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New Zealand

New Zealand

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New Zealand

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  1. New Zealand

  2. Information Sources http://www.treasury

  3. Government New Zealand has a parliamentary democracy. This system of government includes aspects of democracy and the parliamentary system of the British. The Prime Minister is elected by the people as in a standard democracy. The government is made up by a parliament which is the nation's legislative branch. The New Zealand Parliament building

  4. Economy New Zealand is a market economy. Private business are allowed and are individual paid by their employer. Citizens own property and various other possessions. The nation went into a recession in 2008, but success resurfaced in late 2011. Oil is a major import and export. New Zealand oil exports

  5. Geography New Zealand territory includes two islands situated off the coast of Australia. They are commonly referred to as the North and South Islands. One important landform is Mt. Cook located on the South Island. Tasman Glacier, also on the South Island, is the largest of the Nation's Glaciers. A physical map of New Zealand

  6. Additional Maps Zealand New Zealand in relation to the rest of the world A political representation of New Zealand

  7. Climate The climate of New Zealand is temperate because of its distance from both the South Pole and Equator. Much of the vegetation in the region is either dry, brown grass or forests. Although temperatures can be very warm at low altitudes, much of New Zealand is high elevation that can become very cold in the winter. A New Zealander makes their way through tall, brown grass A bit of tropical vegetation in a New Zealand valley

  8. Flag The flag of New Zealand is quite unique to the nation. The red on the flag represents bravery. White is peace, and blue is a symbol of loyalty. The British flag is depicted because of New Zealand's British heritage. The stars represent the southern cross. The New Zealand flag

  9. Currency New Zealand's currency is based on dollars that can be subdivided into 100 cents. One New Zealand dollar is equal to 0.8136 US dollars. New Zealand notes

  10. Language The official language of New Zealand is English from when the land was colonized by the British. Since other tribes were there before the settlers came, additional languages are spoken like Maori. The Maori were one of the native tribes. A Maori native

  11. Food A traditional Maori cooking method is using hangi. Hangi are underground ovens that are heated to high temperatures, then filled with food. An alternate method was using hot springs in thermal areas to cook food. A hangi oven

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