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Service Provider License Agreement 2008 PowerPoint Presentation
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Service Provider License Agreement 2008

Service Provider License Agreement 2008

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Service Provider License Agreement 2008

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  1. Service Provider License Agreement 2008

  2. Services Provider License Agreement - SPLA • SPLA-License program enables Software Services for third parties on subscriber base, if customer decide not to buy their own licenses. • For these Software Services other Volume Licenses like EA, Select, OV or Open License cannot be used, limitations are: • No Commercial Hosting • No Leasing and Renting • No Software Services with VL-Licenses

  3. Customer Deployment Scenarios Outsourcing; Hosting; Software Services In-house Deployment Dedicated Server Hosting Shared Hosting Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Outsourcer’s Data Center Outsourcer's Data Center Customer A Customer B Customer C Customer A Customer B • CustomerOwns andAcquiresLicenses • CustomerOwns Licenses;OutsourcerAcquiresLicenses • OutsourcerOwns andAcquiresLicenses • OutsourcerOwns andAcquiresLicenses • CustomerDeploys Serverand Softwareon Premise • Customer is licensed via Enterprise Agreement (EA), Select License, Open License, Full Packaged Product (FPP), OEM Licensing Options • Outsourcer mustsign the SPLA (cannot use theirown EA/SelectLicense) • Outsourcer must sign the SPLA (cannot use their own EA/Select License) Licensing Options • Customer islicensed viaEA/SelectLicense • Customer islicensed via • Select License; Outsourcer • signsOutsourcerEnrollment

  4. SPLA vs. SELECT Extranet Licensing

  5. An organization uses Microsoft products for its own business purposes and to create or access its own proprietary information. These agreements grant customers perpetual licenses, with the exception of subscription-based agreements. Microsoft Licensing Options Overview • Internal Use Licenses (EA, Select License, Open License) • Services Provider License Agreement(SPLA)) • External Connector • Outsourcer Enrollment Outsourcer Enrollment gives authority to a third party to purchase licenses on behalf of its Select License customers. The customer is the licensee of the Microsoft products acquired under the Outsourcer Enrollment for the term of the agreement. • An External Connector License is an alternative to Client Access Licenses (CALs). It gives organizations the right to permit an unlimited number of external users access to certain Microsoft server products. • External users are users that are neither (i) the entity or the entity’s affiliates’ employees, nor (ii) the entity or the entity’s affiliates’ onsite contractors or agents. • The External Connector License cannot be used by licensees to provide software services or to otherwise provide access to a Microsoft product where access to the Microsoft product is the primary benefit. An organization offers software services to its customers through servers connected to the Internet or a private network. Microsoft products are used to provide these services. Examples: Web hosting, applications hosting, and messaging services. Licensee: Services Providers Licensee: End Customer LAR Outsourcers Licensee: End Customer Licensee: End Customer End Customers End Customers End Customers End Customers Outsourcers End Customers Outsourcers

  6. Software Services – Renting SPLA Rental on Service Devices • Rentaloflocalinstalled Microsoft Software tothirdpartiesincluding PC isallowed. • Local Installation of Office Professional Plus 2007 and Windows Vista Business Upgrade are possible on one single PC (Service Device)

  7. SPLA 2008 MBSA Integration This Contractual change will mainstream SPLA into VL. It will simplify the SPLA Agreement, and will make it easier for the SPLA Partner to purchase Premier/Professional Support from Microsoft.

  8. Versions: New for FY2008 • Program versioning will align with fiscal year • Example: SPLA agreement will be labeled as the SPLA 2008 agreement rather than the SPLA 3.0 agreement • Drivers for this change: • Highlight the annual refresh as a rhythm of the business • Remove the stigma of 5.0 to 6.0 to 7.0 with partners and customers • Align with product versioning • Benefits - • Alignment with Product release naming • Alignment of cross-program documents • (e.g. SPLA Agreement to MBSA) • Consistent communication to channel and field • Simplified introduction of Select Plus program • Market prepared for full scope of Laminar platform • De-emphasized agreement versions

  9. Results of MBSA Alignment SPLA Reduction in page length 2.3 Agreement = 23 Pages 2008 Agreement = 15 Pages • How Compliance is verified • Limited Warranty • Defense of Infringement and misappropriation claims • Limitations and exclusions of liability • Compliance with laws • Confidentiality Sections removed by program agreement

  10. 2. Business Productivity Online Suite • What is BPOS • Overview of SPLA Changes • Product Offering Changes • Pricing Changes • Bring Your Own CAL (BYOC) Microsoft Confidential

  11. Software As A Service - Programs

  12. What is BPOS? • BPOS: Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite • BPOS Standard: small-mid-market customers • BPOS Dedicated: enterprise customers >5K seats Microsoft Confidential

  13. SPLA Changes with BPOS • Microsoft has obligation to offer pricing & product parity to SPLA partners that are offering services similar to BPOS • Should not be confused with partners actually reselling BPOS • Product/pricing changes in November SPUR & Price Lists worldwide • BPOS launches in US in November • January-March 2009 Internationally (Selective Countries) Microsoft Confidential

  14. Bring Your Own Cal (BYOC) Microsoft Confidential

  15. BYOC SALs for SA in SPLA SAL for SA (SPLA) Qualifying CAL (VL) Business Productivity Standard Suite SAL (for Core CAL Suite SA) • Core CAL Suite • Enterprise CAL Suite • Business Productivity Standard Suite SAL (for Enterprise CAL Suite SA) • Exchange Server 2007 Standard CAL, or • Core CAL Suite, or • Enterprise CAL Suite Hosted Exchange Standard SAL • Office SharePoint Server 2007 Standard CAL • Core CAL Suite, or • Enterprise CAL Suite Office SharePoint Server Standard SAL • Office Communications • Server 2007 Std CAL, or • Enterprise CAL Suite Office Communications Server Standard SAL Office Live Meeting Standard User SAL • Office Communications Server 2007 • Standard CAL, or • Enterprise CAL Suite Only one SAL for each qualifying CAL purchased w/ SA

  16. BYOC Pricing Microsoft Confidential

  17. Exchange 2007 Product Lineup - SPLA **Plus SKUs must be acquired for services that include Outlook/Entourage unless the end customer has their own license for Outlook/Entourage. The Standard SKU can be used for MAPI enabled services (Messaging Application Programming Interface network protocol) if the end customer has their own license for Outlook/Entourage.

  18. Summary Three Things toRemember • Integration of SPLA/ISV in MBSA • IncrementalRevenues– NowOctober 2008 • Business Productivity Online Suite • SavingwithExisiting Select SA / EA Licenses=> Bring yourown CAL (BYOC) –December 2008 Microsoft Confidential