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  2. Wellington

  3. Auckland

  4. Christchurch

  5. Queenstown

  6. (2)Which country? ? Britain Task 2: Leading in

  7. Fast-reading: 1.What is the official language in New Zealand? 2. For the Maori, what are special days called? 3. When are the school main holidays? English and Maori. Huis. Mid-December till early February.

  8. True or False: 1. New Zealand wine is the best wine in the world.2. On the average, a New Zealander enjoys much more space than a European.3. Agriculture plays a small part in New Zealand.4. In January, the night in New Zealand is the same short as that in China. 5. At a Maori burial service, people may talk something about the dead person. F T F F T

  9. Careful-reading: 1. From the passage we can figure out Maori people are about _____ more than Asians living in New Zealand.A. 532,000 B. 304,000 C. 340,000 D. 228,000 2. In New Zealand, a public servant may offer services ______ .A. in many languages B. only in English C. only in Maori D. either in English or in Maori 3. Maori people believe that _____A. not all the people have spirits.B. one’s spirit will never leave his body.C. one’s spirit will not die when he dies.D. one’s spirit will disappear the moment he is dead.

  10. 2.Choose the right answer. 2)The city whose temperature changes from about 6c to 12c in winter is ___________ . A. Auckland B. Wellington C. Christchurch D. Queenstown • The highest temperature in Christchurch in winter is about __. • A. 9c • B. 11c • C. 12c • D. 16c 4)The cities whose rainfall changes least from winter to summer are___ . A. Queenstown & Wellington B. Auckland & Christchurch C. Auckland & Wellington D. Christchurch & Queenstown 3)From summer to winter the greatest change in temperature ( between highest and lowest ) is in _______. A. Auckland B. Wellington C. Christchurch D. Queenstown B D B D

  11. Scanning 1. What do the words in bold refer to? (1) It : ______________ (2) which : ___________ (3) this heat: _______________________ (4) these settlers : _________________ (5) it : ________ New Zealand hot springs the heat near the earth’s surface Europeans (British) England

  12. 2.Match the words with their meanings: • make or become hot • place where ships come to land safely • make a home in • possessing; ownership • of a /the nation • write one’s name on • soft; gentle • the outside of any object • mild • heat • surface • harbour • settle • sign • possession • national

  13. 3.Write down the heading of each paragraph: Geography / Location Climate Landscape / Natural beauty History

  14. location: lie off the eastern coast of Australia climate: have a mild sea climate and subtropical have natural deep harbors clean sand beach beautiful landscape hot spring、 special plants and animals natural beauty: NewZealand 1,000 years ago the Maori around 1421 Chinese sailors in 1642 the Dutchman history: in 1769 Captain Cook by 1840 Europeans, the Maori

  15. Scanning Answer the following questions. 1. How many islands is New Zealand made up of and what are they? It is made of two large islands. They are North Island and South Island. 2.what and where is the capital of New Zealand? The capital is Wellington and lies on the North Island.

  16. 3.What do you know about the weather in New Zealand? New Zealand has a mild sea climate, while the north is subtropical. It rains quite a lot. The warnest months are December to February. The coldest months are June to August. 4. What kind of animal do you think only lives in New Zealand? • kiwi 5. Who were the earliest people to come to New Zealand and how did they get there? The Maori were the earliest people to come to New Zealand. They traveled In narrow boats and brought dogs, rats and plants with them.

  17. Task 6: Post-reading 1.Describe the location of the lands, seas and cities in relation to New Zealand. ( P39-3) New Zealand lies in . the Pacific Ocean The Tasman Sea lies to the west of New Zealand. Wellington lies in the southeast of the North Island. Auckland lies on the northeastern coast of New Zealand. Christchurch lies to the east, on the South Island of New Zealand.

  18. Thank you for your attention!

  19. Retell New Zealand lies off the eastern coast of Australia. It is about the same size as Japan with Wellington as its capital. It is made up of two large islands. It has a mild sea climate, while the north is subtropical. It rains a lot. New Zealand has a very beautiful natural landscape with green hills and mountains. It is famous for its hot springs. The cities, many of which lie on a bay, are clean and have a natural deep harbor. Its national bird is a little one that cannot fly. The Maori were the earliest people to come to New Zealand. More than 125 years later, British people started to settle there.