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SCHEDULE. Lunch Schedule; Different Lunch Duty Assignments Room Relocations K Hall-Overflow Rooms (Library if needed) Some of you do not have an additional administrator in your room at the end of the day. H hall-No Bathroom Relief 12:15-12:45. The Evolution of the Teacher Hero.

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  • Lunch Schedule; Different Lunch Duty Assignments
  • Room Relocations
  • K Hall-Overflow Rooms (Library if needed)
  • Some of you do not have an additional administrator in your room at the end of the day.
  • H hall-No Bathroom Relief 12:15-12:45
the evolution of the teacher hero
The Evolution of the Teacher Hero

THEY already know about you and your powers. The state continues to increase its focus on test security. YOU will be a major part of that focus.

they want to put a stop to your evolution as a hero
THEY want to put a stop to your evolution as a hero
  • New Oaths for you and students
  • Student Honor Statements
  • Floating TEA Monitors
  • Seating Charts (original room & UFTs)
teacher oath

Pretest and Posttest

  • Sign first section after training
  • Sign second after administering test
  • It is a LEGAL document. It is actionable by the district or state.
  • By signing this oath you accept the consequences should you fail to adhere to restrictions laid out for you.
student oath
  • See packet for example.
  • This is not state, but district mandated.
  • Students should initial, sign, and hand back to you. Keep them in the box.
  • If a student refuses to sign it, let them take the test, but refer to principal’s office after the test.
student honor statements
Student Honor Statements
  • Manual addresses prompting

9th: page 49

10th: page 51

11th: page 61

TAKS-M: none

  • You do not need to check to make sure they sign it.
on site monitoring
On-site Monitoring
  • Independent test monitors from TEA will conduct visits throughout the year
  • These visits will be unannounced and random.
seating charts
Seating Charts
  • Will be provided in box
  • Fill out only when both monitors are in room OR before you hand out test materials
  • Seat them alphabetically; hand out booklets numerically (post-it notes will be included; but remember that they are not as reliable as your roster)
teacher power 1 omnipotence
Teacher Power #1: Omnipotence
  • No one is to view test contents before, during or after administration.
  • Testing procedures as outlined in the manual must be followed.
  • Secure materials cannot be duplicated except for writing sample.
  • No one may review student responses except in the course of “transcribing”
they will know you only when you make mistakes
THEY will know you only when you make mistakes

BIG mistakes to Avoid:

  • Viewing a test before, during or after an assessment
  • Scoring students’ tests
  • Discussing secure test content or student responses
  • Duplicating secure material without TEA authorization
the book on evolution
The Book on Evolution

DO NOT read “Completing Student Identification Information”

Your TAKS Manual

(TAKS & TAKS-A get the same directions)

9th: Start directions on page 48

10th: Start directions on page 50

11th: Start directions on page 60

Your TAKS-M Manual

9th: Start directions on page 47

10th: Start directions on page 62

11th: Start directions on page 98

protect yourself from them
Protect Yourself from THEM
  • Bring your manual.
  • Get your box from A118 by 8:30 am. Count everything and sign out.
  • Seat students in alphabetical order; can fill out seating chart early if you want!
  • Send kids with questions to Hall monitors.
  • Kids cannot bring ANYTHING into the testing room except pencils and a book to read after the test.
  • Keep box with you at all times.
teacher power 2 predict the future
Teacher Power #2: Predict the Future
  • Do not accept students not on your list.
  • Students bring nothing with them. If they do bring a cell phone and turn it in, put name on post-it note and put in box. Return it at end of test. If student is a UFT, take cell phone to Amy in main office.
  • Students must sign oath; if they do not, let them take test, but they are referred to principal afterward.
  • Attendance: 3 sheets
  • Pass out answer documents and booklets.
  • Remind students: Do not mark ANYTHING on ANYTHING until I tell you!
so you already know
So… You Already Know
  • Tell students to check I.D. information (on sticker or penciled in). Do not say PEIMS or SS# or name.
  • If they say PEIMS or Name is wrong, we have to give them a NEW answer document (hall monitor), unless information is penciled in.
  • Anything else wrong? Mark it with a post-it note.
your predictions will come true
Your Predictions Will Come True
  • No scratch paper; students write in booklet.
  • Pass out highlighters and pencils. Watch for massive highlighter marks.
  • Watch for pens!
  • Begin test as soon as you are ready.
  • Be an active monitor (watch their hands-LHS example)!
teacher power 3 unbelievable physical prowess
Teacher Power #3:Unbelievable Physical Prowess
  • Carrying the heavy box
  • Being an active monitor

It is NECESSARY to actively monitor the students while testing:

ACTIVE MONITORING is moving about the classroom, observing student behavior and testing procedures.

ACTIVE MONITORING is NOT using the computer, reading a book or magazine, using a cell phone, grading papers, etc.

physical prowess endurance
Physical Prowess=Endurance

Dictionaries (1 for every 5 students)

Thesaurus (1 in every box)

9th: Can use them the whole time

10th & 11th: Use only on 1st section; Cannot use during 2nd section (revising & editing). Once student has opened 2nd section, remove name post-it from desk (you can throw them away).

  • Make ‘em raise their hand to start 2nd section.
  • Cannot use their own dictionaries
  • Same for all tests (TAKS, TAKS-A, TAKS-M)
physical prowess stamina
Physical Prowess=Stamina
  • QUESTIONS: “I can’t answer that for you; just do the best you can.”
  • BATHROOM: Use blue pass. Only one student at a time.
  • SNACKS: We’ll bring them in. Ans docs inside test booklets and MONITOR what they are saying.
  • NURSE: Only in emergencies. Notify students that if they leave, they can’t finish the test. We have to escort them.
  • FIRE: Put answer documents in booklets, and leave them on desks. Students exit building and do not discuss test (try to monitor OR keep them quiet).
teacher power 4 ability to read minds
Teacher Power #4: Ability to Read Minds

After a student is done:

  • Pick up test. Glance to see that answers are marked on answer document.
  • Put by box. Continue watching students.
  • Once partner comes in, then bubble S=Score or A=Absent, check form # & bubble E for English, and then ans docs inside booklets, & put in numerical order.
so what are they thinking
So What Are They Thinking?


11:30: UFT (Unfinished Test Takers) answer documents & test booklets together; Bathroom Relief (BR) relocate students to K201. Do not bring dictionaries.

10th & 11th

12:30: Ask UFTs if they can finish by 12:45. If they can, leave them in room. If not-UFT answer documents and test booklets together; one administrator OR Bathroom Relief takes them to relocation rooms.

only you should hear their thoughts
Only You Should Hear Their Thoughts
  • Students DO NOT talk until UFTs have left. UFTs DO NOT look at anything or do anything else until they are completely done with the test. Make a note of UFTs on Stay in Box attendance sheet.
  • Turn in box to Hall monitor. Make sure you are aware of your numbers.
  • UFT Rooms (K hall, 11:30 and after; teachers help them get settled!): Teachers bring in the kids WITH UFT sheets. Keep track of students using these sheets.
sign your oath
Sign Your Oath

Sign TOP portion.

Date: 2/27/08

County-District #: 061-902

District Name: Lewisville ISD

Campus Name: TCHS

Telephone #: 469.713.5178

DO NOT sign lower box yet!