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Country music museum


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Country music museum

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  1. Team Impact: Emmrial Worley, Michael Brandon, Lynnsey Lewis, Joseph Lewis, and Cagney Farmer Birthplace of Country Music Museum

  2. History/About Museum • Bristol was named the Birthplace of Country Music in 1998 by the United States Congress. • The Museum plans to have the grand opening at the 2011 Rhythm and Roots Reunion. • The purpose of the museum is to educate and raise awareness of the cultural heritage of Bristol, TN/VA

  3. Threats to the Museum • The Downtown Kingsport Association • The Carter Family Fold Museum

  4. Establishing The Brand • Being that there is no tangible museum, there needs to be a lot of educating and promoting. • Creating a buzz in the community and the tri-city area. • Using the marketing budget to the best advantage. • The fact that there are no preconceptions about the brand gives us a clean slate.

  5. Target Market • Due to a limited budget ($10,000) we will focus on one target market, men and women with grade school children. • Biggest bang for the buck: “triple and Quadruple plays”

  6. Slogan • “listen, learn, and experience” • Portrays the museum as a fun, educational experience consistent with the theme.

  7. Theme • The theme of the advertising mix is simple, clean, and consistent. • Radio ads will feature a friendly voice talking about current exhibits and promotions. All radio ads will end with the closing line: “come listen, learn, and experience The Birthplace of Country Music Museum. • Print ads will contain a country or bluegrass band performing, our logo, and slogan with added information of current events and exhibits.

  8. Print Advertisements

  9. Print Advertisements

  10. Advertising Mix • Budget = $10,000 • Advertising will begin 2 months prior to Grand Opening. • Radio ads will run 2 weeks out of each month M-F on WXBQ from July 2011 - June 2012. ($2,552)

  11. Advertising Mix • ½ page ads will be ran in The Loafer 3 weeks out of each month, July 2011- June 2012. • The back cover for The Loafer will feature our advertisement for the 2 weeks prior to the grand opening. ($3570 – Total) • 1,000 direct mail postcards will be mailed throughout the Tri-Cities to families with grade school children.

  12. Advertising Mix • The 4x6 cards will contain a print ad and a coupon allowing recipients to get buy one get one free admission. ($1,500 – including shipping) • Leftover $2,378 shall be used to hold country music and bluegrass events integrating the brand name repetitively.

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