registered nurse l.
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Lisette Almonte Period 5

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Lisette Almonte Period 5

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registered nurse

Registered Nurse

By: LisetteAlmonacid

Period: 5

Date: 12-7-11

questions on college university
Questions on College/University
  • Does the college have my major?
  • What different degrees is there for nursing?
  • About how many years does it take to become a registered nurse?
  • Is FIU a good university to study the career I want or is there a better one?
  • What type of classes would I need to take in order to become a nurse?
  • Is Florida International University really expensive?
questions on my major
Questions on my Major
  • How about how much does a nurse make a year?
  • Is there a lot of competition in becoming a registered nurse?
  • What type of classes should I take to become a registered nurse?
  • What is a benefit you can get from becoming a nurse?
  • Does it matter how many years you studied to become a registered nurse?
  • What type scholarships can I get?
  • Is it hard to get a nursing scholarship?
  • Does nursing have a lot of scholarships to offer?
  • What do I have to do to get a scholarship for nursing?
  • What types of opportunities can I get if I become a nurse?
information about rn
Information about RN
  • A registered nurse is responsible for all aspects of patient care, including ensuring proper implementation of treatments as prescribed by the attending physician.
  • Three typical educational paths to registered nursing are a bachelor's degree, an associate degree, and a diploma from an approved nursing program; advanced practice.
  • The job opportunities are excellent.
  • A nurse can make up to $32.56 an hour depending on the area you are working in. Per year it can be from $65,130-92,240.
  • What was your first position in health care?I started out working at a nursing home, where I received on-the-job training
  • What training/education does it take to become an RN?It took two years of nursing education to become an RN. After completing my education, I took the board exams to receive my RN license.
  • Describe your schedule.I work a 12-hour shift, three days a week. That gives me four days to spend with my family
  • What do you enjoy most about nursing?I enjoy being able to spend quality time with patients. It’s a great feeling to see patients making progress and feeling better.