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Melissa Bustos Period 5

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college fair

College Fair

Melissa BustosPeriod 5

college questions
College Questions

Do all colleges have a financial aid program?

Most do. You should check with each college your interested in to see what they have available for students.


2) What types of college degrees are there?

Associates Degree

Masters Degree

Doctoral Degree

Bachelors Degree

What exactly are the degrees listed above?Associates Degree: Is typically a two-year degree awarded by community colleges, career schools, colleges, and universities. A person who earns an associate degree has usually earned about 60 college credits, which is equal to two years of coursework. In order to earn an associate's degree, students must complete general education courses, core courses required for the college major, and elective courses.


Master’s Degree: A master’s degree is an advanced degree

following a bachelor’s degree. It usually takes

less time to attain (one to two years, depending

if you’re a full-time or part-time student), but

demands a higher standard of knowledge and

dedication than a bachelor’s degree.

Doctoral Degree: Earning a doctorate could take

anywhere from two to five years, or even longer.

You may be interested in pursuing a doctorate if

you plan to work in a high-level profession, such

as a psychologist or college professor. A doctoral degree is a high-level degree that can follow a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Bachelor’s degrees :Are also referred to as

undergraduate degrees. They require that you

take a core of general education courses,

including communications, humanities, math,

science, and social sciences. Is the first degree a student can receive in his or her academic career, with the exception of the associate’s degree.


Scholarship Questions

What exactly is a scholarship?A scholarship is a financial aid or grant given free to a student for various reasons that he/she can continue his/her schooling.

Do I have to pay for a scholarship?No, Scholarships do not have to be paid back.

3) If I don’t have a scholarship does it affect in any way my major? With no scholarship you won’t be given money that helps pay for college. Yes, it affects you in a way if you do not have the money to pay for college then you wont be able to study


4) If I am not a strong writer, will I have to write an essay for every scholarship I apply to?A majority of scholarship application processes demand some kind of essay to assess applicants writing skills, not all providers require one. Scholarships that don’t require essays are more competitive or have guidelines to ensure the right student apply.

5) How do scholarships work? Scholarships are designed to help students pay for college. Sometimes a scholarship is a one-time check. Some college scholarships are renewable and provide money for students each semester or school year.

6) How can I avoid losing my scholarship? If the scholarship is renewable, awards can be extended beyond initial award year, in some cases, for your entire college career. Renewable usually means that you still need to demonstrate or prove that you are a viable candidate from year to year.


7) How can I own a scholarship?A way is by creating your own, first step is by creating a website for yourself, creating your own content, and then set up a contribution mechanism.

You'll need funding for at least four years, not just one. If you can show donors that you are working hard and succeeding, they might be willing to help next year as well.


To Do List:

If staying in a dorm, make sure you have all materials necessary for everyday, such as, computer, books, desks, bed, personal care products, etc.

Because of all the expenses for college make sure to have a job .

Make sure you have forms of transportation

Make sure you have enough money to buy food and keep that brain of yours running :D

Expense List (approximately):

Groceries $ 100 per month

Utilities $ 100 per month

Phone $ 100 per month


Research Article:

Title: Applications to Colleges Are Breaking Records


Published: January 17, 2008

New York Times



More students are applying to universities and colleges which means that there will be more rejections. The rise in applications at these three universities — Harvard, Princeton and the University of Virginia — ended early admissions policies, which had allowed students to receive decisions by mid-December, months ahead of others. The universities said early admissions benefited more students and required students to commit without being able to compare financial aid offerings from various colleges. The elimination of early admissions encouraged more interest, that Harvard, Princeton and the University of Virginia drew “astonishing crowds. ”

I agree with what these collages have done because now there’s more students seeking to get into these colleges and with more chances to apply for them there’s a chance of them getting in even if they have the other option of rejecting them.



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