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Folk Medicine :

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Folk Medicine : . A Cultural Perspective. Oral transmission Health as harmony Interrelation of body,mind, spirit Supernatural elements. Thoughts and emotions associated with disease Positive/ negative energies Moral tone. Core Concepts and Characteristics of Folk Medicine.

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Folk Medicine :

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    1. Folk Medicine: • A Cultural Perspective

    2. Oral transmission Health as harmony Interrelation of body,mind, spirit Supernatural elements Thoughts and emotions associated with disease Positive/ negative energies Moral tone Core Concepts and Characteristics of Folk Medicine

    3. Disease and Illness Classification • Classified according to causation • hot or cold type • elements of the body • natural(according to God) • supernatural(violating God’s will)

    4. Folk Practitioners • Self or Family Care: Generalists or Specialists • birth order or circumstances • divine gifts or calling • special or transformative life circumstances • familial inheritance • personal desire or interest

    5. Common Therapeutic Practices • Religious, spiritual, magical, sacramental objects • Natural substances; botanical, animal, mineral • Physical Therapies

    6. C.A.M.Complimentary and Alternative Medicine • This is a Western view of traditional healing practices • Millions of people use these practices as their primary source of health care

    7. Traditional Chinese Medicine over 4,000 years old is the basis for other healing systems: Vietnam, Korea and Japan has now spread worldwide to learn more: The Chinese Way to Health: A Self-help Guide to Traditional Chinese Medicine by Dr. Stephen Gascoigne Indian, Ayurvedic Healing 5,000 years old Sanskrit for” the science of life and longevity” diet/ nutrition relaxation lifestyle exercise meditation, breathing herbs The Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies by Vasant Lad Ancient Folk Traditions

    8. Why Folk Medicine? “Her days are slow, days of grinding dried snake into powder, of crushing wild bees to mix with white wine. And the townspeople come, hoping to be touched by her ointments, her hands, her prayers, her eyes. She listens to their stories, and she listens to the desert, always to the desert.“ from the poem, "Curandera" by Pat Mora Cultural Identity & Tradition • Personal beliefs, guided by social and ethnic backgrounds • Folk remedies are usually passed by word of mouth. • Strong ties to nationalities, backgrounds, and heritage

    9. Personal Power & Taking Control--Why Wait to Jump That Bridge? • Limited accessibility to medical care. • Affordability of medical care. • Distrust of the Western healthcare system .

    10. Distrust of Western System • Side effects. • HMO marathon visits. • Medication not Meditation.

    11. “Doctors” are community • The healthcare practitioner is always a member of the community • Practitioners assist in finding the root cause of health issues, using the appropriate form of “treatment” to help cure the patient. • Community is the “doctor” • In many cultural folk medicine rituals and belief systems, the entire community is involved in the ritual. • The individual, as part of a community, is directly involved in the healing process. • Choosing Folk Medicine • Simplicity of Treatment • Gives You You

    12. Food as Medicine • Food IS your Medicine • We really ARE what we eat. Whole Foods Processed foods • People are chronically unhealthy. Dis-ease Malnutrition Convenience Addicted culture/cravings • Medical System Sickness oriented. Pill mentality – quick fix. People don’t like the discomfort of change. Minimal Nutrition Education in Medical Schools.

    13. Ayruvedic5 – Element System • Basic elements or constituents to which anything can be reduced. • Fire • Earth • Water • Air • SpaceUse this to deepen your connection to all things, including the foods we eat. • We are ENERGETIC beings. Real food feeds this energy life-force.

    14. Food-related diseases and conditions:that can be controlled and treated by Dietary Adjustments • Diabetes • Allergies • Asthma • GI Disorders • Celiac Disease • Irritable Bowel Syndrome • Heartburn • Constipation/Diarrhea • Kidney and Gallstones • What are the “BEST” foods for Good Health? • UNPROCESSED & WHOLE! • Heart disease • Obesity/ eating disorders • Depression • Immune disorders • Headaches/ migraines • Fibroids • A.D.D. • Clods and flues • PMS

    15. SOLUTIONS & LIFESTYLE CHOICESWhat YOU can do – This IS your Medicine • Drink more water! • Reduce or eliminate sodas and caffeine. • Eat REAL foods • Shop at Farmers Markets • ADD good things to your diet, don’t just eliminate. • Get outside and do something physical. • Get enough sleep and relaxation. • Meditate. • Grow a garden • Cook at home more. • Be present when you eat • Connect with where your food has come from. • Practice Gratitude. • Try eliminating something for 1 day. • Cut out partially hydrogenated oils. • Eat Breakfast. • Chew your food thoroughly. • Too little attention is given to CREATING health, rather than treating Disease/Dis-ease.