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Virtual Whiteboard

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Virtual Whiteboard Rajit Kumar David Wang Steven Elia Dan Pehush Project Concept

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Virtual Whiteboard

Rajit Kumar

David Wang

Steven Elia

Dan Pehush

project concept
Project Concept

Concept: The Virtual Whiteboard is a device that can display text messages from cell phones anywhere in the world. The product utilizes an LCD screen that can be updated over the 3G network, WiFi, or USB and can display desired messages with real-time updates.

Motivation: The current version of a whiteboard, where public information is displayed while you are away is neither accessible nor advanced enough for people's busy lifestyles. With the Virtual Whiteboard, you can communicate en masse, from anywhere with just a text message from your cell phone. This is the ultimate convenience for someone who needs to let other people know information without having to divulge private contact information.

competitive analysis
Competitive Analysis
  • Cell phones, but you need to give away your cell phone number, and have others’ cell phone numbers
  • Twitter on cell phones, useful but not always practical and requires everyone you need to be subscribed
  • Conventional black/white board, not accessible enough, not convenient enough for today’s lifestyles
  • Electronic Message Board, but the text can not be displayed all at one time and messages can not be sent to it from any other device


  • Program the system to be able to display text on the LCD screen
  • Be able to update the screen by USB, WiFi, and 3G
  • Be able to automate the screen to update itself by constantly checking a website
  • Be able to update the screen remotely by cell phone
  • Notify of message by blinking LED and/or beeping
  • Be able to access one day's worth of messages


  • Screen will update from any input given to it, within 3 minutes of text being sent


  • Easy to use user interface with a minimal amount of buttons
  • Only accept input from user-determined allowed sources
  • If connection is lost, device will attempt to reconnect to network
technical specifications
Technical Specifications
  • Gumstix Connex 200xm
  • Wifistix-CF FCC (with u.fl antenna)
  • ConsoleLCD-vx
  • Samsung™ 4.3" LCD panel
  • 5V Power Adapter
  • Compact Flash Card
  • USB Cable (for testing)