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Unit 18 New Zealand PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit 18 New Zealand

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Unit 18 New Zealand - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unit 18 New Zealand. Part One. Warming-up, Listening and Speaking. How much do you know about China? Full country name______________________________ Location _________________________________ Area___________________________

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Unit 18 New Zealand

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    1. Unit 18 New Zealand

    2. Part One Warming-up, Listening and Speaking

    3. How much do you know about China? Full country name______________________________ Location _________________________________ Area___________________________ □The largest country □ the 2nd largest country □ the 3rd largest country Population ____________________ Capital city__________________ Languages___________________ Religions_________________ Minorities _______________________ Major products/industries_____________________ The People’s Republic of China East Asia 9,600,000 square kilometers ☻ 1.3 billion Peking/Beijing Standard Chinese Buddhism 56 nations Silk , iron, oil, coal, clothing, etc.

    4. Ashton Creek Mount Ashton Turnpike Epsom Forest Winfield Match the names of places in their proper position in the map of the fictional island. Winfield / Mount Ashton /Forest/ Ashton Creek / Turnpike/ Epsom

    5. 2.Listen to the tape again and choose the answers to complete the sentences. 1.Dolphin Island lies _____. A.80km to the south of Japan B.150km to the south of Japan C.1500km to the west of Japan D.1500km to the east of Japan 2.The capital city,Winfield, lies _____. the south the southeast the southwest the west 3.The best place for a holiday on the beach is _____. A.on the northeastern coast B.on the southeastern coast C.on the northwestern coast D.on the southwestern coast 4.Most people who live on the island are ______. A.tourists B.fishermen D.Americans

    6. Workbook Listening Lily is a Chinese student who now studies at Auckland University. Listen to the interview in which she is asked About her experiences and her life in New Zealand. * Listen to the tape and tick which of the following sentences is true. 1.Auckland is cheaper than London. ( ) 2.Lily’s parents wanted her to go to new York. ( ) 3.To be less lonely, Lily was told to make friends with other Chinese students. ( ) 4.Life in New Zealand is very boring. ( ) T F F F

    7. *Listen to the tape again and answer the following questions. 1. What made Lily decide to go to New Zealand? 2. Do you think Lily felt happy in the first few months in Auckland? 3. For what reason was she advised not only to make Chinese friends but also international friends? 4. What does Lily mean when she talks about “Kiwis”? 5. What were Lily’s ideas and feelings about Auckland in the beginning? Fill in the chart.

    8. Answer to question 1 Lily decided to go to New Zealand because it is an English-speaking country, and life is safer,easier and cheaper than in England or America.

    9. Answer to question 2 No. During the first three months Lily felt quite lonely.

    10. Answer to question 3 Lily was advised to make friends with international students and Kiwis, so she would have more fun and could practise her English more.

    11. Answer to Question 4 When she talks about “Kiwis”, Lily Means the people from New Zealand.

    12. 5. 1.Auckland is very beautiful 1.Auckland is quite a small city. 2.New Zealand is safe. 2.Life in New Zealand seemed boring. 3.Life in Auckland is easy. 4.Life in Auckland is cheap

    13. 3. Lily says that New Zealanders have a different way of enjoying themselves in their free time. Make a list of different activities by filling the chart below. 1.Hiking in the mountains 1.Go to the cinema 2.Sailing 2.Go to a bar 3.Diving 3.Go to a dance(discotheque) 4.Swimming in the ocean 4.Go to a shopping centre 5.Building a fire on the beach

    14. Consolidation 1 1.There is a map ___ China on the wall. A.for C.of D.about 2. Understanding the article is _____ my capacity(能力) A.from B.beyond C.away from D.over 3. The job he did was _____ praise. A.more than B.over C.out of D.beyond

    15. 4.These shoes don’t ____; one is large and the other is small. A.agree with with C.match with D.match 5.The coat ____ the dress in colour. A.matches B.don’t match D.matches with 6. Xinjiang lies ____ the west of China. A.on

    16. 7.____ of the village ___ two small lakes. A.The east;lie B.East;lies C.The east;lies D.East;lie 8.The book ____ on the table is wet. A.lying B.lies C.lay D.lied 9.The town is about 100km ____ of the hill. the south B.on the south south northeast

    17. 10.She is my aunt ___my mother’s____.;side;sides C.on;side D.on;sides 11.There are trees on ____ of the street. A.both side B.either side C.either sides D.every side 12.He explained ____ us what had happened ____ him.;to;for C.for;to D.with; for

    18. 13.Can you explain ____? A.what does this word mean B.what the meaning of this word C.what this word means D.the means of this word 14.If no one answers,why not try _____ at the back door? knock B.knocking hit D.knock 15.The birds flew ___ the direction of the east. B.for C.towards

    19. Pre-reading • Look at the maps of some islands and try to describe the locations of the islands and their capitals.

    20. Taiwan Island (China) Eastern Asia, islands bordering the East China Sea, Philippine Sea, South China Sea, and Taiwan Strait, north of the Philippines, off the southeastern coast of China

    21. Hainan Island ( China)

    22. New Zealand South Island Map

    23. Reading Look at the textbook and listen to the tape,then match each paragraph with the best heading. history climate geography natural beauty geography Paragraph 1 Paragraph 2 Paragraph 3 Paragraph 4 climate natural beauty history

    24. A game Find the differences orally.Try to describe the location clearly to your partner. to the north and east to the south and west in the middle in the north/south on the left/right … Auckland Tasman Sea North Island Wellington Christchurch Pacific Ocean Dunedin

    25. Read the 1st Para and fill the right name of the place Geography Auckland North Island Queenstown TASMAN SEA Wellington South Island Christchurch PACIFIC OCEAN

    26. Climate Question: What’s the weather like in New Zealand? What coat do you think New Zealanders wear most according to the climate?

    27. Natural beauty Read and underline ocean and seas beaches hills and mountains Kiwi hot springs plants

    28. History Read and fill in the table The first people (the Maori) came to New Zealand. Chinese sailors discovered the islands. The Dutchman Abel Tasman named the islands New Zealand. Captain James Cook took possession of the islands. The Maori signed an agreement with the European settlers.

    29. Cloze New Zealand ,which lies ____ the eastern coast of Australia, is ____ up of two large islands. The weather in New Zealand is neither too cold nor too hot. It has a _____ sea climate. And it ______quite a lot. New Zealand is __________ by seas and oceans. And many of its cities lie on a bay and have a natural deep ________. The _________in New Zealand is very beautiful with green hills and mountains. The North Island is famous for its hot _________. There are many plants and animals_______ only live in New Zealand. The earliest _______ in New Zealand were the Maori ,who traveled from other islands in the Pacific. Around the year 1421, Chinese sailors ________ the islands by chance ______one of their voyages. In 1769, Captain Cook took ___________ of the islands . By 1840, the Maori ______ an agreement with the British settlers. off made mild rains surrounded landscape harbour springs that people discovered on possession signed

    30. Package tour You are on a tour. One of you is the tour guide. Ask your tour guide about the information you want to know. You can ask questions like this: Make good use of your imagination! Try to make your traveling great! Where is the country/city? What is the climate /landscape like? What are the people like? How about the cities/cultural relics/places of interest/food/languages? …

    31. Homework: Find more about New Zealand on the Internet. Logging onto

    32. New Zealand geography climate natural beauty history made up of mild sea ocean/ seas beaches hills/ mountain hot springs plants animals Kiwi 1000 years ago around 1421 in 1642 in 1769 by 1840 subtropical rain warmest months coldest months to the north and east to the south and west capital cities

    33. Thank you!