a symphony of whales by steve schuch l.
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A Symphony of Whales by: Steve Schuch PowerPoint Presentation
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A Symphony of Whales by: Steve Schuch

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A Symphony of Whales by: Steve Schuch - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Symphony of Whales by: Steve Schuch. Fiction Context Clues Generalize Answer Questions. Genre: Vocabulary Strategy: Comprehension Skill: Comprehension Strategy:. QUESTION OF THE WEEK. How can people help animals that are in danger?.

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A Symphony of Whales by: Steve Schuch

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a symphony of whales by steve schuch

A Symphony of Whalesby: Steve Schuch


Context Clues


Answer Questions


Vocabulary Strategy:

Comprehension Skill:

Comprehension Strategy:

question of the week
  • How can people help animals that are in danger?
I want you to set a purpose for reading based on the title.
  • Listen for generalizations about the author's life and experiences.
  • Am I reading too fast, too slow, or fluently?
listening comprehension
  • What generalization does the author make about summer in the Philadelphia area?
  • Who or what caused the deaths of so many black rhinos in Africa?
build concept vocabulary
  • Let’s start a web to build concepts and vocabulary related to this week's lesson and the unit theme.
build concept vocabulary6
  • My family had a cottage that stood on pilings in the New Jersey salt marsh, within sight of the ocean.
  • Salt marsh means low-lying watery ground near the ocean or other bodies of salt water
  • Where should we place salt marsh on our web?
build concept vocabulary7
  • I loved Africa, but I seemed to be getting no closer to realizing my dream of becoming a field biologist.
  • Field biologist is an expert in the study of life and living things who spends a lot of time outside where animals or organisms live or grow
  • Where should we place field biologist on our web?
build concept vocabulary8
  • Poachers were killing more and more rhinos.
  • Poachers are people who hunt or fish illegally.
  • Where should we place poachers on our web?
  • Identify and make generalizations.
  • Answer questions to identify and makegeneralizations.
  • Name three kinds of dogs you are familiar with. I will write your responses on the board. How many legs, tails, and ears do dogs have? How do dogs communicate? Now that we have the information under the name of each dog, I challenge you to think about how the dogs are alike.
  • A generalization often sums upinformation or states the main idea.
  • As we read, we should askourselves questions aboutinformation we do notunderstand. Answering thesequestions can help us make generalizations.
let s read pg 354
Let’s read pg. 354
  • Now let’s read

The title of the selection is "Songbirds of the Sea." I wonder what animal it refers to. From the picture, I know the selection is about whales. They must be the songbirds mentioned in the title.

  • The author says that beluga whales make lots of noise. This could be a generalization, but there's no clue word. What if I say, All beluga whales make lots of noise? The sentence still makes sense, so it must be a generalization.

Multisyllabic Word Routine1 Tell students to look for chunks in words with no meaningful parts. They should say each chunk slowly and then say the chunks fast to make a whole word. 2 Think aloud to demonstrate breaking a word into chunks, saying each chunk slowly, and then saying the chunks fast to make a word. 3 Provide examples of long words with no meaningful parts. Help students chunk the words.

vocabulary slides
Vocabulary Slides

Borrowed from Jennifer Greeson

say it
Say It!
  • anxiously
  • bay
  • blizzard
  • channel
  • chipped
  • melody
  • supplies
  • surrounded
  • symphony
more words to know
More Words to Know






to cut or break off a thin piece of something



the food and equipment necessary for an army exercise, camping trip, and so on



a long, complicated musical composition for an orchestra


Can you remember

the melody after I

sing the tune?

small group time
Small Group Time
  • Read leveled readers
  • MODEL PACING YOUR READING As you read "Fiddler Crabs to Rhinos," show

students how to pace their reading and read at the appropriate speed. After youread the first paragraph, draw students' attention to the speed at which you read.Provide contrast by reading too fast and too slowly and discuss effectiveness ofreading at the right pace.

language objectives
Language Objectives:
  • Define and identify present, past, and future tenses. Use present, past, and future tenses in writing.
daily fix it
Daily Fix-it
  • Beautyful blue whales livesin the cold ocean waters.
  • Theyre the bigest animalsin the world.

Beautiful blue whales live in the cold ocean waters.

  • They’re the biggest animals in the world.
reading grammar connection
  • That is the voice of Narna,the whale.
  • The dogs stopped short.
  • But you will know the way home.

The verb in the first sentence is in present tense,the verb in the second sentence is in past tense, and the verb in the third sentence is in future tense.

writing objectives
Writing objectives:
  • Identify the characteristics of a news story.
reading writing connection
  • A Symphony of Whales is about the rescue of whales by using music.
  • The story includes facts about whales and a rescue mission.
  • You will write a news story using a variety of sentences and 5 Ws and How.
  • The writer has used sentence variety to make the article interesting. Sentence beginnings, such as on April 18 and at the same time, change the rhythm and sound different from sentences that begin with a subject and verb. In the middle of longer sentences, the writer has put a short sentence. Different sentence lengths and a quote add variety and interest.
spelling objective
Spelling Objective:
  • Spell words with suffixes -ly, -ful, -ness,-less.
generalization about spelling words with suffixes
Generalization about spelling words with suffixes
  • When adding -ly, -ful, -ness, or -less,most base words stay the same: safely. When the base word ends in y, change y to i: beautiful. Adding suffixes usually does not change the pronunciation of the base word.
self check your work
Self-check your work!
  • 1. beautiful 9. daily
  • 2. safely 10. suddenly*
  • 3. kindness 11. wireless
  • 4. finally* 12. quietly*
  • 5. spotless 13. fairness
  • 6. worthless 14. cheerful
  • 7. illness 15. painful
  • 8. helpful