macomb Oakland Hospital

Draion Burch, D.O., OBG, 2011, Chair

Jennifer Burlingame, D.O., 2013

Nicholas DeFauw, D.O., 2012

Stephanie Ingham, D.O., S, 2014

LaTeya Foxx, D.O., N, 2014

Jennifer Grusling, D.O., OBG, 2013

Chad Kovala, D.O., EM, 2013, Macomb

George Christensen, D.O., S, 2014, Macomb

Swarup Misra, D.O., IM-EM, 2014, Oakland

Ryan Nelson, D.O., 2013

Mitchell Peabody, D.O., IM, 2012

St. Joseph Mercy

Monica Nafsou, D.O.

Julianna Papez, D.O., 2013

Michelle Sanders, D.O., 2012

William Beaumont Hospital

Alanna Albano, D.O., IM/PD, 2014

Sara Gabel, D.O., FM, 2011


Adam Hunt, 2011

Shaun Ramsey, 2012

Amanda Venettis, 2013


Shelly Madden

Intern-Resident Committee

Melvin Linden, D.O., C-FP, Advisor

Edward Loniewski, D.O., ORS, Advisor

Carol Monson, D.O., C-FP, Advisor

Larry Wickless, D.O., C-GE, Advisor

Bay Medical Center

Aja Montgomery, D.O., 2011

Botsford General Hospital

Stephen Belcher, D.O., GP, 2012

ShantKorkigian, D.O., 2014

Stephanie Markle, D.O., 2014

Community Health Center

of Branch County

Garden City Osteopathic Hospital

Stacy Strong, D.O., 2011

Genesys Regional Medical Center

Sean Abraham, D.O., EM, 2014

Gregory Harris, D.O., IM, 2013, Secretary

SonbolShahid-Salles, D.O., EM, 2014, Vice-Chair

Henry Ford

Maria Villafuerte, D.O., P, 2011

Henry Ford Macomb

(St. Joseph’s Healthcare-old)

Henry Ford Macomb Warren Campus


S. Colden Cahill, D.O., US, 2013

Wael Hakmeh, D.O., EM, 2011

R. Dale Jackson, D.O., IEM, 2011

Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital

Chadi Faraj, D.O., S, 2012

Michael Geoghegan, D.O., S, 2011

Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital

Ingham Regional Medical Center

Alys Long, D.O., AN, 2011

Asad Mehboob, D.O., IM, 2012

Mark Petrocelli, D.O., ORS, 2014

Joel Post, D.O., OR, 2013

Yong H. Pratt, D.O., 2012

Kalamazoo Center for Medical Studies

Corey Amman, D.O., 2012

Sara Richmond, D.O., IM, 2011

Mercy General Health Partners

  • The MOA is organized into 5 regions.
  • Anyone interested in joining their local component society, should contact MOA headquarters.


aoa bureau of interns residents
AOA Bureau of Interns & Residents
  • An organization for all osteopathic interns & residents
  • Represented by the AOA Congress of Interns and Residents
  • Meets yearly
  • Covers various issues affecting interns & residents


other moa aoa opportunities
Other MOA/AOA Opportunities
  • Four Michigan positions are reserved for the AOA House of Delegates.
  • MOA sends delegates to the AOA House of Delegates each year for the annual meeting held in July
  • MOA was the 1st state to allow interns/residents to participate on the statedelegation
  • MOA provides funding for intern & resident participation



If you aren’t already a member of MOA…

Visit the MOA website at www.mi-osteopathic.org & sign up, call (800) 657-1556 or complete an MOA membership application.


Membership is free to interns, residents & fellows!

You receive a free 3-month trial of Epocrates Essentials as a new educational member!

And all of the benefits we’ve outlined.



Today, MOA is investing in you

and working on your behalf.

Tomorrow, your continued investment of membership will allow MOA to keep its mission alive of ensuring that the osteopathic profession thrives.


moa contact information
MOA Contact Information

WEB site – www.mi-osteopathic.org


2445 Woodlake Circle

Okemos, MI 48864

Phone - (800) 657-1556

FAX - (517) 347-1566



This information has been brought to you by:

Michigan Osteopathic Association

Coordinated by the MOA Intern-Resident Committee Advisors:

Edward Loniewski, D.O.

MOA Past President

Melvin Linden, D.O.

MOA Past President

Carol Monson, D.O.

MOA Past President

Larry Wickless, D.O.

MOA Past President